Top AI Marketing Tools in 2024

Top AI Marketing Tools in 2024

Empower your marketing with AI tools designed for growth. Find the best solutions for social, content, and business development.
Top AI Marketing Tools (Free and Paid)

It is estimated that AI will drive 95% of all customer interactions by 2025. How will this impact marketing? Campaign managers, creatives, copywriters, and many more divisions of marketing provide strategic insights and optimizations from data every day. We spend countless hours researching, writing, and analyzing our campaigns – and for good reason.

But there are more effective ways to achieve our goals. AI isn’t going to change your marketing efforts, but it will help identify effective campaigns, meaningful content, and create dynamic customer experiences.

Looking for marketing efficiencies? Look no further; connect with our experts.

AI Tools For Copywriting

  1. Kafkai
  2. Narrato AI
  3. Copy.AI
  6. Instatext
  7. Sudowrite

AI personalized & automated campaigns

  1. Albert AI
  3. Howler AI
  4. MarketMuse
  5. Pattern89

Brand Reputation Tracking

  1. Brand24
  2. NetBase

Email Marketing

  1. Phrasee
  2. Seventh Sense
  3. Automizy

Personalized Experience

  1. Crystalknows
  2. Personalize
  3. Fullstory (UX)
  4. Algolia (UX)


  2. Oribi

Supplementary Software

  1. Synthesia
  2. Beautiful.Ai
  3. Headline Studio
  4. ManyChat
  5. ChatGPT
  6. DALL E 2

Why use AI Powered Marketing Tools?

AI tools are capable of analyzing vast amounts of information across a variety of platforms – from social media to email to the web. The TL’DR is efficiency, predictive analytics, personalization, and content production. 

AI allows you to break free from tactical execution and data processing. Do you need content fast? Some tools produce SEO at the speed of light, giving your content a solid starting point. Do you spend endless hours on repetitive tasks? Use the power of automation to save hundreds of hours.

How is AI used in targeted marketing today?

AI plays an important role in managing customer relationships, understanding customer needs, and delivering personalized experiences. All decisions are aimed at improving customer engagement, and service, and creating more targeted marketing campaigns.

While the algorithm ingests historical and experimental data, it is systematically updated to scale the highest-performing creative content and campaigns. A result is an optimized approach to achieving business goals and return on investment.

The Case for AI in Marketing

Increasing competition for customer attention requires marketers to take every advantage to optimize reach, engagement, personalization and conversion. Marketers across all industries and disciplines are working to optimize their marketing efforts and effectiveness by leveraging the wealth of data available to them. Many are turning to tools and platforms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

If you’re spending hours analyzing data and searching for insights, you probably don’t have the time to develop the macro strategy to drive revenue for your business. Are you busy copying and pasting data between Google Sheets? Are you fixating on the most optimal campaign you can run? Make sure your blog post is SEO-optimized.

The Top 29 AI Marketing Tools in 2024

Manually handling these tasks might make you feel in the moment, that you’re getting more done, and working harder. You’re definitely working harder, but getting more done is questionable when you have tools that can take tasks off your plate. 

This list includes tools that can do the work of 3-5 people in 3-5 minutes. Best of all, a handful of these tools are free.

AI Marketing Tools For Copywriting

1. Kafkai

Pricing: Writer $29/mo | Newsroom $49/mo | Printing Press $129/mo | Industrial Printer $199/mo

Blog writing and content product is a necessity for most business. Often, content creation remains a bottleneck, especially for small businesses with limited bandwidth. Kafkai helps automate this by training a common writing model for popular SEO niches. The AI can create custom content from scratch on a variety of topics.

The model has been trained on specific popular content niches and allows you to tag an article with a paragraph or idea to work on. 


2. Narrato AI

Pricing: Starting $36 per month (4 user seats included)

Narrato is a new-generation AI tool designed to simplify content creation and marketing. With intelligent AI capabilities, it can assist with brainstorming ideas, generating content, conducting keyword research, improving existing content, and much more.

