23 Must-See Marketing and Growth Hacking YouTube Channels

23 Must-See Marketing and Growth Hacking YouTube Channels

As marketers, we’re always looking to gain new knowledge and stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and strategies. There are multiple ways we go about gathering this...

As marketers, we’re always looking to gain new knowledge and stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and strategies. There are multiple ways we go about gathering this new knowledge, skills, and information. Perhaps, we’ll buy the latest marketing books, search Google for the latest blogs, or download and listen to the latest podcasts. But of all these practical ways to gain these skills and learn something new, the majority of marketers, including myself, love watching the best marketing and growth hacking YouTube channels. 

For those who are visual learners, there is no better way to learn some of the latest marketing tactics and strategies than through video content. As reported by Statista  “there are more than 500 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute.”

That is a lot of content, and lucky for marketers, this means there are numerous marketing YouTube channels that cover a range of topics. So we gathered together the top channels and put it into this list. 

Check out and follow the best marketing and growth hacking YouTube channels in 2020:

  1. Google Webmasters
  2. NoGood
  3. VYPER Growth Hacking
  4. Jason Whaling
  5. Brian Dean
  6. Ahrefs
  7. Marketing 360
  8. Miles Beckler
  9. Eric Siu-Leveling up
  10. Hubspot
  11. Moz
  12. Unbounce
  13. SEMrush
  14. Adam Erhart
  15. Ignite Invisibility
  16. Neil Patel
  17. Jordan Steen
  18. Growth Tribe
  19. Wes McDowell
  20. Koozai
  21. Search Engine Journal
  22. DigitalMarketer
  23. Marketing Solved

1.Google Webmasters


Channel Started: January 2009

Topics Covered: Search Engine, SEO

Total Subscribers: 354k

Top Videos:

SEO Mythbusting 101

Intro to Google Search Console – Search Console Training

If you want to improve your site in Google search, there is probably no better way than learning how through Google. This YouTube channel provides you everything you need to know about search from the experts themselves. No matter your level of expertise, this channel has video content that will help you improve your skill level.


NoGood Agency

Channel Started: November 2018

Topics Covered: Growth Marketing, Growth Hacking, Data Analytics

Total Subscribers: 210

Top Videos: 

NoGood is a TechCrunch verified growth marketing agency in NYC and has helped some of the biggest brands and early-stage start-ups reach exponential growth. Now through their YouTube channel, they share some of the latest and greatest growth marketing strategies to the world. Their videos cover a range of topics from growth hacking and data analytics to brand strategies and neuro-marketing.
Need help with content strategy? We’re here to support your growth and collaborate in growing your business!

3.VYPER Growth Hacking


Channel Started: April 2016

Topics Covered: Viral Marketing, Branding

Total Subscribers: 4.24k

Top Videos: 

Facebook Ad Creative Tips To Get Better CTR’s

Influencer Marketing Tips For Viral Growth

This channel provides great lessons for a variety of growth marketing tactics including branding, email, referral, etc. VYPER is a platform that helps businesses run the most viral marketing campaigns. They help create contests and giveaways for businesses to help them grow social following, engagement, email list, and revenue. 

4.Jason Whaling 


Channel Started: August 2015

Topics Covered: SEM, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics

Total Subscribers: 56.7k

Top Videos:

How To Create A Free Landing Page (Converts On Autopilot)

Google Ads Tutorial 2020 for Beginners

This YouTube channel covers a range of different marketing topics. Host Jason Whaling is an entrepreneur and he wants to help people turn their passion and skills into businesses. His video content is engaging and he loves sharing all the latest digital marketing strategies and insights you need to grow your business or audience.

5.Brian Dean


Channel Started: January 2014

Topics Covered: SEO

Total Subscribers:305k

Top Videos:

How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020 (NEW Strategy)

Video SEO – Rank Your Videos #1 in YouTube (Fast!)

As the owner of Backlinko, Brian Dean is a well-known marketing professional in the community. He provides some of the best and most actionable information through his blog and of course his YouTube channel. Brian primarily focuses on SEO tactics in his videos, but his high-quality content makes his videos a must-watch for every marketer.



