15 Best New Software to Boost B2B Sales

15 Best New Software to Boost B2B Sales

Sales are the engine of a business, they are a crucial part of a company’s formula for success. Despite the fact that every marketer and business owner puts in a...

Sales are the engine of a business, they are a crucial part of a company’s formula for success. Despite the fact that every marketer and business owner puts in a lot of work to increase sales, it is natural to need a helping hand to boost B2B sales. However, with today’s technology, we are often faced with the dilemma of which tool is right for the job, as there seems to be new software and platforms with really compelling features every day. Here at NoGood, we have taken it upon ourselves to research and really find out what software works best to increase your B2B sales.

 We differentiated promising software that could excel by considering the new capabilities of AI for analyzing and automating tasks, creating workflows that are intuitive and really work and software that can create visualizations that attract the best partners or customers.

In this post, you will find those new tools you have not heard about and should use in 2021. 

List of Best New Software to Boost B2B Sales: 

  1. Freshworks
  2. Pipedrive
  3. Pandadoc
  4. Insightsquared
  5. Gong
  6. Crayon
  7. Autopilot
  8. Qwilr
  9. Xero
  10. Crossbeam
  11. Profitwell
  12. Mailshake
  13. Ambition
  14. Influitive
  15. Pipeliner


Description: Freshworks is a company that offers a plethora of products and services aimed at businesses that care about their customers, but here we’ll focus on one of their newest pieces of software, the Freshworks CRM. This new AI-driven customer relationship management (CRM) platform will forever change the way you handle customer interactions, as it has combined the power of sales and marketing automation with phone and chat solutions in one place. This platform provides everything sales and marketing need to attract, retain and nurture relationships with customers to truly build a loyal customer for life. This software is innovative and definitely worth a try.

Type of Software:  CRM

Cost: $69 / Month


Description: Pipedrive is a sales-focused customer relationship management platform that helps you drive revenue with its easy-to-use tools and intuitive interface. Pipedrive has a running record of closing an average of 28% more business from all new users and has a quick setup that gets you up and running in minutes. Best of all, Pipedrive is more than just a fancy spreadsheet, as it also offers to-do lists where you can check off when you’ve contacted your leads and move them down the funnel once the deal has closed. Pipedrive helps you spend your time on what matters and leaving the data work to the experts.

Type of Software: CRM

Cost: $50 / month


Description: PandaDoc is the new way to manage your documents online. With this amazing online software, you will be able to create fancy documents in seconds with a number of pre-existing templates, all of which can be edited to your liking, and signature requests in an intuitive format. PandaDoc aims to make your document workflow a breeze, and it offers more than just e-signatures, but also proposals, estimates, contracts, and forms. Finally, you can also track the status of documents so that you are notified as soon as the document is ready. This software makes organizing documents a trivial task.

Type of Software: Document Automation

Cost: $50 / month

4.Insight squared

Description: Insight Squared is one of the best platforms to use right now, and that’s because of its amazing AI forecasting features that let you harness the power of data analytics. This new software enables their user to free yourself from inconsistent CRM data and flawed spreadsheets. With this amazing tool,  your team can make forecasts automatically and efficiently, and validate them by matching human input with machine learning. Having Insight Squared under your power, you will be able to maximize your chances of achieving your goals while minimizing risk and capitalizing on opportunity.

Type of Software: Revenue Intelligence

Cost:  N/A


Description: Gong is a fresh software that offers a new way to increase sales by focusing on real customer data and insights instead of biased ideas. Through their CRM, Gong can gather insights from all customer interactions, including phone calls and emails, from which it can automate the collection of insights to provide fast and reliable conclusions. Revenue Intelligence allows your team to test their own ideas and fully open the space for the scientific method to lead to the highest possible ROI.

Type of Software: Revenue Intelligence

Cost: N/A


crayon boost b2b sales

Description: Crayon software is the complete opposite of a child’s toy, as it is designed to gain a competitive advantage by tracking the digital footprint of competitors and allows all users to strike at the first available opportunity. All internal and external insights can be captured to use to your advantage, so no opportunity will be left behind. Crayon’s software automation can also collect data online, with over 300 million sources, so you won’t have to worry about finding good data and hence have more time for contacting more potential partners or clients. Combining automated information collection with your team’s research and knowledge on a centralized platform for collaboration and analysis will incredibly boost your knowledge in the field, increase your advantage to a whole new level. Finally, Crayon will allow you to identify trends weekly to stay at the forefront of hot topics, so you can be ready for what’s next.

Type of Software: Market intelligence

Cost: N/A


boost b2b sales autopilot

Description: This next software platform wants you to flip the switch ON for success, as its fresh new tools will help you take your sales to new heights. Autopilot has just undergone a major overhaul, adding many, many tools and automated processes that will take your marketing game to the next level. Some of the most notable features include a customer data platform, targeted advertising, and sales attribution. Autopilot AI is also a very exciting tool in this environment, as it uses AI to suggest subject lines that will drive email open rates higher, along with sentiment analysis for each email, and timed emails that will help you convert. Finally, Autopilot has once again opened its doors to all marketers as it now has a free version for all those startups that need the help. Having all these marketing automation tools will definitely help you and your team focus on B2B sales. 

