15 Best Marketing Dashboard Software in 2021

15 Best Marketing Dashboard Software in 2021

With the datafication of all consumer behavior in the digital space, obtaining information is now an effortless task, yet the challenge is finding the applicability of the data. In the...

With the datafication of all consumer behavior in the digital space, obtaining information is now an effortless task, yet the challenge is finding the applicability of the data. In the marketing realm, you can start your data analytics journey by looking at preferred key performance metrics (KPIs), but this can often prove difficult if you’re not equipped with the right environment for the full data analytics lifecycle. Marketers need advanced tools that provide access to all the KPIs that determine success, along with the proper setting to create visualizations that communicate key insights from analytics – this is where marketing dashboard software comes in. However, not all marketing dashboards fit the same shoe, as these platforms differ in how they provide services such as data visualizations, KPI analytics, and access to real-time data. For this reason, marketers need to evaluate with a critical eye which software fits their needs best and helps maximize their ROI.

Marketing dashboard software can not only add value by keeping track of the metrics you need, but it can also present intuitive information that can uncover new valuable insights you have had in the back of your mind all along. Therefore, with reports from dashboards, you can put your previously formulated hypothesis to the test, as they offer concrete evidence that either supports or refutes your original proposition. In addition, you may have an initial idea of what type of data points you need before setting up an analysis, but metric summaries and new technologies like automated marketing analytics in marketing dashboards can present compelling discoveries. Also, a good marketing dashboard will always give you a complete picture of your customers, information that leads to smart decisions, and ultimately lead to success.

Finally, creating understandable data visualizations has never been more important as we work with a generation of predominantly visual learners. Hence, the ability to craft convincing and intuitive communication is crucial —  and dashboard software makes it easier to deliver key data points in a visually compelling way. Sometimes we just need to let the numbers do the talking, but presenting the data in an engaging way can make or break the story you convey to your customers.

As growth marketers, we know the value of data and how it can be the single driver of campaign success. We’re listing some of the best marketing dashboard software out there right now to help you and your team take a closer look at what each dashboard offers, how they differ from the competition and potentially help you find the one that best fits your needs.

Here are the best marketing dashboard software in 2021:

1. Datorama

Datorama is a marketing cloud and intelligence dashboard that focuses on offering connections across all the analytics needed for success in one platform. This dashboard also stands out for its dedication to speed by providing efficient automated reporting and merged reporting for optimization. Since being acquired by Salesforce in 2018, the main goal with this marketing dashboard software has been to offer cutting-edge technology for growth, and this goal is achieved with a harmonious ecosystem of data without much effort.

  • Best Features – Multiple User Access, ROI Tracking, Brand Optimization, Extensive API library, Predictive Analytics
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – $3,000+

marketing dashboard display of platform datorama


2. Klipfolio

Klipfolio is a marketing dashboard software that proposes to combine all the data collected from different services to create unique dashboards with all the insights you need in one place. Merging metrics helps find associations across tracking platforms and can lead to a better understanding of a campaign. This software also offers the personalization of dashboards through space for logos and specific color schemes. Finally, Klipfolio offers easy report sharing to ensure clear communication within teams and with clients.

  • Best Features –Automodeling, Real-Time Updating,  UI/UX, Workflow, Data Modeling
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – $49 – $399

marketing dashboard display of platform klipfolio

3. Whatagraph

This dashboard is designed for marketing professionals looking for a smooth integration of easy-to-use monitoring tools. Whatagraph offers cross-channel reporting that can consolidate data from multiple accounts, campaigns, and channels. Processing data from all marketing platforms can also be automated, all with guaranteed easy-to-read and interpret visualizations. Finally, customizable reporting is available with sample templates that can help in timely reporting.

