Maura Grace

Maura is a social media manager with diverse industry experience specifically rooted in the arts for some of New York’s most well-known theaters, top jazz musicians, arts management agencies, music and theatre non-profit organizations as well as luxury retail and private education.

11 proven TikTok strategies

11 Proven TikTok Strategies for Brand Growth in 2022

There's a lot of information out there on TikTok, but when it comes to brands building a community on the platform, we've decided to take matters into our hands. With no technical rulebook on how to use TikTok, we've put together 11 proven TikTok strategies to help your business go viral and reach new audiences.

The Rise of Dark Social & How It’s Affecting Your Brand

Did you know that 84% of social sharing is considered Dark Social? But Dark Social is not what you may think. Since the release of iOS 14, data tracking has become increasingly difficult for marketers and with users more inclined to protect their privacy, social sharing has fallen off our analytics radars resulting in it going "dark."