30 Best TikTok Accounts to Follow in 2024: Marketing Edition

30 Best TikTok Accounts to Follow in 2024: Marketing Edition

Discover the must-follow TikTok accounts for 2024. Stay ahead with influencers and brands leading the creative wave.

Whether you’re looking for a quick laugh about the corporate landscape or to expand your knowledge on all things marketing, finance, and general business practices, TikTok is your place. Known for short-form trend videos, this platform has a lot more to offer- it’s a treasure trove of information if you really look for it. 

Luckily for you, we have put together the ultimate list of #biztok creators who will up your investing game, give you the latest marketing hot takes, and give you a laugh here and there. 


From brand deep dives to corporate humor to tips for content creators, NoGood has all the content a modern marketer could want. With multiple different contributors to the TikTok account, the viewers and followers get differing hot takes and video styles all wrapped into one page. From “4 Growth Strategies for Beauty Brands” to “Things my millennial managers have said in Slack this week”, there is bound to be content that not only is informative but also gives you a good laugh.



Dulma is a self-proclaimed “Professor of TikTok B-School” where she uses her TikTok platform with over 75,000 followers to break down and evaluate DTC and e-commerce brands. Starting at Brown, she then went on to work for Google, and now is using her platform to spread her knowledge on all things brands with her followers.



Tallneil is an expert in all things brands and branding, as a designer himself. On his TikTok channel, you’ll find a variety of videos- whether he’s breaking down what it costs to own a franchise or delving into the different packaging of luxury champagne brand Veuve Clicquot. 


If you’re looking for any advice on using the TikTok platform itself, how to grow on the platform as a creator, or what the new updates mean, Mike is your guy. He will break down for you how to make videos that build your authority as a creator, and he even has a “brand deal mini course” which outlines how to elevate and attract brand partnerships.


You can easily add 2-3 of these per week into your content plan #tiktokcreators #creators #contentideas #contentstrategy

♬ Violin – Grooving Gecko


From explaining what “ambush marketing” is to explain the ups and downs of Crypto and NFTs, Chirag aims to make business knowledge more accessible with his platform. Chirag also has a weekly newsletter where he shares actionable business advice.


Reply to @retired.nonce Always be learning from the world around us #businesslessons

♬ ALMOST HOME – Mad Adix, Marc Steinmeier

Position your brand as a support, not the sole need

♬ original sound – Chirag Speaks


Erin aims to educate her fellow Gen Z-ers on all things personal finance and money management. Whether it’s choosing the right credit card with the best benefits for you or proving a step-by-step breakdown of opening your Roth IRA, she covers it all. If you’re looking for investing advice, or just starting out in prioritizing everyday budgeting, moneytomiles has you covered.


Replying to @. is paying a $400 credit card annual fee crazy?? for me, definitely not. you have to look at all of the benefits and weigh if it makes sense for you! see all of my favorite travel credit cards in my stan store 🙂 #travelpoints #creditcardpoints #pointsandmiles #capitaloneventurex #creditcardrewards

♬ original sound – Erin Confortini

can a side hustle really make you a millionaire?! the answer is, it depends what you do with that money! being consistent with a side hustle and investing the extra cash can absolutely make you a millionaire! IB: @personalfinanceclub #genzfinance #moneytok #financialfreedom

♬ original sound – Erin Confortini


The digital fairy is a marketing agency breaking down everything from the newest brands, the latest fashion trends, and the direction celebrity skincare is heading. With multiple personalities on their TikTok channel, there are different perspectives as well as a wide variety of topics covered.


Graham is a lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business as well as Founder and Manager Partner of Alpine Investors, so it’s easy to say that he has a wealth of information to share on TikTok with his viewers. He condenses broad, tough-to-tackle topics in short-form videos to be more easily consumed: from videos like “should you invest in crypto to the 4 most dangerous words in investing”.


If you’re interested in increasing your wealth, your time will always be one of your most important assets. Sell your time to yourself for the first 30-60 minutes each day, and you will be well on your way to achieving your goal! If this is a goal for you, how are you actively working on increasing your wealth?#growyourwealth #buildingwealth #wealthtips #lifelessons #professionaldevelopment #goals #business #leadership #entrepreneur #personaldevelopment #selfhelp #MBA #fyp #learnontiktok

♬ original sound – Graham Weaver


@wonsulting’s goal is to “turn underdogs into winners”, and does so by providing a plethora of valuable career advice and information from resume templates to what not to do in an interview. With almost 1 million followers, he is highly trusted as an online career coach and with his tips you could be one step closer to landing your dream gig.


