Expert Insights Revealed: The Best Marketing Newsletters of 2024

Expert Insights Revealed: The Best Marketing Newsletters of 2024

There are a LOT of great growth marketing newsletters that exist in the world, and to be completely honest that’s 100% necessary because there’s a lot to cover in the...

There are a LOT of great growth marketing newsletters that exist in the world, and to be completely honest that’s 100% necessary because there’s a lot to cover in the expansive world that is growth marketing. 

As an experiment, we subscribed to all (and we mean all) of them so that:

A) You don’t have to, and 

B) So we could be exhaustive in our efforts to stay on top of each and every piece of growth marketing news on the internet. 

Our findings? As with any good thing, we discovered there is in fact such a thing as too many growth newsletters for one inbox — so we built a slack channel to funnel them all into! 

We’re never one to let a good experiment go to waste, so after sifting through the data we’ve determined that there aren’t 13, 31, or 56 stand-outs (as Google might lead you to believe) in the claustrophobic landscape of growth newsletter that we personally can’t live without — but 5.

As a favor to you, these are the best growth marketing newsletters you need to have in your inbox (with links to subscribe of course): 

  1. NoGood News
  2. Marketing Brew
  3. Demand Curve
  4. DTC
  5. Lenny’s Newsletter
  6. The Daily Carnage

And because we’re good like that, here’s an exhaustive breakdown of each of these newsletters, the sections that they offer, and why they might be right for you (and your inbox). 

1. NoGood News 

From strategy to execution, from CRO to paid social to SEO, get the latest news, insights and tactics straight from our team of experts. Our insights are sourced through rapid experimentation, industry-leading partnerships, and data-backed strategies from our team of growth experts. We then turn tactics into actionable frameworks and insights that drive rapid growth and maximize revenue potential.

Frequency: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays

Focus: Growth Marketing 

Price: Completely free! 

Here are a few of the sections you can expect to see:

  • Direct insights from our growth experts
  • Must-know, curated industry news and thought pieces
  • Q&As with partners and thought leaders
  • Platform and tool recommendations
  • Events and agency opportunities

As an example, here is a preview of one of our bi-weekly Q&As with partners, thought leaders, and growth experts. For Volume 39 of NoGood News, we interviewed Theano Dimitrakis, a growth and data strategist with experience in developing and executing comprehensive growth marketing strategies for B2B, B2C, and SaaS companies in healthcare, financial services, and tech spaces. In this interview, Theano speaks to the rise of ChatGPT in marketing and highlights the biggest mistakes marketers make when using ChatGPT as well as delving into how AI can be leveraged for data analytics. 

In addition to insights and interviews, NoGood News also features timely and relevant thought pieces on the latest happenings in the marketing space. These hot takes and analyses range from detailing the rise and fall of BeReal during their attempt to regain traction with the release of their new feature, to evaluating the rise of social subscriptions as an impending end to the era of free social media. 

If these previews aren’t enough for you (which, they aren’t), and if you want to stay updated on the latest and greatest, you know where to go

2. Marketing Brew

While it may seem like an outrageous claim to “Become smarter in just 5 minutes,” we’re here to tell you firsthand — it’s true. Our whole team are avid readers of the Morning Brew (and more specifically, the Marketing Brew) and we find it to be the best companion to our morning coffee. 

With the latest trends and stories shaping the marketing and advertising world — it’s a fantastic way to wake up and stay up to date with everything happening in the marketing space each day. 

Frequency: Every day

Focus: Marketing and advertising

Price: Free

Here are a few of the sections you can expect to see:

  • French press – quick, ready-to-use marketing tools and tips 
  • What else is brewing – the latest news and updates in the advertising space 
  • ICYMI – “In Case You Missed It”, recent Marketing Brew stories that you may have missed
  • Trivia – marketing-related questions to keep you guessing and help you stay informed 

As an example, here is a snippet of the latest marketing brew update, which chronicles Olipop’s new partnership with a major soccer team despite Big Soda’s domination in the sports space. The prebiotic soda brand had been trying to break into sports for years, but whether it be existing Coca-Cola or Pepsi contracts or massive seven-figure deals, the barriers to entry were just too high — until now. Each of marketing brew’s timely news updates is sent directly to your inbox every morning, giving readers an opportunity to read further by clicking on their website. 

Marketing brew segments their insights into 9 categories: Advertising, Agencies, Crypto, Influencers, Media, Marketing, Podcasts, Social Media, and Streaming. Each day, the newsletter rotates through different content focuses, giving readers a varied taste of all the latest stories shaping the marketing and advertising world. 

On Tuesdays, Marketing Brew also features a trivia section that gives readers the opportunity to test their marketing knowledge. These trivia questions range from famous successful marketing campaigns to celebrity partnerships, and they’re a great way to discover little-known facts that you wouldn’t have otherwise known!

3. Demand Curve 

Demand Curve is quite possibly the best source on the internet for step-by-step guides and breakdowns of the strategies that have made the start-ups of today’s household names. No matter what stage your business is at, or what your goals are, their archive of helpful tutorials are as actionable as they are easy to understand — giving listicles a good name.

They’re a fantastic resource for the marketing curious or those who want to stay sharp and up-to-date on current practices across different channels with each edition providing an extensive breakdown of a particular concept that would make even the densest growth blog blush — which is followed by more content. 

