Rivet is an open-source, cloud-based Ethereum API providing ironclad privacy, total simplicity, infinite scalability, and unparalleled value.

Arrow 230% Increase in New User Sign-Ups
Arrow 659% Increase in Site Users
Arrow 64% Increase in Engaged Accounts

I can’t say enough about the team!

When I was working with my team to figure out who we would look for, for this kind of help, I imagined a group that would scientifically test the process of finding the right signals for the right channels & and then we found you guys, and we found it does indeed exist!

Greg Lang

Founder & CXO

Who is Rivet?

Rivet is an open-source, cloud-based Ethereum API providing ironclad privacy, total simplicity, infinite scalability, and unparalleled value. This platform is designed for developers or companies creating decentralized applications that need to gain access to the blockchain, specifically Ethereum, while also allowing users to pay for requests using Ethereum or DAI. What makes Rivet different from other players in the market is their dedication to the user experience and privacy. Rivet will never share or sell customer data to 3rd parties, while also only retaining the minimum amount of information necessary to operate their service, for the minimum amount of time necessary. Their enterprise-grade support provides up-to-date, easy to navigate documentation, access to real human beings who care about your success with 99.95% uptime guaranteed.


Apply Performance Branding Methodology to ensure long-term sustainable growth
Develop & grow an online presence as a dominant brand in the development & cryptocurrency verticals
Create, grow, & leverage a demand in the development vertical
Execute multiple creative experiments to provide insights & learnings on market’s response to the brand

Identify & leverage various digital advertising channels to drive qualified traffic & new user sign ups
Turn qualified leads into monthly users to increase MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)
Implement various experiments within new & existing advertising channels to target new cohorts to increase ARPU (average revenue per user)
Identify Conversion Rate Optimization opportunities for higher return on ad spend


Establishing authority and presence in a new vertical

Identifying the best channels to target such a niche audience

Headless CMS & Internal Privacy required team to create proprietary solutions for tracking metrics & success

Driving high-intent traffic that will convert to engaged users

Developing trust within the market for a new brand

Reaching high-intent audiences with an interest in iron clad privacy and open source development tools

Overcoming advertising limitations due to Cryptocurrency Advertising Restrictions in channels like Reddit


Queenie Leung

Sr. Growth Strategist

Gianna Del Monte

Growth Strategist

Helena Yang

Creative Lead

Isabel Bellino

Isabel Bellino

Growth Marketing Manager

Ayushi Gupta

Growth Marketing Manager

Services Provided

  • Growth marketing strategy & execution
  • Paid social strategy and execution
  • SEM rapid experimentation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Audience hyper-targeting
  • Design, UX, and copywriting


  1. Adopted Rivet’s brand to create a cohesive, consistent, and memorable creative across a variety of channels and ensure brand authority in the blockchain gateway vertical.

  2. Deployed rapid experimentation across multiple channels to achieve product/market fit.

  3. Developed a holistic strategy to increase new account sign ups, engaged users and total requests to the Ethereum Blockchain

  4. Diversified budget across non-traditional stages in the funnel to overcome recent iOS 14.5 updates as well as Cryptocurrency Advertising Restrictions.

We Increased Sign-Ups for Ethereum API, Rivet, by 230% in 45 Days

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