19 Social Media Marketing Courses and Classes in 2022

19 Social Media Marketing Courses and Classes in 2022

Success in social media is a science, and these classes can help you go from student to social media scientist.

Aug 19, 2022

In our personal lives, we have access to and use some form of social media every day. We are all acquainted with it. This indicates that social media is helpful for marketing since all potential advocates live there and wait for new brands to enter their purchase baskets. However, this does not imply that everyone who utilizes social media is adept at marketing. And that is why we are writing this blog, finding you ways to be able to become a marketer instead of just a user.

Since ten years ago, we’ve gone a long way when many brands used interns to create posts. The field of social media marketing is so crucial and in demand, and it calls for a high level of ability.

Almost everyone (including those with experience) would profit more from social media marketing training through a more formal education course, even though some employees can gain that skill set through in-office training. Whether you’re considering investing in education for yourself or a team member, social media marketing training has invaluable advantages.

Advantages of getting more training in social media

  1. Learn social media marketing and your options for paid advertising
  2. Get the latest trends and information about paid ads
  3. Leverage the state-of-the-art latest technologies and social media features
  4. Learn how actually to implement ads and create strategies to meet your brand’s objectives
  5. Measure results and KPIs
  6. If you don’t like your results, learn how to optimize them and
  7. Make sure you get your ROI and get to your fullest potential

Let’s not lose time and find ways to become a pro, primarily for FREE but also relatively cheap.

  1. Social Media Training For Beginners (Free)
  2. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Free)
  3. Social Ads 101 (Free)
  4. The Strategy on Content Marketing (Free)
  5. What is Social? (Free)
  6. Content, Advertising & Social IMC
  7. Social Media Analytics Course (Free)
  8. Sensing Consumers Insights Queen Mary (Free)
  9. Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate (Free)
  10. Meta Social Media Marketing (Free)
  11. Social Media Marketing Certification (Free)
  12. Build Your Personal Brand and Sell Your Expertise Using Social Media (Free)
  13. Social Media Monitoring (Free)
  14. Acadium Digital Marketing Course (Free)
  15. Social Media Marketing Specialization (Free)
  16. Social Media Marketing Trends (Paid)
  17. Social Media 101 Training (Paid)
  18. Social Media Community Management NYU (Paid)
  19. Social Media Marketing Masterclass (Paid)

Let’s look closer

Social Media Training For Beginners

Beginners and those who are unfamiliar with the field of social media marketing will find Constant Contact to be a valuable instructional tool. Every central social media platform has detailed instructions on how to set up and manage your presence. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google My Business, YouTube, and Snapchat are all included in this.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

More than 300,000 people have enrolled in Google’s social media certification program, where digital marketing courses in social media are offered, including mobile marketing, SEO, and web optimization. The courses discuss paid and organic search and show you how to create landing pages that are search engine friendly. It sounds like learning how to optimize pages for search on a well-known search engine would be beneficial to both parties. Upon course completion, you will receive a digital certificate that you can upload to your LinkedIn profile and résumé.

Social Ads 101

WordStream provides the instructional materials required to understand social media advertising thoroughly. This includes social media advertisements on numerous websites, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. Additionally, there is knowledge on the benefits of social media advertising, how to do it, and the best practices to follow. Finally, you’ll learn about social media ad metrics and social shopping so that you may target your audience when and where they’re ready to make a purchase and track and assess your success.

The Strategy for Content Marketing

Learn how to design a content marketing strategy and gain knowledge of the ecosystem surrounding that plan in this online course from the University of California, Davis. Additionally, plenty of time will be devoted to writing and framing strategies. This course will walk you through the many forms of content marketing and how social media marketing depends on them. There is five-week content, including movies, exercises, readings, and quizzes.

What is Social?

This is a Coursera course from Northwestern University that serves as an introduction to social media marketing. Randy Hlavac, a professor at Northwestern University and the chief executive officer of Marketing Synergy, Inc., is the course’s lecturer.

Various films, readings, tasks, and quizzes are used in the course. Although the period lasts nine hours, they advise taking three to four weeks to finish it. You receive a certificate after finishing all course modules, which you may display on your CV or post on LinkedIn.

Content, Advertising & Social IMC

Would you like your article to go viral? Who wouldn’t? Creating content that stands out in our increasingly oversaturated environment requires a careful, coordinated strategy. The “Content, Advertising & Social IMC” course, the fourth in the Social Marketing Specialization, will teach you how marketers manage the media landscape today. You will discover why creating exciting content for your audience is crucial for successful social marketing. The paid/owned/earned media conundrum will be solved by a panel of experts, who will then replace it with an integrated who/what/where strategy that uses platform-specific messaging to increase your market share.

Social Media Analytics Course

The fundamentals of social media analytics will be covered in this course for both newcomers and seasoned marketers looking to brush up. This free course will introduce the basics of social media analytics to all newbies. It intends to assist anyone working in social media analytics, whether employed by a company, an agency, or the media.

Sensing Consumers Insights Queen Mary

In this course, you will concentrate on using marketing analytics to assess the efficacy of a digital marketing plan. By the end of the course, you will have gained knowledge of important subjects like crisis management, product lifecycle, owned and earned social media, web analytics, social media landscape analysis, and return on investment (ROI). As you progress through the course, you will be asked to consider how certain subjects apply to a particular business or brand. You will be required to evaluate how well the company has used these concepts and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. In the final course assignment, you will have the chance to put your knowledge to use by evaluating the efficacy of a company’s digital marketing plan.