Sites you didnt know that can land you a job 👀💡 #fyp #expresspros #careertiktok

♬ –

Please dont have these tyoe of resumes 🥹

♬ original sound – Amiceaa


Maggie is an angel investor and startup advisor with a wealth of knowledge on DTC brands and startup companies as well as giving her hot takes on the latest brand news. She makes videos such as listing out what she looks for in startups as an investor, analyzing the latest skincare brands growth strategies, and more.


Jt has been a full-time content creator for over 4 years and therefore has plenty of tips and tricks to give on everything creator economy related. He is a TikTok advisor to a variety of companies as well. From tips to avoiding burnout to homing in on the importance of storytelling in your content.


Haley’s page is dedicated to “helping you become your own trust fund”, and what’s not to like about that? She makes it her mission to show that understanding and being in control of your finances is cool. Mixing trending content with personal finance tips is her forte.


Jules has a love for all things branding and marketing and shares that love and knowledge with her ~300k followers. Whether she is speaking on the future of the creator economy, what her brand partners are looking for most right now, or 3 life-changing books for a new perspective, she has you covered.


I feel like I post daily and no one knows any of this so 🤠

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

your superfans will sustain you when mainstream culture ignores you!!! @Levi’s @Converse @Vans are legends

♬ Dirty Little Secret – The All-American Rejects


Indexventures covers everything from founder stories to startup tips to tech news. Hosting all different faces from the firm on their TikTok page, followers get a wide range of information, tips, and expertise on their feeds.


Brb, making sure I don’t have unused Starbucks money. (🎤:@hyperfocuspod) #starbucks #fintech #tech #finance #interestingfacts #business

♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose


If you’re looking for a corporate humor page that won’t steer you wrong, Natalie is your girl. Slyly poking fun at the corporate world in TikTok skits and reenactments for the ultimate relatability. She best describes herself as a “corporate America by day, aspiring TikTok star by night”.


It appears the team is struggling to allow me to unplug. Take what’s yours this summer and set that OOO, log off and enjoy your PTO with @samsoniteusa #samsonitepartner #takewhatsyours #corporate #pto

♬ original sound – CorporateNatalie


Evan is an entrepreneur looking to share his learnings and tips with his TikTok audience. As he navigates the ups and downs of running his own business, he shares this with TikTok in the form of videos such as “How to Pay Yourself” and “How to Price Products”.


Bank transfer. Check or zelle works too.

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

Llc. Ein. Bank account. Keep them separated. Form an S-Corp at $50k in net profit to save a lot on SE tax

♬ Don’t Worry Be Happy – Reggae Allstars


With over 2 million followers, @herfirst100k is a go-to source for all things personal finance. She describes herself as a “financial feminist” and started her channel to inspire women to be careful with their finances and to educate them. Now, she covers everything from negotiation tactics to high-yield saving accounts. Wondering what to ask at the end of a job interview? She covers that too.


Replying to @_mariana_gzz walk into the weekend with more money!!!

♬ HANDSOMER (Remix) – Russ


Courtney is a 25-year-old working in tech who has a passion for content reaction and social media. She uses her TikTok platform to describe the shift in influencer marketing, and tell her viewers about the work she does as a freelancer, all in combination with some fun #corporatehumor trends.


#ad there’s nothing quite like being able to report high numbers to ur clients every month as a SMM 🤪 also did i mention @Adobe Express is FREEEE and so easy to use ✨ #AdobeExpress #contentcreationtips #socialmediamanagertips

♬ original sound – courtney


Kat is a self-proclaimed “chief excel officer”, clever right? Her hope is to make excel fun with her broad range of tips and tricks for all your Excel needs. Her expertly crafted and edited videos make watching Excel tips fun and something you really want to learn. 


I will never SUM across sheets the same way again 🤯 #tiptok #exceltips #excel

♬ original sound – veggibeats


Sho is an ex-recruiter and career coach who has taken to TikTok to tell his audience all his learnings and corporate must-knows. Whether it’s “interview hacks” or the “ultimate salary hack”, he has your back when it comes to navigating the corporate landscape.


Jacob serves up daily 9 to 5 satire on his TikTok every week. Using the latest trending sounds he pokes fun at the differences in generations in the workplace, how he reacts when his boss asks for a “quick chat”, and the occasional awkwardness of a 1:1 with your manager.


