Top Martech Tools For Growth Marketers in 2022

Top Martech Tools For Growth Marketers in 2022

Martech tools are the greatest companion to any marketing strategy to ensure optimization and proper tracking and analysis.

Growth marketing is the driving force behind businesses that want to achieve rapid growth —  a strategy that is becoming increasingly important more and more every day. Marketers are spending more time online, and marketing dollars are shifting in that direction since many actions towards growth today are automated using valuable Martech tools. Therefore, investing in the best Martech tools is a critical step you should include in your growth marketing strategy to increase your marketing return on investment (mROI). 

This long-term investment in Martech tools helped develop some of the most well-known brands and startups, SaaS, and other industries (Amazon, Bytedance, Adobe, Cisco, Skyscanner, Gymshark, Sequoia)  where rapid expansion is the most effective way to establish brand strength. As sectors become more competitive, growth marketing allows new businesses to quickly generate brand strength, secure their place in the market, and fend off existing and prospective competitors. 

A well-thought-out Martech strategy can optimize your marketing budget, focus your marketing activities, and build on what is currently working for your business. It combines customer acquisition and retention to bring in a steady supply of new consumers while retaining as many existing ones as possible and cultivating product loyalty and advocacy which constitute a very significant part of your bottom funnel in sustainable growth. 

This blog will make the best Martech tool recommendations to cover the entire funnel, from data analysis and marketing automation to marketing strategy and campaign administration as well as conversion optimization. We’ll look at the five most popular tools in the marketing technology landscape for analyzing, understanding, planning, and implementing that will help you throughout the journey of building the best growth marketing strategy with the primary goal of maximizing growth to meet your business objectives.

The Five Key Stages to Utilize Martech Tools for Building Your Growth Marketing Strategy

1. Data analysis

The process of examining data in multiple formats is known as data analysis. Even though data is abundant nowadays, it is available in various formats and from a variety of sources. Data analysis assists in cleaning and transforming all of this data into a consistent form that can be explored and translated efficiently. Your first step, before building your strategy, isto research your data to see where your business is standing right now before deciding where you want it to go. As a result, it’s easy to see why data analytics tools are essential in this step. Research is all about observing patterns and trends, formulating and demonstrating hypotheses, and making decisions. Therefore, finding the best Martech data analytics tools will provide essential information for your organization.

2. Performance Analysis 

A simple and effective technique for identifying the aspects of a product or service that are in desperate need of improvement or that could be candidates for cost-cutting measures without compromising overall quality. Marketing performance metrics, often known as key performance indicators (KPIs), benefit marketing and non-marketing executives. 

Growth marketers analyze marketing effectiveness for various reasons, including determining which aspects of the marketing mix to change and if a brand’s goods, services, and ideas match customer and stakeholder needs. Several rankings and the stated preference orders are all factored into this calculation, and the appropriate Martech tool will help you make easier decisions.

3. Social listening 

If you don’t have a social listening tool in place, you’re missing out on some of the most valuable data available to help grow your business. 

Indeed, nearly two-thirds of marketers feel that the value of social listening has increased in the past year. 

By evaluating what consumers and potential customers say on social media, social media listening technologies give you thorough community feedback in real time about both your brand and your competition. 

4. Understand your audience

Every company’s lifeblood is its customers. Both enormous corporations and small startups want to increase their consumer base. To do so, though, you must first understand who they are. That is why it is critical to identify your target market. Most firms fail to create efficient marketing campaigns, and half have no idea how to reach out to potential clients. The first step in fixing these challenges is to identify your target audience. Your products and services, price, marketing keywords, advertising choices, and design are all influenced by your target audience data.

5. CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a tool for managing all of your company’s customers and potential customer relationships and interactions. The idea is straightforward: it improves business contacts in order to expand your company. CRM software allows businesses to stay in touch with customers, streamline procedures, and increase profits in a scalable manner. 

CRM system is a Martech tool that aids in contact management, sales management, agent productivity, and other tasks.CRM software can now be used to manage customer connections throughout the customer lifecycle, including marketing, sales, digital commerce, and customer service contacts.

The Best Martech Tools For Growth Marketing.