Channel Started: August 2015

Topics Covered: SEO, Content Marketing

Total Subscribers:121k

Top Videos: 

SEO Mistakes: Why 91% of Content Gets No Organic Traffic

Digital Marketing for Beginners: 7 Strategies That Work

If you’re an experienced marketer, you’re most certainly aware of the powerful SEO platform Ahrefs. Now this company has taken it a step further by providing actionable SEO tutorials through this YouTube channel. They cover all tutorials on SEO including keyword research, link building, content marketing, technical, and more.

7.Marketing 360 

Marketing 360

Channel Started: December 2014

Topics Covered: Branding, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategies

Total Views: 60.1k

Top Videos:

Five Small Business Marketing Tactics to Try In 2020

16 Best Video Ideas for Small Business 

This channel provides videos focused on a variety of areas including branding to entrepreneurship to marketing strategies. This channel is created by Marketing 360 and the company provides an all-in-one marketing platform, which allows brands to access and optimize their most important marketing channels from one interface while leveraging talent.

8.Miles Beckler


Channel Started: October 2018

Topics Covered: Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, Sales Funnels

Total Subscribers: 128k

Top Videos:

100% Free Keyword Research! How To Research Keyword Search Volume & Competition, Free.

How To Spy On Facebook Ads – Free Facebook Advertising Tool Just Released!

Miles Beckler is a digital marketing expert and his YouTube channel primarily focuses on content marketing and SEO. However, he does share strong strategies, tactics and tools for sales funnels, Facebook ads and other marketing channels as well.  His deep dive tutorials will help you take the next step in your marketing skills.

9.Eric Siu-Leveling up


Channel Started: September 2013

Topics Covered: Marketing Strategies, Instagram, Content Marketing

Total Subscribers: 35.5k

Top Videos:

How to Grow on Instagram the Right Way in 2020

How to Organically Gain 10K Followers Per Week on Instagram (with Chris Do)

On this channel host, Eric Siu features exclusive marketing content and interviews. The channel provides video content on how to grow your business, how to market your products and services, and how to make sure that you are on the right track for business success.



Channel Started: April 2007

Topics Covered: Content Marketing, Marketing Interviews

Total Subscribers: 93.6k

Top Videos:

Finding Your “Who” With Seth Godin

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Get Started With 1:1 Engagement

Hubspot has provided some of the best content in the marketing industry and their youtube channel continues that trend. The channel features a wide variety of tutorials covering all kinds of topics and also provides strong interviews with some of the best professionals in the industry.



Channel Started: May 2012

Topics Covered: SEO, Content Strategies

Total Subscribers: 65.7k

Top Videos:

How to Build a Killer Content → Keyword Map for SEO – Whiteboard Friday

6 Changes We Thought Google Would Make to SEO But They Still Haven’t – Whiteboard Friday

Everyone knows the popular SEO marketing software, Moz. This company provides some great content with their blogs and has continued that trend by providing high-quality content with their youtube channel. The video content provides actionable tactics, exceptional interviews and will help marketers enhance their skills.



Channel Started: May 2013

Topics Covered: Landing Pages, CRO, A/B Testing

Total Subscribers: 5.14k

Top Videos:

PPC Strategies to Increase Your Google AdWords Revenue | Unbounce Call To Action Conference 2018

Landing Page Design Principles – Overlapping

This YouTube channel provides actionable digital marketing tactics, lessons, and strategies. Unbounce is a company that provides landing page software and the video content they produce is heavily focused on this specific space. The content teaches viewers on best practices for landing pages, conversion rate optimization, a/b testing, and much more. 



Channel Started: April 2014

Topics Covered: Marketing Content Videos, SEO

Total Subscribers: 47.9k

Top Videos:

Making Better Marketing Videos: Filming Tech and Tips

YouTube SEO in 2020 with Luke Sherran

Once again we see an SEO marketing software company, SEMRush, provide strong video content and tutorials with their YouTube channel. This channel hosts strong webinars and pro marketing tips that can take your marketing skills to the next level. 

