How to Grow TikTok Followers Organically in 2023

How to Grow TikTok Followers Organically in 2023

Here's how to get more organic TikTok followers. Featuring examples from other brands and creators.

Let’s be honest, having more TikTok followers is the dream for many creators and brands–but how do you actually achieve this? We are going to delve into the aspects, such as asking reasons as to why you would want more followers, and tactics for achieving more TikTok followers organically on the platform with examples from other brands and creators.. There are no easy shortcuts, so strap in and let’s go for a ride.

Why do you want more followers?

Are you a brand trying to sell a product or service? A music artist trying to gain recognition? Or perhaps you’re selling to other businesses, and want to showcase your product on TikTok? Whatever the reason might be, these are all valuable questions to ask when determining your whole purpose for even being on the platform.

What are your key performance indicators(KPI’s)? Start thinking about measurable metrics that you can aim towards on TikTok that are realistic for your brand. Gaining a certain amount of followers is one step towards an overall larger goal in growing. Is it, “Reach 1,000 followers by the end of the quarter, “ or “Reach 10,000?”

You might have come across an article like this because you are close to giving up hope on this platform “because it is just not working out.” We have all been there, but at the end of the day, it is sometimes as simple as asking, “Why am I here again?”

Grab a fat expo marker (chiseled tip) and write on the closest blank space on your wall: “My goal is to _____,” or “I am on TikTok because _____.” Let this be your north star and come back to it when feeling doubtful.

Can you pay for TikTok followers? (Is there an easy way out?)

If you search Google for: “Buy TikTok Followers,” it will return a multitude of websites willing to take your hard-earned money in exchange for TikTok followers. Heck, you can even buy TikTok accounts with followers in a certain niche, just to get a step ahead on that front.

If you decide to buy TikTok followers from one of the unreputable sources, be prepared for them to not work in your favor. Purchased followers will not comment, share, like, view, or interact with your content at all, which raises a red flag for TikTok’s algorithm. The app will see that you have a high follower count, but no engagement, therefore rating your content as low-quality. On the other hand, those same companies are betting that you will continue to buy followers from them again out of frustration or hopes that suddenly those followers will also engage with you.

If you are not getting real engagement from your videos, then this is not going to help you in the long run. You will not learn who is actually engaging with your content, will not see real impressions, and therefore won’t go. If you want to grow your brand or following, it would be best to stick to the rules and do it the right way.

Here are the best strategies for growing your TikTok followers organically:

Building a following base is overwhelming if you do not have a plan in place. Luckily, we will review tactics that will help you gain organic TikTok followers, such as: posting consistently, engaging with the community, using hashtags effectively, and implementing paid promotion strategies.

Post Consistently

The best way to gain traction with any skill or practice is through iteration. The name of the game on TikTok is consistency and learning through iteration. When posting consistently, you can learn which videos worked, flopped, had the most impressions, watch time, CTR, and so on. 

From time to time, it can get overwhelming trying to maintain a pace of consistency and posting daily, and NoGood has a solution for that: content buckets. Content buckets are brand pillars or values that represent your company that you can pick from when determining what type of content to make.

Content buckets are built on the value proposition from your brand that helps you stand out from your competition. If you are a Wedding Photographer, the value proposition might be that you have a specific aesthetic that others do not. 

Content buckets highlighting a wedding photographer’s aesthetic (value prop):

  • Before and after editing photos (showcasing that specific style)
  • Photoshoot behind the scenes (showcase what a photoshoot would look like with them and a client)
  • Educational content (advice, outfit guides, and industry advice)
  • Day in the life (behind the scenes of the photographers day)

Photoshoot Highlights: 

Educational Content: 


Replying to @timidusgecko all love!!!! 🫶🏼😅

♬ original sound – Emma | Wedding Photographer

The options are there, but often not well defined for the brand or account. Take a few minutes to jot down some ideas about your brand or product and work from there. 

Going back to consistency, you are able to provide content for your page from these topics and measure back the performance to decide which content to post more of based on what your audience or the TikTok algorithm responds well to.

Engage with the TikTok Community (followers and other creators) through duets, stitches, comments, etc.

Engaging with the community can be a very beneficial way to organically grow your followers and increase visibility on the platform. There are multiple ways to do this, such as liking, commenting, and even reposting another account’s TikTok, taking advantage of the duet feature, which is a direct reply to the original TikTok with your video, and even re-creating videos from other users or jumping on trends that make sense with your brand.

Find communities and accounts that inspire you, or who’s content that you want to replicate. Starting with the For You Page (FYP), content that the algorithm already shows to you could be a clear indicator of the content you already like or engage with. 

Search for keywords relating to your interests or brand, and filter your results by the time posted either being this year or up to this week. Accounts or videos that you find based off these searches are actively being consumed and engaged with on the platform already, and you can see what is already working.