Frequency: Weekly on Tuesdays

Focus: Marketing strategy, startup marketing, marketing tips 

Price: Free

Here are a few of the sections you can expect to see:

  • Community spotlight – celebrating the achievements of the best and brightest in marketing
  • News and links – a roundup of all the latest must-read updates and articles 
  • Top new marketing jobs
  • Something fun – memes, jokes, you get the idea

Demand Curve is written by a team of experts comprising Neal O’Grady, Grace Parazzoli, Joyce Chou, and Dennis Buckley. As the co-founder of Demand Curve, Neal O’Grady has worked as a freelance developer and copywriter, lived out of a backpack for 3.5 years as a digital nomad, all the while running two 7-figure revenue businesses in the marketing industry. Grace Parazzoli worked as a book editor for a decade before moving into marketing, while Joyce Chou is a sketch artist and SEO writer that mainly works in the B2B, B2C, and SaaS spaces. Dennis Buckley, known for his razor sharp copy and crisp prose, not only produces content but also trains teams in marketing to grow other companies. 

One of our favorite parts of the Demand Curve newsletter is the “Something fun” section — because who doesn’t love a good “iykyk” marketing joke? With all the marketing newsletters out there, it can be hard to build and retain a loyal audience that will read through and engage with your newsletter week after week. Marketing Brew’s trivia section and Demand Curve’s “something fun” section are both examples of how newsletters can play into reader engagement and light humor in order to keep audiences entertained. 

4. DTC

DTC is a newsletter that aims to provide actionable advice about how to grow your business and your ongoing marketing skill set (in a fun way you’ll actually look forward to reading). They see the DTC space as a rising tide of almost limitless opportunity to help connect brands with their customers by helping them navigate the ever changing waters of creative trends, traffic platforms and tech partners. In addition to their thrice-weekly newsletter, DTC also has a podcast for those that prefer to digest information in an audio format.

Frequency: 3 times a week 

Focus: DTC marketing strategies

Price: Free

Here are a few of the sections you can expect to see:

  • Step by step guides – for topics ranging from SMS marketing, to social media marketing, to paid growth
  • Podcasts – bite-sized recaps of their latest podcast episode
  • Quick hits – new product launches, platform updates, and the latest marketing tools 
  • Fun stuff – marketing memes that you can’t help but share

One of the biggest factors that makes DTC stand out from other marketing newsletters is the fact that it has a huge podcast arm of the business that’s perfect for those that prefer to consume information through an audio format. Eric Dyck, the CEO of DTC Newsletter, interviews a range of different key figures in the marketing industry, such as brand CMOs, startup founders, entrepreneurs, agency leads and more. For those that are unsure about which episode they want to dedicate their time to listen to, the newsletter features snippets of each new podcast episode so that readers can get a quick recap before deciding the delve deeper.

5. Lenny’s Newsletter

Before starting Lenny’s Newsletter, Lenny Rachitsky worked as a product lead at Airbnb for 7 years, where he became an expert in all things product-led growth, startup marketing, and product management. Every week, Lenny’s newsletter tackles reader questions about building product growth, GTM strategies, product-market-fit, and startup marketing. 

Frequency: Weekly or monthly

Focus: Product, startups, growth

Price: Free subscription available, with paid upgrades at $15/month or $150/year

Here are a few of the sections you can expect to see:

  • Reader Q&As
  • Guest posts from leaders in the marketing and product space
  • Podcast recaps

There are many ways in which readers can engage with Lenny’s Newsletter. The free version of the newsletter receives podcast recaps and one free monthly post, while paid subscribers get weekly insights, as well as an invite to a gated Slack community with 10k+ members. 

When Lenny’s not busy answering reader questions, his newsletter also features guest posts from experts working in the product-led growth, startup, and growth spaces. Some of his most popular guest-written articles include a Duolingo user growth case study by Jorge Mazal, former CPO at Duolingo, and an article on lessons from a startup founder by Suril Kantaria, CEO of Savvy and tech investor at TPG. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of great content there is (we get it, it’s a lot), you can start with reading articles from “The best of Lenny’s Newsletter” — an end-of-year roundup of his most popular articles and insights. To make things easier, we’ve also curated a list of the must-read article for each of Lenny’s expertise categories: 

6. The Daily Carnage

The Daily Carnage provides a daily newsletter of marketing inspiration, featuring articles, podcasts, and videos on a range of marketing topics. Since they send out an edition every day, it’s a great way to stay updated on the latest marketing news and make sure that you’re always the smartest marketer in the room.

Frequency: Daily 

Focus: Digital marketing, marketing news

Price: Free 

Here are a few of the sections you can expect to see:

  • Be in the know – a recap of the latest marketing news
  • “Smash or pass” or “Q for you” – a poll containing questions dividing the marketing community 
  • Did ya know? – trivia facts and quick insight 
  • What we’re loving – what the Carney HQ has been reading, watching, and listening to

The poll section of The Daily Carnage newsletter is a genius way for the company to collect zero party data from their subscribers. Not only do polls encourage user interaction and increase click rates for email newsletters, they’re also a valuable source of information. By analyzing the data collected across hundreds of historical poll answers, The Daily Carnage team can better understand how their audience think, and create more personalized content that’s curated towards their interests and preferences. 

Did we miss anything? 

We’re always on the lookout for the next best growth marketing newsletter, so let us know if you have any new finds. 

As with all things, we’ll keep this up-to-date as we add new favorites and solemnly remove old ones, so stay tuned and of course, be sure to subscribe!


James Giller
James is an internet anthropologist and self-identifying old man who has meandered through his career as a photographer, pattern designer, and brand builder who joins NoGood to elevate their content and 10x their meme game.

Nicole Li
Nicole is a growth and content analyst with experience in branding, strategic copywriting, and social media planning for DTC brands and venture-funded startups.

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