Top Web3 and Crypto Marketing Agencies in 2024

Top Web3 and Crypto Marketing Agencies in 2024

Web3 is an incredible opportunity for ventures to grow and establish dominance. Here’s a list of the best web3 and crypto marketing agencies to partner with.

Oct 5, 2022

Web3 transformed the internet by introducing a new middleman-free digital economy. From token-based economies to blockchain technologies, web3 is unique in its focus on community and interactivity, hence driving the existing shift towards community-led growth. Traditional marketing strategies from web 1.0 and web 2.0 are now obsolete, as web3 has completely redefined how brands and businesses think about the role of community in marketing.

Whether it’s by building niche communities or plugging into existing ones, marketing in the age of web3 is and should be defined by a heightened focus on leveraging community in a new decentralized internet landscape. This is where web3 marketing agencies come into the picture.

Here is our vetted list of the best web3 and crypto marketing agencies in the game:

  1. NoGood
  2. Coinbound
  3. Rehab
  4. Tenten
  5. Serotonin
  6. Bemeir
  7. X10
  8. Noir
  9. Lambo
  10. Moonblocks
  11. Eterstain

What is a Web3 marketing agency?

A web3 marketing agency specializes in helping brands grow in the crypto and blockchain industries. These agencies typically encompass a suite of services that focus on the digital promotion of blockchain technologies and crypto-based products and services, driven by experts with specific niche experience in the metaverse, NFT, and crypto spaces. These services might include everything from token distribution strategy to crypto community marketing, blockchain marketing and search engine optimization.

What does a crypto marketing agency do?

A crypto marketing agency also specializes in promoting and marketing businesses, projects, and brands within the cryptocurrency industry. These agencies play a crucial role in helping crypto businesses achieve their marketing goals and gain visibility in the highly competitive crypto landscape. While there is some overlap between crypto marketing agencies and Web3 marketing agencies, there are also subtle differences in their areas of focus.

Key responsibilities of a crypto marketing agency

  1. Crypto marketing strategy: Crypto marketing agencies develop comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to the specific needs and goals of their clients. These strategies encompass various aspects, including market research, target audience identification, and competitive analysis.
  2. Crypto marketing services: They offer a wide range of services to crypto businesses, such as social media management, content creation, email marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. These services are designed to increase brand visibility and engagement.
  3. Blockchain communities: Crypto marketing agencies help build and nurture blockchain communities around their clients’ projects. This involves engaging with the crypto community, managing online forums and social media groups, and fostering a positive reputation within the crypto space.
  4. Crypto influencer marketing: They leverage influencers within the cryptocurrency industry to promote their clients’ projects. This can involve collaborating with prominent crypto YouTubers, bloggers, and social media influencers to reach a broader audience.
  5. Video marketing: The use of video content is prevalent in crypto marketing. Agencies create engaging video content to explain complex concepts, showcase product features, and share insights with the crypto audience.
  6. Advertising campaigns: Crypto marketing agencies design and execute advertising campaigns across various platforms, including social media, cryptocurrency-related websites, and industry-specific publications. These campaigns aim to drive traffic, conversions, and user engagement.
  7. Blockchain PR: Public relations play a crucial role in crypto marketing. Agencies manage media relations, press releases, and communication with crypto-focused news outlets to ensure positive coverage and maintain a strong online presence.
  8. Reputation management: In the highly competitive and often volatile crypto market, reputation management is vital. Crypto marketing agencies work to maintain and enhance their client’s online reputation, addressing concerns and mitigating negative feedback when necessary.
  9. Blockchain development collaboration: Some crypto marketing agencies work closely with blockchain development teams to ensure that marketing efforts align with the technical developments of the project. This close collaboration is crucial for conveying accurate information to the community.
  10. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): They constantly monitor and optimize marketing campaigns to improve conversion rates, whether it’s attracting new users to a cryptocurrency platform or increasing participation in an ICO.

While crypto marketing agencies primarily focus on the cryptocurrency industry, Web3 marketing agencies may have a broader scope that includes marketing projects built on decentralized technologies and blockchain platforms. The distinction lies in the specific area of expertise and focus, but both types of agencies share an unwavering commitment to helping their clients achieve their crypto business goals, navigate the competitive market, and build a strong brand presence within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors.

3 Reasons why Web3 brands should partner with a specialized marketing agency:

1. Expert guidance

The most important reason to partner with a web3 marketing agency as a growing brand in the crypto space is the ability to leverage the expert guidance of professionals that specialize in web3 strategies. Web 3.0 gives creators even more autonomy to participate in open protocols and decentralized community-run networks, and opens up the infrastructure of the internet to replace the centralized, corporate platforms that defined the web 2.0 age.