LinkedIn isn’t a normal company account, they’re a cool company account! They have all different characters on their page with different takes and personalities, showcasing the latest corporate trends and making some all-around funny business content. Rather than pushing their services or informing you about updates on their platform, they simply make some humorous content to make your day just a little bit better.


@thecampaigngirl uses her TikTok account as a “diary of the girl on the other side of influencer marketing”. As a campaign manager, she knows the ins and outs of influencer rates, recruiting influencers, and more and is ready to share it all with her TikTok audience. Oh, and of course, she adds a little corporate humor to the mix.



@businesscasualty dishes out lively corporate humor daily. But, she makes sure to add a disclaimer in her bio that reads: “if my boss finds this, I swear I’m working”. She has perfected the TikTok skit, whether it’s acting as herself and her boss or going back and forth with a teammate on Slack, she has mastered the corporate “soap opera” style TikTok.


Me after 2 hours of having a new chair with wheels from @branchfurniture: use code BUSINESSCASUALTY20 for $20 off orders of $200 or more 😁 branchfurniture.com/businesscasualty #corporatehumor #wfh #workfromhome #workremote #branchpartner #corporate #corporateamerica

♬ original sound – Josef


Taylor is a tech reporter for the Washington Post, bringing relevant news to your TikTok feed multiple times a week. From discussing Elon Musk backing out of the Twitter deal to the Triller IPO controversy. Essentially condensing her latest new stories into short-form video, straight to your feed.


Morningbrew is bringing you “news for the modern business Tok-er”, often coming in the form of a funny skit or well-thought-out string of sarcasm. Their videos range from explaining the origin behind Nike’s slogan to poking fun at what would happen if your interviewer was super into astrology.


Have you been to NYC’s best hidden gem? #hidden #hiddengem #nyc

♬ original sound – Morning Brew

Influencer employees = diversified revenue streams influencersinthewild corporatelife worklife foryou fyp

♬ original sound – Morning Brew


Chase makes TikToks with not only career advice but some funny trending content as well. Having been featured in Fortune and BBC, he’s no joke. Giving advice for younger generations entering the workforce in videos such as “3 things I wish I knew before coming into corporate America” or simply just poking fun at the corporate millennial landscape, there is plenty of content for everyone on Chase’s page.


Natalie is an Amazon bestselling author and has a wealth of knowledge to provide her TikTok followers with. Her book “TeamWork” is all about building a high-performance team, and her TikTok breaks some of those main points down into short-form content whether it’s a video on how to make a 1:1 more efficient or how to shift your mindset to achieve your goals.


Tony is a life and business strategist, along with an NYT bestselling author, who has taken to TikTok to share his business hot takes and mindset tips for the masses. If you enjoy more high-quality, lecture-style short-form videos, Tony is for you. Whether he is interviewing the newest AI robot to speaking on the importance “hunger” plays in success, there is a wide variety of content on his page of value to someone out there.


The quickest way to strip your life of joy, gratitude, happiness, and love is by focusing on expectations. Shift your focus from expectations to GRATITUDE, and your life will change in an INSTANT! ❤️ #gratitude #grateful #expectations #tonyrobbins

♬ Love Of My Life – Metrow Ar

Great ideas are not going to interrupt you 💡✔️ Put yourself in new environments✔️ Meet new people✔️ Take risks✔️ Pursue fresh ideas✔️ Go after it #lifeadvice #inspire #success #growthmindset #greatidea

♬ Great ideas are not going to interrupt you – Tony Robbins


As we all know, social media and content creation IS a business these days, and creators like Sydney are sharing their business knowledge surrounding all things content creation for the next Dixie D’amelio. Whether it’s her best tips for growing your TikTok account to the differences between a personal account and a business account.

Even more TikTok

TikTok is a massive space to explore if you’re looking to learn, be entertained, or seek inspiration. As experts on the platform, we are constantly searching for new accounts to add to our roster of current obsessions, and as TikTok pros, our TikTok Studio is constantly partnering with new brands and creators to help them grow audiences, build awareness, and leverage their content to convert.

Whether you’re starting from 0 or are a seasoned professional, we’re always looking for new projects to take on and brands to build.

Ella Berckmans
Ella is a content creation intern with experience in social media growth strategies in the retail and luxury space.


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