SteelSeries: Best Use of Data-Driven Media

SteelSeries: Best Use of Data-Driven Media

Arrow Downnogood 49%
Decrease in Paid CAC
Arrow Upnogood 60%
Increase in Google Paid Search net sales
Arrow Upnogood 25%
Increase in site-wide net sales through PMax Campaigns

We increased overall net sales in Q3 2023 by +35% through paid channel initiatives.

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SteelSeries is a prominent name in the online gaming industry known for producing high-quality and innovative gaming gear such as gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and other gaming-related products. Along with its cutting-edge hardware, SteelSeries also owns and operates proprietary software apps that elevate the gaming experience. As the preferred choice of professional gamers and esports teams around the world, SteelSeries has solidified its reputation as a top-tier brand in the competitive gaming arena.

The Challenge

SteelSeries faced a challenge to enhance net sales and identify additional opportunities for growth while continuing to diversify their product range amidst a notoriously competitive gaming landscape. To capitalize on key e-commerce traffic peaks, we looked to SteelSeries’ own users within their software ecosystem for key data to drive dotcom sales.

  • Drive website sales
  • Need for a full-funnel paid acquisition strategy
  • CRO across the website and within their gaming software
  • Specific cohort targeting to drive efficient revenue at scale
  • Lifecycle retention strategy to sustain and grow the brand’s community


Performance marketing – paid media (CAC, Conversion Rate, ROAS)
Performance creative/branding (engagement rate, brand recall, direct traffic)
Creative matrix experimentation (segmented creative elements tied to results)
Growth Acquisition – paid media, SEO, CRO (orders, revenue)
Growth strategy implementation – (orders, revenue)
Revenue forecasting – (% to goal)
Website strategy – (CVR, ATC)
Content direction – (traffic, clicks)
Audience discovery and validation


Utilized first-party data to push sales on the website by refining the brands’ positioning and expanding reach while focusing on specific conversion touch points.

Target specific cohorts of past purchasers, engagers and interest-based audiences to drive efficiency at scale.

Launch of upsell & retargeting campaigns to increase AOV and overall site revenue.

Ongoing experimentation and expansion of paid channels into deeper regions & specific products lines.

Deliver and implement site wide SEO recommendations to boost organic visibility.


The brand experienced a +49% increase in net sales driven through paid social alone from Q2 to Q3, indicating the impact of a strong audience match.

SteelSeries experienced rapid month-over-month growth throughout 2023 led by a combination of paid acquisition efforts, marketplace management and optimization of the user journey.

Met with aggressive revenue targets, we worked to identify and target individual cohorts of users most likely to make repeat purchases. By incorporating site-wide first-party data, including purchase behavior & unique customer touch points, we increased overall revenue by +36% through paid channels.

SteelSeries increased monthly revenue 5x in a calendar year, showing impressive long-term growth for the brand. We collaborated to expand to additional verticals and target markets to continue to capitalize on revenue opportunities, primarily in the non-brand space.

Arrow Downnogood 49%
Decrease in Paid CAC
Arrow Upnogood 60%
Increase in Google Paid Search net sales
Arrow Upnogood 25%
Increase in site-wide net sales through PMax Campaigns

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