A Growth Story…
or Maybe a Few.

We value our clients as partners and grow along their side.

Our team is dedicated to becoming a part of our clients’ brands and meeting their unique needs. Here are a few stories about how we helped our client partners achieve their growth goals.


We increased revenue for JVN Hair by 298% for Q1 2022 compared to Q4 2021

JVN Hair partnered with NoGood for their parent company’s largest product launch ever, where we increased revenue for JVN by 298% for Q1 2022 Compared to Q4 2021.

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Arrow 140% Blended ROAS
Arrow 298% Orders
Arrow 475% Paid Social Revenue

We Helped ByteDance's Collaboration Software Company, Lark Suite, Break into the US Market

We helped ByteDance's collaboration software company, Lark Suite, break into the US market by introducing the brand to the market, localizing their website, and growing their US user base.

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Arrow 879% Organic Traffic
Arrow 69% Sign Up Rate
Arrow 3x Keyword Rankings

We Increased Sign-Ups for Ethereum API, Rivet, by 230% in 45 Days

By seamlessly integrating with Rivet's team, we accelerated Rivet's growth by guiding the product roadmap and deploying rapid experimentation tactics across various channels such as paid search, paid social, SEO and UX.

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Arrow 230% Increase in New User Sign-Ups
Arrow 659% Increase in Site Users
Arrow 64% Increase in Engaged Accounts

We helped unspun increase revenue by 55% YoY (2021 vs 2022).

With a unique zero-party-data-based system and an analytical approach, NoGood was able to decrease CAC on Meta Ads by 18% on average every quarter and elevate the Google Ads program to generate 1,109% increase in revenue in Q4 when compared to Q2.

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Arrow 28% YoY increase in Conversion Rate
Arrow 1,109% Increase in revenue from Google Ads (Q4 vs Q2)
18% Decrease in CAC on average per quarter on Meta Ads
Leading SaaS Brand

We increased user sign ups by 25% from Q3 to Q4 for a leading SaaS brand.

We increased total sign ups by 25% through a retention-first acquisition strategy based on deep user insights to drive conversion to paid users.

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Leading SaaS Brand
Arrow 500% Increase from trial sign ups to active users
Arrow 45% Increase in trial sign ups using persona specific search ads
Arrow 35% Increase from user sign ups to active trial users

We helped Zepp Clarity break into the US market and increase purchases by 766% QoQ in 2023.

Through conversion rate optimization, UX/UI updates, a brand new information architecture, and a holistic performance marketing strategy, NoGood was able to help Zepp successfully break into the US market.

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Arrow 766% QoQ increase in Zepp Clarity One purchases
Arrow 193% QoQ increase in ROAS
67% QoQ decrease in Cost Per Lead

We increased user signups by a 300% for Merlin Investor, a pioneer in consumer fintech.

Through our partnership, we were able to achieve significant results in increasing user signups and website engagement. In the first five months of our collaboration, we increased new signups by 300%, proving the effectiveness of our growth strategies.

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Arrow 300% Increase in New User Signups
Arrow 50% MoM Increase in Conversion Rate
Arrow 515% Increase in Website Users

We helped Invisibly, a Founders Fund-backed startup, increase app installs by 103% MoM.

By imploring Facebook, Google UAC, Apple Search Ads and Twitter, Invisibly has been able to maintain a steady influx of app installs week over week while surpassing industry benchmarks for app retention.

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65% MoM decrease in CAC
Arrow 2960% WoW increase in app installs from Google UAC
Arrow 84% Organic website traffic

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