31 Best Marketing Consulting Firms in 2023

31 Best Marketing Consulting Firms in 2023

Need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy for 2022? Check out this list of the best marketing consulting firms that can guide you to the perfect strategy.

To execute the right marketing strategies and tactics for your business is no easy task! Perhaps you have a great internal team of marketers who can implement what is asked of them, but they don’t quite have the experience to create annual, quarterly, or even monthly marketing strategies for the future of your business. And it’s not necessarily their fault. To create whole strategies for a company takes years of experience in marketing. So you might be thinking, maybe I should just hire experienced marketers. Unfortunately, hiring an experienced group for your internal team can prove to be quite expensive. So what is your other option? You can partner with elite marketing consulting firms!
These firms have expert marketers who’ve been through the trenches. They know exactly what it will take to help your company achieve success in both the short and long term. Using their guidance and marketing techniques, you’ll be well on your way to making great strides in your business in no time.

Here is a list of the best 31 marketing consulting firms in 2023:

  1. NoGood
  2. IKON Marketing Consultants
  3. Equibrand
  4. Seedx
  5. Berma & Co
  6. Bain & Company
  7. Brolik
  8. McKinsey Digital
  9. SmartSites
  10. Fair Marketing
  11. Legnd
  12. V Digital Services
  13. L7 creative
  14. Spinx Digital
  15. Napier Marketing Group
  16. Deloitte
  17. Forward Digital
  18. Brafton
  19. CMG Partners
  20. The Brandon Agency
  21. Advanced Marketing Strategies
  22. MediaSite Inc
  23. CBD Marketing
  24. KAE
  25. Beck Media & Marketing
  26. Customer Magnetism
  27. Accenture
  28. Boston Consulting Group
  29. Alvarez & Marsal
  30. PwC
  31. EY


NoGood Agency

Description: They are NoGood for your competition! NoGood has an elite group of growth marketers, martech engineers, data scientists, and creatives who’ve worked across many industries including software, retail, healthcare, fintech, pharma, and marketplace. Their combination of marketing experience, skills, and overall execution puts them ahead of many other marketing consulting firms in the region. They advise and support some of the world’s most successful brands including Nike, P&G, Microsoft, and TikTok.
You are reading this list on a NoGood owned site so we are a bit biased, obviously, but why wait for others to tell our story!

Year Founded: 2017

Located: New York City, Los Angeles – US

Team Size: 30-40 employees

Services: Growth Marketing, Performance Marketing, Idea Validation, Product Launch, Inbound Marketing

Clients: Fratelli Carli, Ghostery, P&G

Case Study:  https://nogood.io/results/  

2.IKON Marketing Consultants


Description: This firm is one of the leading marketing consulting firms in India and for good reason. IKON provides expert marketing solutions across automotive, healthcare, retail, and a number of other industries. IKON  identifies the best market opportunities, developing strong strategies, and can even support implementation.

Year Founded: 2001

Located: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Team Size: 10-20 employees

Services: Marketing Assessment, Branding, Strategy, Digital Marketing

Clients: Coca-Cola, Hildon, TringMe

Case Study: https://www.ikonmarket.com/case-studies.html



Description: Equibrand Consulting works in small teams to execute for companies and brands. Their consulting processes are implemented and streamlined to create the best solutions for their clients. The firm works in several different ways and the majority of it is project-based, which allows them flexibility.

Year Founded: 1999

Located: Moraga, California

Team Size: 1-10 employees

Services: Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy

Clients: Acura, Abbott, Dixie

Case Study: http://equibrandconsulting.com/portfolio-items/consumer-products?portfolioCats=244%2C245%2C238%2C239



Description: Seedx helps build marketing strategies from scratch or refine your approach and guide you along the way. The firm has worked with many different companies both big and small and has helped their marketing efforts including organizing, budgeting, and strategic planning.

Year Founded: 2015

Located: Los Angeles, California

Team Size: 10-20 employees

Services: SEO, Web Design, Social Media, Content Creation

Clients: Millennium Alliance, Power Provisions, Muses on Demand

Case Study: https://seedx.us/projects/ithaca-milk/

5.Berma & Co


Description: Berma & Co is a group of expert growth marketers who have experience validating and scaling 7 figure + brands. For the last three years, they’ve combined their expertise to help deliver exceptional services to fast-growing startups and fortune 500 companies. Their ability to focus on proving early traction, produce clear results, and generate marketing ROI, separates them from other consulting firms.