1. Tableau

Tableau is a data discovery, preparation, visualization, and sharing application. It’s very scalable, and data science teams from all industries especially in Marketing utilize it. 

Tableau Prep for data preparation, Tableau Desktop for delivering insights throughout the company, Tableau Server/Online for hosting and sharing data, and Tableau Mobile for accessing your data anytime, anywhere, are the four core analytics and data management tools that Tableau offers

Why Tableau?

  • An effective dashboard. It includes a robust dashboard that gives you a complete picture of your data. You will be able to display data in the form of visual narratives of trends, ranging from texts to statistics and visual objects. There are a variety of layouts and formats to pick from, as well as filters that allow you to tailor data deployment on the dashboard. Users can copy elements or the full dashboard to different workbooks in Tableau. 
  • Collaboration and sharing. Tableau makes it simple for diverse teams to interact and exchange data. On-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, you may securely share data. This allows decision-makers in organizations to respond swiftly to emerging opportunities or dangers by speeding up reporting and data visualization.
  • No coding knowledge is required. It features a simple user interface and does not require coding knowledge from data analysts. Anyone may create data visualizations from scratch using the drag-and-drop interface. Users can easily do complex analytics thanks to the low entry barriers. 
  • Support for several data sources. Tableau lets you connect to a variety of data sources, including cloud and real-time data. This is one of the reasons it stands out from the competition and attracts business.
  • Big Data Management. Tableau is the ideal tool for analyzing data with a hundred columns or for analyzing your team’s sales performance over the last decade. It can handle massive amounts of data with minimal performance degradation.

Some of the most well-known data connection types that Tableaus supports are:

  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Dropbox
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Sheets
  • Google  Cloud SQL
  • My SQL
  • One Drive
  • And many more!

2. Branch Metrics

Branch is a well-known cross-platform marketing solution that many companies utilize for mobile attribution, measurement, and deep linking. Branch is used by top-performing apps like Postmates, Sephora, Reddit, Yelp, Chipotle, Nextdoor,, etc. to improve productivity, increase overall revenue, and measure performance. 

Branch’s cutting-edge solutions are built to help you reach a larger audience while maintaining high levels of engagement and customer satisfaction. Branch is simple to integrate with other marketing tools in your stack, allowing you to capture every consumer touchpoint across any channel or platform. 

Why Branch?

  • A top-of-the-line deep linking. Create seamless user experiences by using cross-platform and cross-channel linkages. Branch’s deep connections drive greater performance by effortlessly guiding consumers into the app even during installation with the highest matching accuracy, from re-engagement advertisements to web to email campaigns.
  • Attribution solution optimizes for maximum ROI. They employ the most advanced machine learning to measure every channel’s conversion on every platform. With consolidated, precise data, you can see the ROI of both paid and organic campaigns in one location.
  • Data analytics, email, and social media services. Deduplicate attribution, avoid wasting money, and boost marketing ROI. Branch optimizes your advertisements for action by measuring the whole return on ad spend in one place using accurate, link-powered attribution for both web and app. Get cohort analysis for everything as well.
  • ​​Get your data with integrations, comprehensive application programming interface (APIs), webhooks, comma separated values (CSV) exports, and use the most robust custom export user interface (UI) in the business.
  • Web-to-app integration. Provide a seamless, tailored mobile web-to-app experience to convert website visitors into devoted app users. Branch improves customer engagement, retention, and lifetime value while giving marketers more access to online and app traffic. 
  • Email-to-app integration. Improve email-to-app conversion rates and increase mobile revenue by smoothly routing customers to the app from emails clicked through on mobile. Gain visibility into email-driven user activity on the web and in the app.

3. Sprout Social

Social listening means actively monitoring conversations on social media regarding your business, goods, competitors, or other industry-related and relevant topics. These conversations can be responded to in a social post or baked into your content marketing strategy as a result of the criticism you received. 

Social listening enables a brand to be proactive in conversations, enhancing its reliability, social relevance, and audience trust.

With their fully integrated patented Martech tools for social listening, you never miss the chance to engage with your audience and respond to problems as they arise and see how your brand assets are being used.