14.Adam Erhart


Channel Started: August 2015

Topics Covered: Digital Marketing, Instagram, Facebook

Total Subscribers: 27.4k

Top Videos:

5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond


This channel helps marketers and professionals grow businesses using proven, effective, and modern marketing strategies. The host, Adam Erhart understands marketing at a high level and has studied it for years. His channel has amassed over a million views and is recommended to all marketing professionals

15.Ignite Visibility 


Channel Started: October 2011

Topics Covered: SEO, Marketing Strategies, Business

Total Views: 6 million

Top Videos:

How To Get Your First 10,000 Instagram Followers (Without Buying Them), John Lincoln

Facebook Marketing For Business Tutorial – John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility

John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility offers a lot of great information on this youtube channel. Topics range from SEO to business insights. The channel has been active since 2011 and has gathered over 6 million views. The channel also offers a set of unique playlists. Some favorites include beginning marketing classes playlist and digital marketing playlist.  

16.Neil Patel


Channel Started: August 2011

Topics Covered: SEO, Content Marketing

Total Subscribers: 583k

Top Videos:

How to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish

How to Do SEO For A Tiny Site With No Backlinks

Neil Patel has been a staple in the marketing community. His blogs and marketing advice are well known and with his youtube channel, he continues to have excellent information and engaging videos on all things marketing. He truly is an excellent source for all things marketing. 

17.Jordan Steen


Channel Started: January 2017

Topics Covered: Digital marketing, eCommerce, Branding

Total Subscribers: 45.7k

Top Videos:

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency | SMMA


Jordan Steen provides weekly updates and the most up-to-date information regarding digital marketing tips and strategies. You’ll still find some valuable video content in the channel including content on topics such as social media, entrepreneurship, eCommerce, and personal branding. 

18.Growth Tribe


Channel Started: May 2019

Topics Covered: Marketing, Data, A.I.

Total Subscribers: 49.2k

Top Videos: 

5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond

10 Social Media Tips For Business 2019

Through their YouTube channel, Growth Tribe empowers individuals and companies by providing skills in areas such as ‘data-driven growth marketing’ or ‘A.I. without code’. Growth Tribe is a unique growth/digital training and talent provider. Using online platforms they help individuals gain new digital capabilities and evolving skills. 

19.Wes McDowell 


Channel Started: Nov 2015

Topics Covered: SEO, Marketing Strategies, Business

Total Views: 3 million

Top Videos:

Facebook Ads in 2020: My Latest, Greatest Secret Strategies!

How To Setup Google My Business For Maximum Results

Wes Mcdowell wants to help people that are serious about building a profitable business. In his youtube channel, Wes shows some of his best approaches and secrets for digital marketing and website strategies. He wants to help you expedite customer growth,  turn your website into your best salesperson, attract a steady stream of customers, and help you make more money.



Channel Started: May 2007

Topics Covered: SEO, PPC, Social Media

Total Subscribers: 12.1k

Top Videos: 

The Power of the Google Tag Manager Data Layer

How To Measure The Success Of Your Content Marketing Campaign

This channel is brought to you by the digital marketing experts from the digital marketing agency Koozai. The channel has strong insights and digital marketing videos from the perspective of an agency. This includes marketing topics on SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media. 

21.Search Engine Journal


Channel Started: April 2007

Topics Covered: SEO, Search Engine

Total Subscribers: 8.66k

Top Videos:

BERT Explained: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Algorithm

How to Do Keyword Research in 2019 for Maximum Traffic

Search Engine Journal is a dedicated information and news hub that provides the latest search news. On this YouTube channel, they provide video content that includes guides, how-tos, interview and webinars on search for the marketing community



Channel Started: October 2013

Topics Covered: Marketing Strategy

Total Subscribers:46.4k

Top Videos:

5 Types of Facebook Ads EVERY Marketer Should Be Using | Marketing Mastery with Justin Rondeau

How To Drive Conversations On LinkedIn

This channel provides content that breaks down some of the top marketing strategies that are working in the digital space today. The hosts provide information and tactics based on their own experience with expert marketers. They share the strategies and tactics that have both worked and failed for them in the marketing industry. 

23.Marketing Solved


Channel Started: July 2015

Topics Covered: Social Media, Marketing Strategies, Training

Total Subscribers: 14.1k

Top Videos:

Sell Products Directly On Facebook with a Facebook Shop

How to Rank #1 on Pinterest

This channel is hosted by Kat Sullivan, a serial entrepreneur. Her video content covers a lot of different and engaging topics. This includes marketing strategies, social media tips, and online marketing training that you can use to grow your small business. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, this channel can be valuable to help you grow your business.

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Ben is an experienced SEO and Facebook Ads expert in client management, corporate innovation, and early-stage startup growth.

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