Top 21 Startup Marketing Agencies in 2022

Top 21 Startup Marketing Agencies in 2022

Looking to start a new business? These top startup marketing agencies will support, grow, and point your brand in the right direction.

Its estimated over 300 million startups are built every year globally. Entrepreneurs create startups across all industries and verticals to foster significant change and impact. However, building and maintaining a startup is no easy task. Recent data has shown that over 90% of startups fail within the first three years. It isn’t easy to pinpoint one causation for this statistic because of the various factors involved in building a startup. Still, brave entrepreneurs continue to push forward every year and continue to take chances, for this is why we’ve also seen a significant uptick in startup marketing agencies in the last decade.

Unlike traditional marketing efforts and tactics that work for big business and enterprise companies, marketing for a startup takes a unique skill set. These startup marketing agencies understand the ins and out’s of a startup and have gained the expertise to guide these entrepreneurs in the right direction. So we’ve put together this list of the top startup marketing agencies in the world. If you are looking to start your own business today, we encourage you to reach out to these agencies, so your startup can get off to a great start.

Best 21 Startup Marketing Agencies in 2022

  1. NoGood
  2. Schaefer Digital
  3. Elevato 
  4. Simple Tiger
  5. Wallaroo Media
  6. Seeresponse
  7. Stackmatix
  8. Firebrand
  9. The Branx
  10. Sparkpr
  11. HeadStart
  12. Single Grain
  13. Sociallyin
  14. Brolik 
  15. Shift Paradigm
  16. Kexino
  17. Lake One Digital
  18. Kraftblick
  19. Big Human 
  20. Nituno
  21. Pantelope


Founded: 2017

Location: New York, New York

Services: Growth Marketing, Performance Branding, Creative Studio

Clients: Nike, Invisibly, Steer

Case Studies: Bytedance

Social Channel:

NoGood has worked with many early-stage companies and startups, executing on multiple services over the years. This includes idea validation, product development, go-to-market strategies, branding identity, and much more. NoGood understands traditional marketing tactics don’t work with startups. The agency executes a unique methodology of rapid experimentation, growth marketing, and research to help startups reach their true potential. NoGood partnership with startups has led to rapid growth, product-market fit, series fundings, and company acquisitions.

2.Schaefer Digital

Founded: 2019 

Location: Henderson, Nevada

Services: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Lead Generation

Clients: Handled,, Englander

Cast Studies: Handled

Social Channel:

Schaefer Digital has a team of dedicated professionals with 20+ years of experience. Their strategy-first approach and digital expertise have enabled them to deliver the best performance metrics, including 5x average ROAS. 


Founded: 2021

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Services: Website Design, Digital Marketing, Campaign Strategy

Clients: Cyber Defense Group, Big Tree, The Absolut

Case Studies: Donum

Social Channel:

Elevato aims to provide beautiful digital solutions and experiences that deliver impact. The agency has adapted to the times to ensure the latest strategies and expertise in the digital landscape are executed. Their talent and in-depth knowledge help them handle companies at any scale.  


Founded: 2006

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Services: Content Marketing, SEO

Clients: Contract Works, Segment, JotForm

Case Studies: Bidsketch

Social Channel:

SimpleTiger works primarily with SaaS startups and focuses on comprehensive SEO strategies. SimpleTiger incorporates an agile process when working with SaaS companies. They work to find the most significant opportunities and the best course of action to build and scale your company. 

5.Wallaroo Media

Founded: 2012

Location: Provo, Utah

Services: Social Media Marketing, 

Clients: Vessi, Spikeball, Casper

Case Studies: Called to Surf

Social Channel:

Wallaroo Media is a startup marketing agency with strong expertise in social media marketing. They are premier partners with major social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. Wallaroo incorporates all aspects of social solutions such as design, writing, analysis, brand voice, and more. 


Founded: 2016

Location: Reston, Virginia

Services: B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, Email Marketing

Clients: RateGain, Joovv, Curacubby

Case Studies: Curacubby

Social Channel:

SeeResponse looks to help startups drive brand awareness and increase lead generation by combining strategic marketing solutions. SeeResponse startup expertise and partnerships are primarily with B2B brands looking to turn great ideas into successful businesses. 


Founded: 2018

Location: San Francisco, California 

Services: Growth Audit, Campaign Management, Advisory Services

Clients: Remoov & The Local Flea, Kronologic, Beyond

Case Studies: Playbook Products

Social Channel:

Stackmatix helps engineer growth for startups. Its team combines marketing, technology, and sales skills to help companies reach the profitable growth. The agency implements a 6 step process that includes an audit, planning, tracking, management, advisory, and profitability. 


Founded: 2016

Location: San Francisco, California

Services: PR, Communication, Demand Generation, 

Clients: Affinity, Around, Nexient

Case Studies: Nuheara

Social Channel:

Firebrand is one of the premier startup marketing agencies with expertise in public relations. Although it considers itself a PR firm, Firebrand works across social media, website content, and other channels to help startups shape their brand voice. The agency understands why startups typically fail and use their expertise to point startups in the right direction. 

9.The Branx

Founded: 2019

Location: Cadiz, Andalusia

Services: Brand Strategy, UX/UI, Pitch Decks

Clients: ScreenLoop, Muylocal, JoinMyTrip

Case Studies: Bikemap

Social Channel:

The Branx is a startup branding agency that helps companies build everything from naming, logo, visual identity, social media, and more. The Branx understands that today’s customers don’t simply buy products and services but buy into companies with solid values and missions. The Branx is committed to helping startups identify their voice to reach success. 