  • Best Features – Real-time Updating, Custom dashboards, Automated reporting, Reports Interface, Email Reporting
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – $119 – $699

4. Tableau

Tableau is the dominant dashboard software in the market as it was one of the pioneers in creating clear and concise data visualizations, and manages data of all formats in one program. This business intelligence software enables users to achieve all their analytics goals while ensuring secure data management, creating the perfect environment for all data-driven decisions. Also, Tableau provides quick access to template dashboards with drag-and-drop visualizations, opening the doors for all non-technical users. However, it is a robust and powerful tool that can also be used for what-if reports, predictive analytics, and other advanced analytics.

  • Best Features – Workbook Formatting, Cross-Data Source Filtering, Data Highlighter, Live and In-Memory Data, Robust Security
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – $12 – $70



5. Cyfe

Cyfe is one of the most versatile business analytics frameworks for personalized dashboards with real-time data. This marketing dashboard differentiates itself by making it easy and fast to create custom dashboards with pre-built dashboard templates, pre-built widgets, and automated reports. It provides a space where data from all sources can be condensed into one source – be it social media, sales, marketing, or any area, Cyfe can have all the data in one place. Finally, this incredible dashboard software allows users from all parts of the world, as their reports can be easily translated into 5 different languages, which can be easily done in the settings.

  • Best Features – All-in-One, supports 15 languages, Social Media Reporting, Influencer Identification,  Historical Snapshots
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – $29 – $150+



6. Datapine

In a centralized analytics platform, datapine enables data-driven businesses to quickly track the most relevant metrics for optimal performance. This marketing dashboard software enables non-technical users to perform sophisticated analysis, gain actionable insights, and quickly create compelling dashboards. Moreover, datapine is packed with useful business intelligence tools like predictive analytics and AI-based data alerts that enable its users to be at the forefront of technological advancements in marketing analytics.

  • Best Features –  Intuitive Analytics
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price –  $250

marketing dashboard display of platform datapine


7. GoodData

This marketing analytics dashboard advertises itself as an easy-to-use, yet powerful and tool-rich platform. GoodData is fully integrated, which means it can handle the entire data analytics pipeline while providing security and optimization. With easy-to-create custom reports and fully integrable dashboards for any device or app, GoodData efficiently meets the needs of its users. Moreover, this business intelligence software is optimized for scalability, which means that large amounts of data can be easily shared with multiple users at a reasonable cost.

  • Best Features – Developer Friendly, UI/UX, Data Discovery, Integration APIs, Data Querying
  • White-Label Options: Yes * (domain only)
  • Price –  Free – $20+

marketing dashboard display of platform gooddata

8. AgencyAnalytics

AgencyAnalytics is the all-in-one solution for agencies that need all of their most important KPIs in one easy-to-manage program. With automated reports and customizable dashboards, this analytics software can stay in the running with other powerful platforms but differentiates itself by providing a fully customizable platform where all of your logos, color schemes, and even a personalized domain can be implemented to further promote brand identity. This dashboard software was also created to be used by agencies, hence the name, and stands out by providing some of the best tools for SEO, PPC, and call tracking.

  • Best Features – Fully Branded Platform, Keyword Suggestions, SERP Rank Tracking, Backlink Monitoring, SEO Competitor Analysis
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – $49 – $399

marketing dashboard display of platform agencyanalytics


9. Databox

This marketing dashboard software aims to make forecasting an easy task by providing consolidation of all metrics from all sources in one place. Customizing a dashboard is also a simple task, as they offer a useful drag-and-drop option without requiring a high level of technical or design knowledge. Finally, Databox offers alerts with recommendations that show insights that can lead to improved performance. Databox is truly a reliable product as it is used by more than 10K companies for their analytics.

  • Best Features – All real-time data in one place, Consolidation of Data Sources, Score Cards, Email Reporting,  Graphing and Charts
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – $0 – $248

marketing dashboard display of platform databox

10. Grow

Grow was built with the intent of their early-stage company name: Grow. This simple, yet effective platform offers full-stack business solutions at an affordable price to ensure accessibility for all businesses looking to disrupt the market. This marketing analytics software guarantees data integration from all sources to run all key metrics in one program. Moreover, all ETL, data warehousing, and visualization product features are offered with the idea of ensuring data-driven decisions from all insights in each of these processes.

