Invisibly Case Study

We increased Invisibly app installs by 103% MoM.

65% MoM decrease in CAC
Arrow 400% Increase in user retention QoQ
Arrow 84% Organic website traffic

“The squad feels like a true extension of my own marketing team”

Laura Vestal

Head of Marketing, Invisibly

Who is Invisibly?

Founded by Jim McKelvey, a renowned Silicon Valley innovator and co-founder of Block (formerly Square), Invisibly is a Founders Fund-backed startup with a vision to give the world a new way to access content.

While premium content traditionally can only be accessed through paid subscriptions, Invisibly is creating a marketplace to open up a new way to access content from top publishers and trusted journalism sources. Through the Invisibly app, people can use their data to read subscription-free and ad-free news and articles from a growing roster of premier publishers.

The Challenge

  • Establish authority and presence in a data market
  • Drive high-intent traffic that will convert to users
  • Raise brand awareness and recall for a new brand 
  • Reach high-intent audiences with interest in getting value out of their engagement online
  • Achieve a 30-day user retention rate of 20%


NoGood increased Invisibly’s app installs by 103% month over month from Q4 2022 to Q1 2023 — and it didn’t stop there. We decreased Invisibly’s cost per customer acquisition by 65% while lower with spend by 30% in Q1 2023. By employing Facebook, Google UAC, Apple Search Ads and Twitter, Invisibly has been able to maintain a steady influx of app installs week over week while surpassing industry benchmarks for app retention. 

Invisibly has also put product led growth at the forefront of what they do. Using data driven decision making, NoGood iterated on the UX/UI of their product in order to increase their retention rate by 400% from Q3 2022 to Q4 of 2022.

65% MoM decrease in CAC
400% Increase in user retention QoQ
84% Organic website traffic QoQ

Services Provided

  • Product-led growth strategy 
  • Launch plan
  • PR strategy guidance
  • Paid performance (Social, SEM)
  • Content strategy & SEO
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Audience hyper-targeting
  • Email & push notification marketing
  • Design, UX, and copywriting


  1. Adopted Invisibly’s brand to create a cohesive, consistent, and memorable presence across a variety of channels and ensure brand authority among Invisibly’s target audiences

  2. Set up product and growth analytics stack to ensure marketing decisions are driven by data. Deployed rapid experimentation across multiple channels to validate product/market fit as part of the product launch strategy

  3. Deployed rapid experimentation across Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Bing, and Google Search to establish a secure lead generation pipeline and quickly scale the user base

  4. Developed a holistic email, SMS, and push notification strategy to convert high-intent leads into users and continuously engage them with the platform

  5. Developed a content strategy for Invisibly to establish authority and thought leadership in the data marketplace and challenge the way user data is currently used by companies in the data ecosystem

  6. Implemented retention strategy to ensure data driven results for product lead growth that impact retention rate, engagement, and sharing


Gayana Sarkisova

Sr. Growth Strategist

Theano Dimitrakis

Growth Strategist

Ayushi Gupta

Growth Strategist

Nicole Teh

Nicole Teh

Growth Strategist

Sarah Baus

TikTok Community Manager

Nicole Li

Growth Analyst

Nesto Rivas

Nesto Rivas

Growth Analyst

Alex Methvin

Growth Analyst

Calvin Wu

Creative Lead

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