Year Founded: 2017

Located: New York New York

Team Size: 30-40 employees

Services: Product Validation, SEO, Content Marketing

Clients: Microsoft, Amazon, Nike

Case Study: –

6.Bain & Company


Description: Bain & Company is one of the biggest firms in the world. They have over 13,000 employees and offices across 37 countries. The firm is perhaps too large for early-stage companies and businesses, but they do provide consulting services in a number of industries and their ecosystem of digital innovators deliver faster and tailored outcomes.

Year Founded: 1973

Located: Boston, Massachusetts

Team Size: 14,000+ employees

Services: Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Enterprise Technology


Case Study: –



Description: This firm has a talented group of strategists, developers, and designers that consult across many verticals and try to understand the client’s vision and needs. Their integrated approach helps them identify opportunities to reach the right customers and increase engagement.

Year Founded: 2004

Located: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Team Size: 20-30 employees

Services: digital marketing, marketing strategy, web design

Clients: MLS Players Association, Comcast, Penn Law

Case Study: https://brolik.com/casestudy/56/the-original-brand-in-pediatric-crowns-gets-an-update

8.McKinsey Digital


Description: McKinsey Digital started as the IT service branch for the well-known McKinsey & Company Corporation. However, it quickly transformed into a digital lab that provides consulting in many different digital services including software, analytics, and design, to name a few.  The consulting firm has professionals that cross over 65 countries and clients in a variety of sectors including private, public, and social.

Year Founded: 2013

Located: New York, New York

Team Size: 10,000+ employees

Services: Digital Strategy, IT Operations, Enterprise Technology


Case Study: –



Description: SmartSites is a full-service consulting firm that has worked on over 700 projects. The diverse team of strategists and designers work closely with clients and pay attention to the smallest details to make sure projects meet a certain standard. 

Year Founded: 2011

Located: Paramus, New Jersey

Team Size: 60-70 employees

Services: Digital Marketing, PPC Marketing Consultancy, SEO Consultancy

Clients: AGA Truck Parts, Cut Sheet Labels, Harlem Grown

Cast Study: https://www.smartsites.com/case-studies/allied-glass-and-mirror-marketing/

10.Fair Marketing


Description: Fair Marketing works with enterprise businesses to help them increase online visibility and expand their customer base. The firm has strategists who advise and manage client campaigns throughout the partnership. 

Year Founded: 2005

Located: Spring, Texas

Team Size: 20-30 employees

Services: Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Email Marketing

Clients: SafeLink Wireless, PB Talent, Mercedes-Benz

Case Study: https://www.fairmarketing.com/case-studies/pb-talent-case-study/



Description: Their dynamic team of talent extends in all areas of internet marketing. Legnd wants to give their clients exceptional results by providing targeted marketing strategies that are proven. Legnd believes their team’s ability to execute is what differentiates them.

Year Founded: 2001

Located: Houston, Texas

Team Size: 10-20 employees

Services: SEO PPC Management, Marketing & Strategy

Clients: Team Roofing, Bayou Cajun, The Salad Station

Case Study: https://legnd.com/case-studies/new-orleans-school-of-cooking

12.V Digital Services


Description: This internet marketing consulting firm helps design strong marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Providing the right value with the best ROI is not easy for companies, but  V Digital Services works hard to execute this for all its clients.

Year Founded: 2013

Located: Phoenix, Arizona

Team Size: 70-80 employees

Services: SEO Strategy, Marketing Strategy


Case Study: https://www.vdigitalservices.com/client-success/

13.L7 Creative


Description: L7 Creative partners with clients to drive growth. The firm puts together custom plans and the team consults businesses with collaborative workshops. They consult, execute, and deliver winning strategies.

Year Founded: 2001

Located: Carlsbad, California

Team Size: 20-30 employees

Services: Branding Strategy, Digital Marketing

Clients: ISC Resources, True North, E3 Housing Solutions

Case Study: https://www.l7creative.com/work/phyto-pharma/

14.Spinx Digital


Description: Spinx Digital has an experienced team that understands the full scope of online marketing. They craft marketing strategies after evaluating markets and audiences that are specific to their clients. They have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Amazon, GE, NBC, and many more. 

Year Founded: 2005

Located: Los Angeles, California

Team Size: 60-70 employees

Services: Online Positioning & Strategy, Brand Development, Web Design

Clients: APC Packaging, Lavi, Splat

Case Study: https://www.spinxdigital.com/hbb-law-webdesign-casestudy/

15.Napier Marketing Group


Description: Napier Marketing Group offers strategic consulting that will translate across every digital platform. They work across a variety of industries and the team brings an exceptional level of expertise to help you across all marketing phases.