  • Best Features – Focus on Growth, Collaboration, Advanced-Data Visualizations, Data Transformation, Global Data Set Search
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – $1,000 – $3,000



11. Zoho Analytics

This advanced business intelligence platform is built so that you can use the service yourself, giving you the ability to perform sophisticated analysis without an extensive technical background. Zoho delivers on this promise with its simple drag-and-drop dashboard designers, along with Zia – a smart assistant that responds to written text with the metrics and reports you want. In addition, Zoho Analytics now enables analytics on the go with their new mobile apps designed for both IOS and Android, giving users the flexibility to complete their analytics anytime, anywhere.

  • Best Features – Data Column Filtering, Intuitive Report Interface, KPIs tracking, Data Discovery, Big Data Services
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price –  $24 – $455

marketing dashboard display of platform zoho


12. Swydo

Swydo offers software that handles everything around reporting, monitoring, and workflow. This marketing dashboard saves time and money for online marketers through its comprehensive report generation and advanced client reporting scaling features. Lastly, it offers optimization suggestions through its effective monitoring and alerting to ensure top performance of all KPIs.

  • Best Features – Custom language, domain name, and integration
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – $75 – $140+


13. Domo

Domo is an advanced dashboard software that allows users to have privileges for automated tasks that can manage data pipelines and insights, along with modern data science applications. This advanced business intelligence program ensures secure aggregation of data on its platform, provides basic to complex data analytics to enable data-driven decisions to all members of the organization, and efficiently delivers reports to customers through its apps.

  • Best Features – Predictive Analytics, Big Data Services, New Insight Suggestions, UI/UX, Minimal Steps for Answers.
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – *Pricing varies by company* 



14. Looker

Looker is establishing itself as the new and clever take on business intelligence. Combined with Google Analytics, Looker is designed to handle all tasks for modern BI and data analytics, integrated insights, data-driven workflows, and overall customer understanding. Finally, Looker continues to lead the way by providing compatibility with other platforms such as Slack, Google Suite, and Data Dictionary, to name a few. 

  • Best Features –  Superior Ecosystem, Advanced Data Visualizations, Predictive Analytics, Data Modeling, Integration APIs
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – *Pricing varies by company* 

marketing dashboard display of platform looker


15. Sisense

This leading cloud analytics platform goes beyond business intelligence as it embeds its analytics into all workflows and uses machine learning to provide dynamic insights. The platform is suitable for all skill levels as it provides room for no-code to code-first workflows. Moreover, Sisense has automated processes and customizable experiences that can be adapted for all occasions. 

  • Best Features – Artificial Intelligence-powered analytics, Data Column Filtering, UI, Score Cards, Data Governance
  • White-Label Options: Yes
  • Price – *Pricing varies by company* 


As you can see, there are many options for marketing dashboards that range from simple to complex, all vary in providing specific services, but all have great features to consider. We highly recommend that you and your team try out a variety of marketing dashboard software apps via their demo options. This way, you can personally observe what works best for your team’s needs. When choosing a dashboard, remember to carefully consider all the key components, such as data integration and compatibility with data from external sources, pricing, automation features, types of data reports available, and finally, the skills required to use it.

There are numerous options for dashboard software, not all of which we may have mentioned in this case. If you have any recommendations, or if you would like to share an important dashboard software that your team runs and loves, let us know in the comments below!

Eric Verduzco
Eric is a Data Science Intern with academic experience in machine learning algorithms, data cleaning and wrangling, and business analytics. In December, he finished his undergraduate program in Data Science at UC Berkeley and is exploring his options for a Master's degree in Machine Learning. As a newcomer to marketing, Eric has been building his domain knowledge through research and mentoring, to bring valuable insights that can make an impact. During his free time, you can find him at the gym or perhaps playing soccer at the park.


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