We increased user sign-ups by 25% from Q3 to Q4 for Intuit.

Arrow 500% Increase from trial sign-ups to active users
Arrow 45% Increase in trial sign-ups using persona-specific search ads
Arrow 100% NPS score following in-app product optimizations

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Who is Intuit?

Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU), added Accelerate to its network of products which includes TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp. Accelerate is a video conferencing platform for small-medium businesses that allows them to instantly schedule meetings with clients, securely export auto-transcriptions from conference calls, and conveniently receive client payments in real time. Accelerate offers its users an easy way to connect with their clients.

The Challenge

NoGood was tapped by Intuit as the growth marketing agency to help bring their newest product to market and understand product-market fit. This was a new product that needed brand positioning, user acquisition strategy, and product-led retention.


We increased total sign-ups by 25% through a retention-first acquisition strategy based on deep user insights to drive conversion to paid users. This included a CRM strategy with feedback interviews and collection touch-points that led to continuous product interaction, which continued to drive measurable growth quarter after quarter. We also surpassed industry-standard benchmarks since launch with 97% of total user sign-ups being driven by our paid media acquisition strategy.

We helped establish authority in a saturated vertical of productivity tools, by focusing on growth retention to increase active use of the product and overall product adoption. Cohort-specific nurture campaigns, gamifying the user experience, and in-product marketing to determine positioning and messaging led to a 35% increase from user sign-ups to active trial users.

25% Increase in total sign-ups
97% Of total user sign-ups driven by paid media
35% increase from user sign-ups to active trial users

Services Provided

  • Growth Acquisition – Paid media, SEO, CRO
  • Growth Retention – Email, SMS, push notifications
  • Product-led growth
  • Product-market fit validation
  • Channel and value prop experimentation


  1. Implemented a persona-specific acquisition strategy, by identifying key value propositions, pain points and gain creators for each target persona. This strategy allows the team to correctly identify cohorts of users that were most likely to see value from the product.

  2. Conducted product-focused customer feedback strategies including interviews, NPS surveys, A/B testing, and conversion rate optimization tactics to ideate and manage end-to-end web development projects for a customized and enhanced user experience.

  3. Leveraged product flow analysis and event-based analytics to identify key user behavior and drop-off points to optimize the in-app customer experience and increase product stickiness.

  4. Validated product market fit through consistent cycles of agile SCRUM methodology from ideation to development and monitoring to identify key areas of opportunity and drive product adaptations.


Gayana Sarkisova

Gayana Sarkisova

Sr. Growth Strategist

Ayushi Gupta

Ayushi Gupta

Growth Strategist

Marina Chilingaryan

Growth Strategist

Nicole Li

Growth Marketing Manager

Yizhen Gu

Creative Lead

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