Sometimes, it can be easy to just focus on producing the content, which is fine, but actually talking to the community and commenting back is valuable, showing there is an actual entity behind the videos. It gives your profile visibility and is great for strategic alignment with content being posted When posting a video, especially if it pops off/goes viral, replying back to comments or questions are a great way to get to know the pulse of your community. Remember that your comments should have value and drive trust when engaging with relevant accounts or other creators.

Sometimes, there are even opportunities to reply to comments with TikTok videos as well, sparking engagement, questions, and an expected follow-up to a question that other users will seek out on your profile or comment section to watch, thus gaining even more engagement followers.

Dueting with existing TikToks, whether it be a dance, answering their question, or trying your version of their video, it can be a fun way for the audience to connect the dots with you and another account, and might even gain you followers from that creator you dueted with if your video is in a similar vein or genre. Duets are the same as regular TikToks and will show up on the For You Page to those that are already following the creator dueted, or relating to the topic, and getting more eyes on your video/profile. 

@smmaehara #duet with @ludwig  LUDDY TAKEOVER #luddy ♬ Just Wanna Rock – Lil Uzi Vert

Using Hashtags

This may be obvious advice, but use hashtags to slot your videos into niches, or hashtags, that will be shown to people interested in that hashtag organically or through search. Depending on the content of the video, use hashtags to describe it and allow people to quickly find it.

Start off with the most popular hashtags that are trending at the time (TikTok will show you the statistics of how many people are using it), then follow with more niche hashtags that will make your video stand out.

For example, re-creating the dance trend of people dancing to Wednesday Addams from Netflix’s Wednesday, you would tag:

#Wednesday, #WednesdayAddams #Netflix #AddamsFamily #WednesdayDance,…and so on.

Optimize your hashtags by testing them on different videos to see which of them perform better to determine top-performing sets.

Also, a good way of finding relevant hashtags is by searching them on TikTok and sorting through the hashtags results it gives you. It will show how many views each individual hashtag has, so you can decide to stick with hashtags you are currently using or switch it up and try some new ones. 

Hop on a trend (If it makes sense)

Trending topics, videos, and audio are the heart of TikTok virality and discoverability. Talking about popular topics or events at the same time they are happening helps you contribute to the conversation and will more likely net you with people looking at you and following for more of that content. If there is a popular Marvel movie releasing in theaters, it would make sense to make videos around that movie’s release because people are going to be searching for it at the same time. 

Re-creating or responding to popular videos that are created can net people watching or responding to your trying to do that trend. Back in October 2020, Nathan Apodaca created a viral video of him skateboarding downhill and drinking a bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice while the tune of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Ocean spray quickly took advantage of the free press, and leaned into the virality of this video, recognizing Apodaca’s video and promoting it themselves. Meanwhile, thousands of TikTok users quickly rushed to the store to buy that same cranberry juice to either re-create that video or just enjoy the moment that was happening.

The audio of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” was trending along with that video format, so anyone creating a video with that song or video format was most likely to get eyes on their videos being posted.

Using trending sounds and hopping on existing trends on TikTok helps with visibility and organic reach on the platform. Using a sound that many people are already familiar with and engaging with on their For You Page will net you with more eyes than usual because of the TikTok algorithm pushing it to them.

Remember to try not to get lost in just doing a trend or using a sound just for pure reachability. Viewers can detect authenticity behind a video a mile away. If you are unsure if it works or not, try turning the volume down, so that it is not leading your content.

Paying attention to trending topics or pop culture, or popular videos and audio can net great results on your videos, and lead to more followers. 

Promote Existing TikToks with Spark Ads

A very unique feature that TikTok has is the ability to “spark” existing videos from your page, and show them to more people with real-world dollars. The allure of this is that you are probably going to spark an existing video that did well with impressions, views, likes, you decide it, and TikTok will help push that video to more of those people, driving them to your page.

The cool part about this is that you are already able to gauge the likelihood of the performance of these videos based on the included metrics baked into the app. If this existing video was doing well, perhaps it was promoting a product that you are offering, or it showcases your brand in a positive light, then it would probably be smart to spark it, and send it out to more people, getting more eyes on your page, and then more followers.

At the end of the day, what’s the quickest way to get more followers?

Ultimately, there is no “hack” to getting more followers overnight or by paying someone else to do it. With even the largest brands, growing a following and a user-base is trial and error, and is dependent on what is working for you.

Posting consistently, engaging with the platform through trends or activity, using hashtags, or throwing your real world money to TikTok, instead of a phony organization/company selling you false promises, and only a few ways of trying to understand the platform and growing followers.

Let us know what tactics are working for your page, and follow NoGood for more TikTok and Marketing advice!


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