Due to the drastic differences between web 2.0 and web 3.0, having a partner that is able to provide expert guidance on the specific opportunities in the new web3 space is crucial for a brand’s continued growth and success.

2. Experience in niche industry

Having a solid foundation of experience within a niche industry is equally as important as having the expertise to execute certain web3 specialized strategies. Partnering with a web3 marketing agency means that the services and strategies that you receive as a brand are implicitly built upon data-backed learnings that come from historical experience in the industry. Experience is particularly important in niche industries such as blockchain and cryptocurrecy, as it is more important than ever for brands to have partnerships with agencies that are able to be on top of all the latest trends and updates in the web3 marketing space.

3. Access to specialized tools

On a more practical level, partnering with a web3 marketing agency also has the benefit of providing access to specialized tools specifically optimized for the NFT, crypto, and blockchain spaces. These are tools that would be backed by experience in the industry and verified by the experts that use them, hence providing the key ingredient for success in an increasingly competitive space.

How to choose the right Web3 marketing agency

Choosing the right web3 marketing agency is a lofty task; this is a choice that will likely determine the course of your brand’s growth trajectory in the web3 space. To help you make that decision, here are three main factors to consider when choosing your web3 marketing agency partner.


Specialization may seem like an obvious factor to consider when choosing a web3 agency, but it’s important to note that just because an agency offers web3 marketing services does not necessarily mean that they specialize in the industry. Look into the agency’s past and current clients as well as the information they present on their services page to determine whether or not they actually have the specialized expertise and experienced individuals to help you reach your growth goals.

Case studies

Evidence is everything. Choose a web3 agency with detailed case studies and results to show the work that they’ve done with other clients in the crypto and blockchain spaces. While every partnership always involves a level of risk, choose to minimize that risk and identify the partner that can help your brand achieve the highest level of success by looking at the growth stories that they have in their repertoire.

Pricing and fit

At the end of the day, choosing an agency partner is always also about pricing and fit. Consider the size, budget, and growth stage of your business and find an agency that matches that. Does the agency typically work with early-stage startups or legacy brands? Are they a team of 100+ people or are they a lean squad of 20 experts? These are key pieces of information that should be available on an agency’s website that you should consider in tandem with the stage of your business and the immediate goals that you want to achieve.

1. NoGood

NoGood logo

Description: NoGood is one of the most reputable marketing and growth agencies in the web3, crypto, and NFT space. Our growth experts are already working with numerous companies in the crypto space, doing everything from rapid experimentations, to channel assessment, to market research. Back in 2021, NoGood was one of the first in the space to recognize the value of NFTs; we created The Pandemonium, a project to foster a community of our own NoGoodies. As leaders in the industry, working with NoGood ensures you get the latest proven strategies and frameworks in web3, NFT, and crypto marketing.

NoGood noteworthy traits:

  • Specialize in marketing for long term growth
  • Have helped companies like Lark Suite, ByteDance’s collaboration software company, break into the US market
  • Work in tailored growth squads to help you achieve rapid, consistent growth
  • Experimentation approach that educates customers and builds trust in your brand

NoGood specialties:

  • Untraditional growth marketing that takes new approaches
  • Crypto marketing
  • Loyalty building
  • Customer persona research

Here’s what Laura Vestal, Head of Marketing and Invisibly, had to say about her experience working with NoGood:

The squad feels like a true extension of my own marketing team.”

Case Study: NoGood achieved a 2960% WoW increase in app installs, and an 84% increase in organic website traffic for Invisibly. We have also worked with many startups, scaleups, and Fortune 500 brands such as TikTok, Nike, Amazon, Intuit and more. Check out NoGood’s growth stories and successes.

Office Location: New York, Los Angeles, Miami

Year Founded: 2017

Team Size: 50+

Key Services: SEO, CRO, SEM, PPC, Display, Programmatic, Email marketing, Ad Creative, Attribution Reporting.

Industries Served: Retail, Consumer Tech, Gaming, Healthcare, B2B, SaaS, DTC

2. Coinbound

Coinbound logo

Description: Coinbound is a cutting-edge crypto marketing agency that specializes in helping blockchain-based businesses achieve their marketing goals. What sets Coinbound apart from other crypto marketing agencies is their deep understanding of the blockchain industry and their ability to tailor strategies specifically for crypto projects. They have a vast network of crypto influencers, which enables them to create impactful campaigns and reach a targeted audience. Additionally, Coinbound employs a data-driven approach, utilizing analytics and insights to optimize campaigns and deliver measurable results, ensuring that their clients’ marketing efforts translate into tangible growth and success in the highly competitive crypto landscape.