Type of Software: Marketing Automation 

Cost: $ 99 / month


boost b2b sales qwilr

Description: Qwilr is the new way to create interactive documents that catch the eye and leave your customers wanting more. Quotes don’t have to be boring documents with legalese, it can all be designed in a beautiful way that is entertaining and sets you apart from the competition when closing a deal. Business partners can now review, accept, electronically sign and pay for deals all in one document – it’s as simple as click, sign, and go. This amazing software also has integration with your favorite CRMs, which means your workflow is as smooth as ever and the tiring work is done by the machines.

Type of Software: Proposal

Cost: $75 / Month


Description: The next software is used for one of the most important foundations of any business: finances. Xero is a new way to do your accounting, as it offers software that can tackle all major finance operations for your business. With this fresh software, you have all the financial activities you need to do, like paying bills, claiming expenses, and making your payroll, in one place. Xero allows your accountants and bookkeepers to have a clean and organized system, so you never have to worry about keeping track of their work. Xero tackles a base problem, so if your base is good, so will your turnover, as well as efficiency in all other aspects of your business.

Type of Software: Accounting

Cost: $32 / Month

10.Cross Beam

 boost b2b sales crossbeam

Description: This new software provides quick account mapping for all your partners, making collaboration with others a hassle-free task. CrossBeam also has a free version that offers comprehensive tools like instant account mapping, instant CSV upload, quick setup, and automatic CRM update. Additionally, you can build your tech partner ecosystem with Crossbeam, as the software will enable you to scale the business, increase revenue, and measure success. You can also use Crossbeam to find out how large your partners’ total addressable market is, collaborate with them on common customers and prospects, and measure the impact of your collaboration on revenue and product adoption over time. 

Type of Software: Account Mapping

Cost: N/A


Description: Profitwell is on a mission to have B2B subscription strategies that work and promises to deliver accurate reports with smart growth. With this new software, you can create comprehensive reports and analytics that help you identify the areas where you excel and those that need improvement. This software includes revenue reports, detailed unit profitability calculations, retention and user segmentation, and engagement and active usage. The free tools let you know how growth issues are affecting your business, and best of all, they help you fix them. Pricing for all paid products is aligned with your results to ensure you get the best value.

Type of Software: Revenue ops software

Cost: N/A


mailshake boost b2b sales

Description: Mailshake is the software you want to revolutionize the way you contact potential customers. By automating outreach via email, social media, and phone, you can turn previously unresponsive prospects into promising leads. With this great software, your team can reach more prospects and test which outreach emails actually work, as this program offers AB testing. Mailshake is amazing at tracking the step your prospect is in and can integrate with all your favorite CRMS and tools, which means it can exist in the tech ecosystem. No more cold emails or awkward conversations, do it right with Mailshake. 

Type of Software: Sales Acceleration

Cost: $59 / Month


Description: Boosting B2B sales is no easy feat, and it all starts with the basics: your sales team. Ambition is the right software to use when your team needs the right kind of motivation, providing coaching and incentives to get your team to perform. With sales coaching and performance insights in one platform, your team can clearly see where they excel and where they could improve, all gamified with points and ranks to make it feel like a competition they want to win. With real-time analytics, Ambition can track activity, goals, and sales achievement so employees and managers can receive valuable coaching and encouragement.

Type of Software: Sales Gamification

Cost: N/A


Description: Influitive wants to turn your customers into your most loyal followers. Using content tagging, gamification, engagement, and rewards, this software has become a top platform to mobilize customers and turn them into advocates. Influitive also allows your partners to create new, engaging experiences by offering testimonials and reviews that will draw more attention to your business. In addition, Influtive’s customer marketing platform allows you to proactively discover, nurture and mobilize your customers. Having this software will aid in increasing your B2B sales by targeting the right audience and preparing your sales team to give their best pitch every time.

Type of Software: Sales Gamification

Cost: N/A


Description: Pipeliner has a vast number of products that will boost your sales to unprecedented levels. This software guarantees rapid deployment and their non-technical interface eliminate the need for developers or data scientists on your team. Pipeliner also integrates with a wide range of data sources and provides an app that has AI capabilities, so you can get your data analysis on the go. Their CRM points to key features that prove their efficiency and productivity, and another awesome no-code tool is the Atomize which with its workflow automation engine, it makes manual data work a thing of the past. Finally, their Voyager AI will enable your team to make all the tough decisions easier by providing an extra hand to make good data-driven decisions.

Type of Software: CRM

Cost: $85 / Month

So there you have it, these tools will definitely help you boost your B2B sales.

If you want to look at more tools that can help you and your marketing team, make sure to check out this post on the best marketing attribution tools.

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Eric is a Data Science Intern with academic experience in machine learning algorithms, data cleaning and wrangling, and business analytics. In December, he finished his undergraduate program in Data Science at UC Berkeley and is exploring his options for a Master's degree in Machine Learning. As a newcomer to marketing, Eric has been building his domain knowledge through research and mentoring, to bring valuable insights that can make an impact. During his free time, you can find him at the gym or perhaps playing soccer at the park.


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