Why Sprout?

  • Integrate with ease. With Sprout’s user-friendly platform, you can effectively integrate social media listening into your business plan. With informative training and extensive educational materials, you can shorten the time to value. 
  • Obtain useful information. Obtain and apply industry, brand, and competitive intelligence. Understand consumer opinion and brand health by tracking and analyzing conversations about relevant topics. 
  • Adapt to changing audiences. Follow industry trends while discovering thought leaders and influencers to engage as brand champions. Get honest feedback to come up with fresh products, services, and content ideas. 
  • Always be one step ahead. Own your own voice and set yourself out from the competition. Learn how customers feel about your competition, find industry gaps, and capitalize on opportunities to set yourself apart. 
  • Improve your company’s strategy. Extend your knowledge beyond social media. Using listening data, improve marketing, customer service, product development, and much more.

4. Google Analytics

Helps you learn a lot about your audience and figure out which channels provide the most traffic to your site. The Audience area contains a wealth of information on your website’s visitors, including their age, gender, interests, devices, and location. It also provides information on how users arrived at your website. 

Why Google Analytics?

  • To understand the appropriate marketing mix for your business. Social platforms are an excellent approach to increasing traffic and communicating with potential consumers. You can see which platforms are bringing traffic to your site using Google Analytics. This will assist you in determining the optimal platform for marketing to your clients. For example, if you notice the majority of your customer involvement is on Facebook but a significant quantity of traffic originates from Twitter, you should try to optimize that Twitter traffic to funnel it into Facebook and attract more customers to your site.
  • To inform your content strategy. Content is queen, and if properly developed, it may help you gain a lot more traffic and potential visitors, as well as improve your search engine rating. Blogs, infographics, and FAQ pages are all popular among businesses. The user experience depends on content that is both relevant and understandable. 
  • Google Analytics makes it easy to keep track of all the information that is seen and shared. With this information, you may improve the most popular blogs to make them more appealing to customers. Google Analytics calculates the number of page views for each of your blog posts.
  • Tracking goals. The objectives feature in Google Analytics allows you to keep track of how far your company has progressed. You may also set a number of goals to track the customer’s journey based on their activities. There are various types of goals, such as making a purchase, obtaining a quote, or signing up for newsletters. If a new visitor to your landing page fills out the form, including their email address, they recently accomplished a goal that you set for them.

5. HubSpot

Is simple to use and includes a lot of features that aren’t as complicated as other CRM options. Beginners and early participants in the web marketing field will have no trouble getting the hang of it. You may create highly appealing web profiles for your company with HubSpot CRM, and you can properly arrange every significant element relating to interactions with your leads, prospects, and customers. 

Furthermore, because HubSpot provides a marketing hub, companies can maintain data at the forefront of their efforts. Data may be used to segment and target specific audiences, nurture contacts, and develop consistent content to ensure consistency in brand messaging across all marketing platforms. This information can also be used to assure the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Why HubSpot?

  • HubSpot CRM is free. The first thing you should know is that there is a free version of this management system. One of HubSpot’s benefits is that the free edition includes a variety of features that are an excellent way to get started and familiarize yourself with the platform.
  • Social Management. HubSpot CRM may be linked to your company’s official social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can obtain client data that is useful to you and even tailor your emails to customers and prospects using any of these methods. HubSpot CRM can track all social outreach engagements, so you’ll know exactly how many times your email was viewed and clicked and help you improve your email marketing campaign.
  • Tracking of Communication: Another advantage of using HubSpot is communication tracking. It helps you to keep track of potential clients’ information and establishes a pipeline for sending emails directly from your platform. There’s also a feature that allows users to record consumer phone calls. This information is useful for future decision-making.

If you want to grow your business today, consider starting to use these tools NOW! We showed you the five most crucial Martech software products for brands aiming to develop and grow as quickly as possible. We’ve covered the full funnel with our software recommendations, from marketing strategy and campaign administration to marketing automation and conversion optimization. 

It’s now up to you to use the tools at your disposal to achieve significant, verifiable growth. If you need to grow your enterprise fast and learn more about tools, you should consider working with our experts who are here to help you.

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