Year Founded: 1998

Located: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Team Size: 1-10 employees

Services: Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Consulting

Clients: Planned Furniture Promotions, Ashley Homestore, Simmons

Case Study: https://www.napiermkt.com/ultracomfort-brand-refresh.html


Deloitte marketing consulting firms

Description: Deloitte Digital has been a staple in the consulting world for many years. The company has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and excel in delivering services focused on three specific areas of transformation. This includes growth and marketing, marketing analytics and operations, and finally customer experience.

Year Founded: 2017

Located: New York, New York

Team Size: 300,000+ employees

Services: Strategy, Customer Experience, Branding

Clients: Metlife, Morgan Stanley, GM

Case Study: 

17.Forward Digital Consultancy

forwarddigtal marketing consulting firms

Description: This marketing consulting firm works in a number of different services. They are all about executing on strategy. Whether it’s online, social media, or other forms of online advertising, Forward Digital Consultancy helps develop and create proven online marketing strategies. 

Year Founded: 2016

Located: Pakistan

Team Size:  1-10 employees

Services: Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing

Clients: Tuition Highway, Aryoop, EFU Life

Case Study: http://www.fwddigi.com/#portfolio


brafton marketing consulting firms

Description: Brafton’s marketing consulting services can help you achieve the best results. They understand marketing takes constant effort and keeping up with the latest practices will be key to helping companies succeed.

Year Founded: 1998

Located: Boston, Massachusetts

Team Size: 100-110 employees

Services: Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing

Clients: Career Profiles, Concentric, IDI Billing

Case Study: https://www.brafton.com/clients/case-studies/how-braftons-multiasset-content-strategy-delivered-5-years-of-results-for-jagged-peak/

19.CMG Partners

cmgpartners marketing consulting firms

Description: CMG Partners establish new ways to create a strong brand and customer relationships. They use marketing strategies to help your business grow and realize market potential. Their team of consultants are creative thinkers and committed to helping clients succeed.

Year Founded: 1998

Located: Durham, North Carolina

Team Size: 110-120 employees

Services: Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy, Strategy Consulting

Clients: Anterix, Ulta Beauty, Philips Lighting

Case Study: 

20.The Brandon Agency

brandonagency marketing consulting firms

Description: The Brandon Agency specializes in B2B, financial services, and many other industries. The firm is digital at its core and their unique skill set allows them to help clients grow. They are certified as brand strategists and focus on aligning business objectives with strong marketing strategies to deliver the best results. 

Year Founded: 1959

Located: Charleston, South Carolina

Team Size: 80-90 employees

Services: brand strategy, media, social media

Clients: Green Giant, Daytona Beach, FireDisc

Case Study: https://www.thebrandonagency.com/work/crescom/

21.Advanced Marketing Strategies

advancedmarketing marketing consulting firms

Description: This firm discovers opportunities and effective marketing strategies to help clients reach profitability and performance. Advanced Marketing Strategies doesn’t provide general solutions or templates but approach each client with personalized teams.

Year Founded: 1987

Located: San Diego, California

Team Size: 10-20 employees

Services: Marketing Advertising, Strategic Planning

Clients: Henry’s Marketplace, Quechan Casino, Golden Gate Paper

Case Study: https://www.am-strategies.com/home/portfolio/

22.MediaSite Inc

mediasite marketing consulting firms

Description: This firm helps in all areas of marketing from planning to strategy and results. They specialize in brand development/content and want to help clients reach amazing results through comprehensive marketing plans and design.

Year Founded: 1998

Located: Huntington Beach, California

Team Size: 10-20 employees

Services: Marketing Planning, Creative Strategy, Social Media

Clients: Grace Athletics, Christina Sun, AS Sneakers

Case Study: https://www.mediasiteinc.com/project-5

23.CBD Marketing

cbdmarketing marketing consulting firms

Description: CBD Marketing helps clients with complex marketing challenges. Their widespread capabilities in a number of different industries including B2B, B2C, are game-changing. The solutions they provide drive results and bring success for clients. 