Founded: 1999

Location: San Francisco, California

Services: PR, Integrated Marketing, Content

Clients: Nokia, Visa, Skype

Case Studies: Lucid

Social Channel:

For the last 20 years, Sparkpr has worked and helped all types of brands reach business objectives. They incorporate deep subject matter expertise across media relations, integrated marketing, content, and more. Sparkpr continues to lead startups and enterprises to craft their stories for audiences. 


Location: Washington, DC

Founded: 2021

Services: PR, Video Production, Paid Media

Clients: n/a

Case Studies: n/a

Social Channel:

HeadStart is a public relations and marketing agency for startups. The agency understands that startups have great ideas and stories often challenging to translate to mass audiences. Combining their expertise in media relations, production, marketing, design, and strategy, HeadStart helps startups get the coverage and recognition they need. 


Founded: 2005

Location: Los Angeles, California

Services: SEO, PPC, Content Marketing

Clients: Nextiva, Intuit, Twenty20

Case Studies: Harris Teeter

Social Channel:

Single grain helps startups accelerate their growth using technology, deep insight, and proprietary strategies. The team at Singlegrain consists of well-trained and versatile experts that look into the long-term vision for clients and help them build the right plan that will result in the best ROI. 


Founded: 2011

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Services: Social Media Marketing, Brand Development

Clients: Mercane, Toyota, TGI Friday

Case Studies: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Social Channel:

This team of social media specialists consists of artists, designers, writers, videographers, and strategists. Using technology, high-level research, and social media expertise, Sociallyn empowers companies to build traction, grow rapidly, and expedite results.


Founded: 2004

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Services: Digital Marketing, Web Design, Brand Strategy,

Clients: World Travel Inc., Trapezium, Cheng Crowns

Case Studies: Ringstar

Social Channel:

A team of creative professionals is ready to help your business reach its goals and KPIs. Brolik understands how to position your brand through audience discovery and proper messaging. The agency executes to empower your company from the ground up to ensure high-level growth. 

15.Shift Paradigm

Founded: 2021

Location: Austin, Texas

Services: Technology & Data Architecture, Marketing Operations

Clients: IBM, eBay

Case Studies: n/a

Social Channel:

The agency looks to solve challenges that truly affect and hurt a client’s growth ability. Shift Paradigm is technology agnostic and has experience with some of the most complex marketing operations. This makes Shift Paradigm an ideal partner for clients in multiple industries, including healthcare, SaaS, and education. 


Founded: 2008

Location: Pfettisheim, France

Services: Web Design, Branding, Video Production

Clients: Ecosis, Kwan Factory, LGS

Cast Studies: Bambooloo

Social Channel:

Considered one top creative startup marketing agencies, Kexino provides marketing services exclusively to small businesses and startups. Kexino understands that brands need to be bold and different in today’s world to stand out amongst the noise. Kexino executes on marketing initiatives that help your brand stand out while delivering on the bottom line. 

17.Lake One Digital

Founded: 2014

Location: Maple Grove, Minnesota

Services: Digital Strategy, SEM, Website Development

Clients: Polywater Corporation, Beehive, 

Cast Studies: Boundary Waters Bank

Social Channel:

Lake One Digital understands that startups all face their unique challenges and need a proven startup marketing tactics partner. The agency combines B2B startup expertise across marketing, sales, and operations to create a strong foundation for business success.


Founded: 2014

Location: Minsk, Belarus

Services: Digital Consulting, SEO Consulting, Paid Consulting

Clients: iTransition, 3dcart, Zadarma

Case Studies: Software

Social Channel:

Kraftblick specializes in consulting for technology and software startups. Kraftblick provides digital consulting across SEO, paid search, content and helps software companies develop their brand presence. The agency is an ideal partner for early-stage companies to ensure proper execution and safe results.  

19.Big Human

Founded: 2011

Location: New York, New York

Services: Digital Product Design, Branding, Strategy

Clients: Puppy Spot, Quinn, Subdial

Cast Studies: Carnegie Hall

Social Channel:

This agency loves working with startups because startups allow them to do what they do best: propose and execute fresh creative ideas. Big Human delivers all startup branding elements, including logo, typography, and tone of voice. This ensures startups are ready to breakthrough in their respective markets and achieve business goals. 


Founded: 2020

Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire

Services: Content Marketing, Video Marketing

Clients: n/a

Case Studies: n/a

Social Channel:

Whether you are trying to scale your sales process and pipeline or grow traffic and generate leads, conventional marketing tactics won’t cut it for startups. Nituno understands the right mix of marketing, sales, and performance and is the ultimate recipe for success for early-stage startups. This makes Nituno the right agency partner for many brands. 


Founded: 2016

Location: Los Angeles, California 

Services: Online Advertising, SEO, Web Design

Clients: Samsung, UPS, Nationwide

Case Studies: CA Souls

Social Channel:

Pantelope offers its partners a startup methodology that is ROI-driven. Using multiple marketing channels, including PPC, SEO, and social media, Pantelope can test, optimize and discover the best strategies for startups to reach early success.  

Ben Kuriakose
Ben is an experienced SEO and Facebook Ads expert in client management, corporate innovation, and early-stage startup growth.


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