Coinbound Noteworthy Traits:

  • Have grown 750+ Web3 and Crypto companies
  • Over 25 awards for being one of the top Crypto, NFT and Web3 marketing agencies

Here’s what Ty Smith, founder of Coinbound, had to say about who they’ve had pleasure of working with:

In the few years we’ve been around, we’ve had the pleasure of helping grow some of the most exciting companies in the space. Names like Litecoin, Cosmos, MetaMask, Voyager, eToro, and Shapeshift to name a few.”

Office Location: New York, NY

Year Founded: 2018

Team Size: 11-50

Key Services: Influencer marketing, PR, SEO, Lead Generation

Industries Served: NFT, Web3, Crypto, SaaS

Case Studies: View all case studies

3. Rehab

Rehab logo

Description: Rehab is a web3 and digital sustainability agency that helps disruptive businesses accelerate innovation and reduce speed to market. They pride themselves on giving their clients the “unfair advantage” through their digital expertise, and continuously keep a pulse on the latest news and insights in the technology industry. Rehab works with businesses that have trusted them for over 18 years to produce goods and services that help them reach new audiences and open up new revenue streams. Rehab specializes in innovation strategy and experience design. Google, Nike, Spotify, and Roche are just a few of Rehab’s clients.

Rehab Noteworthy Traits:

  • Their ideation process follows the sprint methodology that was co-developed with Google.
  • Their Sprint Method allows their team to deploy singular or multiple initiatives with maximum output.

Here’s what David Broad, Spotify’s Marketing & Strategy Director, had to say about their experience working with Rehab and their Triage approach:

“Triage delivers fun, accessible, and intuitive innovation ideas that has helped us drive growth for the Spotify Kids App.”

Office Location: London

Year Founded: 2005

Team Size: 51-200

Key Services: Web3 platform discovery, UX & UI design, assets and marketplace development

Industries Served: B2B, B2C, DTC

Case Studies: View all case studies

4. Tenten

Tenten logo

Description: Tenten is a full-service CX digital agency, working to simplify complexity through experience design and data-driven digital marketing strategies. They serve a variety of industries across enterprise, NFT marketplace, blockchain, and SaaS companies. With a focus on product-led growth, Tenten operates on an agency subscription model for fast-moving brands. They mix knowledge, innovation, data, and technology to assist our clients in achieving growth through incredible user experience (CX).

Tenten Notable Traits:

  • By using similar Sprint methods, Tenten has the ability to turn around high-quality designs that turn your ideas into reality in as little as a week.
  • They focus on creating solid foundational work that scales up to a positive user experience.

“Working with Tenten has been extremely helpful to our team as they have provided valuable insight into architecture and direction for our E-Commerce.”

  • Calvin Chang, BESV

Office Location: Taipei City

Year Founded: 2010

Team Size: 11-50

Key Services: Martech, Web3, Blockchain, and Headless CMS

Industries Served: B2B, B2C, DTC

Case Studies: View all case studies

5. Serotonin

Serotonin logo

Description: Serotonin is a breakthrough marketing firm and product studio for transformative technologies. They bring breakthrough technologies to market and build ecosystems around them. With a team of former executives from ConsenSys, Chainlink, Bridgewater Associates, General Assembly, and more, Serotonin partners with top businesses and entrepreneurs on brand positioning, business partnerships, media relations, content, product marketing, and go-to-market strategy. Serotonin develops, incubates, and commercializes web3 solutions with widespread appeal that address issues for both brands and customers.

Office Location: New York, Los Angeles

Year Founded: 2020

Team Size: 53

Offices: New York, Los Angeles

Key Services: Brand positioning, content marketing, community, growth

Industries Served: B2B, B2C, DTC

6. Bemeir

Bemeir logo

Description: Bemeir is an e-commerce agency specializing in helping brands design, launch, support, maintain, and grow web3 websites and blockchain projects. The Bemeir team has been building, customizing, and configuring websites for over 20 years, and is well versed in e-commerce so as to anticipate future problems in web 3.0 that only experience in web 2.0 can teach you.

The Bemeir team has over 20 years of experience designing, constructing, and creating websites. They pride themselves on staying on the cutting edge of technology, and think the rapidly developing blockchain industry has enormous potential to transform every aspect of our economy.

Bemeir Notable Traits:

  • Bemeir has been tested by the best in the ecommerce game and has an agile team that works with you.
  • They have helped well-known brands expand and assisted new names into challenging markets.

“I would like to say that working with Maier and Bemeir was the highlight of my 5+ years of dealing with Magento.”