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate

You will learn how to use products and platforms like Canva, Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, and Twitter while gaining in-demand skills that prepare you for an entry-level career. You will receive instruction from Google subject-matter experts and the option to create your portfolio of work, which you can display to prospective employers, including consumer personas and social media calendars. Within six months, 75% of Google Career Certificate graduates in the US say their careers have improved.

Meta Social Media Marketing

Whether you’ve been experimenting with social media platforms for your company already or are brand new to the world of digital marketing this course will add to your marketing knowledge. This six-course program, created by Aptly’s digital marketing professionals and Meta Marketers, offers a curriculum relevant to the industry and is meant to prepare you for an entry-level position in social media marketing. You’ll learn how to write posts, establish an online presence, grow a following, and maintain your social media accounts after receiving an introduction to digital marketing and the leading social media platforms. You’ll get knowledge of how to design and manage social media advertising campaigns, as well as how to assess the success of your marketing initiatives.

Social Media Marketing Certification

Social media’s impact on modern enterprises is a reality we must be conscious of. Small or big businesses should view social media as a potent instrument to help them spread the promotional message and raise brand awareness, not just as a form of entertainment and a hip location to discover information. You will discover what social media marketing is through this course and the most effective social media platforms. You will learn about the most famous social networking sites, their features and opportunities, and whether you should and could utilize them to promote your business. There are so many social networks, but only being sure of them will benefit your organization.

Build Your Personal Brand and Sell Your Expertise Using Social Media

This personal branding training will assist you in creating a distinctive online character and a robust online presence. Influencers can benefit the most from this, but all marketers can also gain from it. The course is divided into four sections, all videos, making it easy to understand the ideas. A 21-page manual on personal branding is also included in the course materials which can be very helpful.

Social Media Monitoring

Learn how to use free social media monitoring tools and services to monitor Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Craigslist, blogs, forums, and news sources. Discover internet influencers and undertake content curation using social media technologies. You’ll even witness a live demonstration of Radian6 and learn how the teacher determined the return on investment of Obama’s Cairo speech using this premium service. Start engaging your supporters and customers in highly relevant, customer-focused dialogues by enrolling in this online social media marketing course.

Acadium Digital Marketing Course

There are several classes in the Digital Marketing Course that you can study before, after, or during your apprenticeship as Acadium is an apprenticeship and mentorship program. The courses include various digital marketing topics, such as paid advertising, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Specialization

This Specialization, established in 2014, is updated every three months to guarantee you are getting the most recent instruction. There are two goals that the Social Media Marketing Specialization aims to accomplish. It provides you with the training you need to become a social media influencer and social analytics tools. Additionally, the training equips you with the information and tools you need to develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, from consumer insights to final rationalization measures. You will also get unique toolkits with up-to-date material in each course, and when you pay for the Capstone, you get a market planning toolkit.

Because social media is constantly changing, businesses must modify their marketing plans to reach audiences more successfully. Discover which current social media marketing trends are significant and how to apply them to boost engagement and revenue at your company. The key trends that should be adopted are highlighted in this series, including the growth of influencer marketing, dynamic commercials, social shopping, and how firms could support critical social causes. Brian Honigman, a social media marketing expert, also examines trends on video-sharing websites like YouTube and TikTok and augmented reality elements on social media. Each tip enables you to comprehend the most recent social media advancements and maximize your marketing initiatives’ impact.

Social Media 101 Training

Boot Camp’s Digital Marketing 101 Digital is a powerful, video-based program that takes you deep inside the fundamentals of leveraging digital marketing and social media. This program is beginner-level and takes six hours to complete. Some of Boot Camp’s clients include Nike, NASA, GE, and Georgia-Pacific. Once a user purchases a subscription, they get unlimited access to the site. It offers a blueprint for digital marketing, data on ROI, benchmarking, and a free course on digital tools as a bonus.

Social Media Community Management NYU

The most noticeable aspect of social media involvement is social media community management. Monitoring interactions across channels, speaking out for the community, and adopting content and strategy across platforms are all part of community management. This course created by one of the most renowned organizations called NYU will provide you with an understanding of how community management functions and how it differs from using social media. Discover the most acceptable methods for keeping up a robust social media presence.

Social Media Marketing Masterclass

This course teaches you how to master social media marketing, blogging, copywriting, email marketing, local search engine optimization, SEO, YouTube marketing, video production, vlogging, and Instagram photography. They will also demonstrate how to take a profile picture for your social media profile using just an iPhone or Smartphone. You will discover what strategies for online digital marketing are effective and ineffective and where to focus your time and energy. You will comprehend the psychology of the buying process and how to apply it to your content development, social media marketing, and sales process. You will also learn how to use social media marketing to generate visitors and develop engaging content for your website.

To Sum Everything Up

These are some of the best free and paid social media marketing courses you can enroll in to improve your skills or learn new ones. If you are new to this and want to build your social media presence from scratch, you should try a few of these courses.

Pick the ones that intrigue you the most and give them a try. If you don’t like the materials or approach, you can always switch to a more interactive course, as most of them are free. Enjoy learning!

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