Year Founded: 1988

Located: Chicago, Illinois 

Team Size: 50-60 employees

Services: marketing, branding strategy, social media marketing

Clients: Whirlpool, Firestone, Stout

Case Study: https://www.cbdmarketing.com/work/featured-stories/whirlpool-corporation


kae marketing consulting firms

Description: Kae has worked in the following industries; payment, lending, banking, fintech, and telco. The marketing strategies are primarily focused on three particular areas including acquisition, retention, and go-to-market. Their strategic approach starts with a clear understanding of customers, markets, and competitors. 

Year Founded: 1969

Located: London, England

Team Size: 110-120 employees

Services: market research, acquisition, marketing strategy


Case Study:

25.Beck Media & Marketing

beck-media_logo marketing consulting firms

Description: A combination of strategic communication and marketing initiatives helps Beck Media drive business impact for clients. Their diverse team executes across a variety of channels including media relations, influencer marketing, marketing activations, and brand road-mapping. Using these channels, Beck Media creates the most effective blueprint for success.

Year Founded: 1999

Located: Santa Monica, California

Team Size: 30-40 employees

Services: Influencer Marketing, PR

Clients: Hulu, Netflix, Twitter

Case Study:

26.Customer Magnetism

customer-magnetism_logo marketing consulting firms

Description: Customer Magnetism has strong values and principles that ensure satisfaction for all clients they work with. The agency started as an SEO-focused team, but quickly expanded its expertise to full-digital services. The team at Customer Magnetism is dedicated, hardworking, and experts at delivering quality results.

Year Founded: 2000

Located: Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Team Size: 10 – 20 employees

Services: Social Media, Paid Search, Organic Search

Clients: Canteen, Echo, Bric Language Systems

Case Study:


Description: Driven by their purpose of helping their clients become the next and best versions of themselves, Accenture is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud, and security. Caring deeply about what they do and the impact they have on their clients and audiences, the consulting firm creates 360 degree value by embracing change and making it work for their clients’ businesses. Ranked #1 in their industry on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies, Accenture is a leading firm that will take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Year Founded: 1989

Located: Dublin, Ireland (with offices all around the world)

Team Size: 10,001+ employees

Services: Management Consulting, Systems Integration and Technology, Business Process Outsourcing

Clients: Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft

Case Study: Sun Chemical

28.Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Description: Solving the world’s biggest problems with instinct and imagination, Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm that seeks to unlock the potential of leaders in business and society. A pioneer in and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy, the consulting firm depends on vast collaboration and a diverse community to reach success. Empowering organizations to grow, have competitive advantage, and drive impact, BCG helps their clients thrive and be salient within their industries.

Year Founded: 1963

Located: Boston, MA

Team Size: 10,001+ employees

Services: Marketing & Sales, Corporate Development, Consumer Insight

Clients: IBM, Meta, Google Cloud

Case Study: Pandora

29.Alvarez & Marsal (A&M)

Description: A leading global professional services firm, Alvarez & Marsal helps its clients when conventional approaches are not enough to achieve results and have an impact. With a community of over 6,000 people across 4 continents,  the consulting firm helps organizations catapult growth through decisive and purposeful action. Alvarez & Marsal is a firm like no other; it will push your company’s marketing efforts beyond insights and will stand by your side to get you through the challenges you face.

Year Founded: 1983

Located: New York, NY

Team Size: 5,001-10,000 employees

Services: Corporate Performance Improvement, Private Equity Services, Restructuring and Turnaround

Clients: N/A

Case Study: N/A


Description: With the goal of building trust in society and solving its most important problems, PWC is a multinational professional services network of firms that provides services across two segments ー trust and consulting solutions. Helping companies undergo their most pressing challenges, the consulting firm is composed of a community of solvers that combine tech, ingenuity, and experience into the same mix. PwC makes decisions with forethought, all with the goal of achieving your company’s goals.

Year Founded: 1998

Located: London, England (with officers all around the world)

Team Size: 10,001+ employees

Services: Strategy, Audit and Assurance, Consulting

Clients: Bank of America, American International Group, Chase

Case Study: Chipotle


Description: Helping create long-term value for clients and society, Ernst & Young (EY) is one of the largest multinational professional services networks in the world. Considered one of the Big Four accounting firms, it offers a diverse range of services from consulting to transaction services to help their clients tackle their challenges. With the purpose of building a better working world for all, EY will help you capitalize on new opportunities and deliver responsible growth. 

Year Founded: 1989

Located: London, England (with offices all around the world)

Team Size: 10,001+ employees

Services: Strategy by EY-Parthenon, Consulting, Tax 

Clients: Hewlett Packard, Verizon, Coca Cola

Case Study: Consignor

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