  • Brian Caporlette – CTO, G&G Outfitters

Office Location: New York

Year Founded: 2014

Team Size: 6

Key Services: eCommerce, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Growth Marketing, Email Marketing

Industries Served: B2B, B2C, DTC

Testimonials: View all testimonials

7. X10

X10 logo

Description: X10 is a full-service marketing and PR agency delivering turnkey solutions for successful Web3, crypto, Defi, NFT, ICO/IEO, and STO promotion. They work with utility and security tokens (IEO/ICO and STO), non-fungible tokens (NFT), crypto exchanges and wallets, Defi, blockchain, and fintech projects. They are a launchpad that helps Web3 projects to get started, engage with the audience, and reach their long-term goals.

X10 Notable Traits:

  • They can create full turn-key solutions from essentials to extras for a successful NFT launch.
  • They assist in connecting NFT and Web 3.0 Project for common activities and community growth.

Key Services: NFT setup, marketing, and community management

Industries Served: NFT & Crypto

Case Studies: View all case studies

8. Noir

Noir logo

Description: Noir builds powerful web3 brands & digital experiences by focussing on community, technology & the market to launch brands’ vision for an optimistic new internet. They have helped some of the biggest names in Web3 raise capital for their project, from launching IDOs to NFT memberships to advising on investor relations.

Noir Notable Traits:

  • Noir harnesses the power of branding and will position your new or existing initiatives into a Web3 powerhouse.
  • Product design is key for understanding the look and feel of your brand and with Noir’s Animation and digital experience services, you’ll be able to almost smell it.

Office Location: London and Dubai

Year Founded: 2016

Team Size: 11-50

Key Services: brand identity, user experience, augmented reality, app development

Industries Served: B2B, B2C, DTC

Case Studies: View all case studies

9. Lambo

Lambo logo

Description: Lambo offers a wide range of services, from developing and implementing an effective strategy to taking care of every detail of the production process. They are a group of thinkers and doers who have joined forces to bring bespoke Web3 solutions to the world, and they specialize in Web3 development and community building through the blockchain

Lambo Notable Traits:

  • Lambo сonnects NFT and Web 3.0 Projects for common activities and community growth.
  • Lambo brings experiences to your audience while building 3D virtual spaces in virtual worlds.
  • They will help you develop your NFT project from the ground up or guide you to take your established offering to market more dynamically.

Office Location: Buenos Aires and Madrid

Year Founded: 2022

Team Size: 2-10

Key Services: community organization, security, and moderation, content creation

Industries Served: B2B, B2C, DTC

Case Studies: View all case studies

10. Moonblocks

Moonblocks logo

Description: Moonblocks aims to support web3 projects in their marketing journey. With a mix of web2 and web3 marketing, they are able to merge traditional out-of-home advertising with social media marketing, growth strategies, in-game and connected TV ads, NFT growth plans, growth hacks, and unique guerrilla plans.

Moonblocks Notable Traits:

  • They use advanced listening AI tools to read and analyze a variety of data points such as news, earned media, content, traffic, Twitter metrics and more to influence their marketing decisions.
  • Moonblocks is dedicated to deepening our partnership with clients – they become an extension of your team and prioritize your goals and mission.

We have been working with Moonblocks for a few months and we have been very happy. They have completed content creation for articles, article listings to lots of different media, we are working on long term campaigns with cold email outreaching, billboards and more. They have also arranged VIP access to the Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam for us. The great thing is that they actually do video calls too, which a lot of other agencies we looked at didn’t do. Overall Moonblocks has been great!!!

  • David Evans – CEO at TCG World

Office Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Year Founded: 2021

Team Size: 2-10

Key Services: in-game ads, native ads, guerilla marketing, Twitter outreach

Industries Served: B2B, B2C, DTC

Case Studies: View all case studies

11. Eterstain

Eterstain logo

Description: Eterstain takes a unique approach to Web 3.0 marketing that combines powerful partnerships and advanced community-building strategies. They work primarily with NFT, Defi & Dapps companies. They surround themselves with the best in their field for you. Providing you access to the connections that will actionably execute our custom growth playbooks to grow, retain and scale together.

Eterstain Notable Traits:

  • Adaptation is the name of the game, Eterstain will adapt to your funnel and market conditions, reiterate quickly, and double down on what’s working. Their goal is the success of collaboration.
  • They work with over 5000 influencers from Asia, to Europe and America on different platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram.

“I’ve been collaborating with Thomas’ team from @eterstain on different NFT partnerships these last weeks and we’re doing fantastic work together”

  • @0xEvgeniy – Head of partnerships at Rarible

Office Location: Paris

Team Size: 2-10

Key Services: advising, partnerships, community, influencer marketing

Industries Served: B2B, B2C, DTC

Testimonials: View all testimonials.

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