The most unique feature on Narrato Workspace is the AI Content Genie, which is essentially a writer, SEO specialist, and content strategist, all rolled into one. Simply share your website URL and preferred themes, and it generates a variety of ready-to-use blog pieces and social media posts.

Besides this AI autopilot for content marketing, there is also an AI content assistant that comes with over 100 different AI tools and templates for content ideation, SEO planning, and writing assistance with blogs, ads, copy, product descriptions, email content, social posts, AI images, and more.

That’s not all, Narrato is a complete AI content workspace, providing a range of other features for content project and team management and collaboration. This eliminates the need to deal with multiple tools.


3. Copy.AI

Pricing: Free | Pro $49/mo

It is easier to edit a draft than to start from scratch. automates the writing process to produce copy faster. It’s as simple as deciding on a topic, key information, and tone. Enjoy a blog, social post, or landing page in seconds.


Pricing: Free-$13/month

Need content fast, quick, and in a hurry? How about 1500 words in 15 seconds? Writesonic takes a three-step approach to deliver blog posts and SEO-optimized articles. This won’t be replacing your content writers anytime soon, but it gives your team a headstart. 

First, you choose a topic. The AI-powered tool then provides you with ideas and guides you through the introduction and body of the article. Finally, click submit to create an article. 

Writesonic includes a paraphrasing tool, text expander, product description, and other features as part of its powerful engine.



Pricing: Free | Premium $9.99/mo | Premium for Teams (Unspecified)

We live in a world where most communication is done via text, Slack, email, and other platforms. Remote work will continue to exist so we need to learn how to communicate appropriately through these channels.

Take control of your tone in Slack, text, and email with Wordtune. Make sure your message comes across the way you meant it to. With this comprehensive chrome program, users can sound official or informal. Plus, you can compress, edit, or even lengthen the message.

Below is a screenshot of how the platform operates within its native editor. 


Pricing: Free | Premium $9.99/mo | Premium for Teams (Unspecified)

6. Instatext

Pricing: Per User $29.99/mo | Business & Scholars (Unspecified)

InstaText is an easy-to-use writing and editing tool that helps you rewrite your text so that you’re understood and perceived as a professional. InstaText improves styling and word choice, corrects grammatical errors, and enriches your content to make it more readable and understandable than any other product we’ve seen.

InstaText makes it easy to take rough drafts of articles and marketing copy to the next level without nearly as much time and effort. InstaText was used to update this article, and we’ve used it for most of the content we’ve published since we discovered this awesome tool. Below is an example of how we used the editor in the introduction of this article. 


 7. Sudowrite

Pricing: Hobby & Student $19/mo | Professional 29$/mo | Max $129/mo

Writer’s block is a thing of the past, at least that’s the goal of Sudowrite. This useful AI-driven text generator is programmed to take your input, usually just a few sentences long, and creatively expand it using Natural Language Processing to build your story with the same themes and characters. Sudowrite was recently praised in a New Yorker article called “The Computers Are Getting Better at Writing” and it’s no surprise because the potential is incredible and could help thousands of bloggers and writers overcome a lack of creativity. So you provide a text and let the machines do the writing.


AI For Personalized & Automated Campaigns

1. Albert AI 

Pricing: Paid (Unspecified)

Albert AI is your self-learning ally in digital marketing, solving the biggest challenges in digital advertising through optimization and personalization. By analyzing big data to run campaigns on its own and using its self-learning software, the tool improves your marketing strategy’s precision, intelligence, and efficiency. In addition, the tool analyzes audiences and tactical data at scale, allocates budgets and evolves campaigns across channels.

Through insights and a learning agenda, strategic planning and innovation, and 360-degree campaign consulting, Albert AI helps marketers build a strong brand and audience engagement. First, the tool analyzes the unanalyzable with an intelligent collection of over 200 different capabilities. Then it takes action to find potential customers, run test campaigns with them, and refine those campaigns for a wider audience across multiple media channels.  

Albert AI


Pricing: Paid (Unspecified)

Smartly is an AI-powered ad marketing solution that enables teams to design, test, and publish the best-performing ads for their target audience.

With Smartly, your ads are automatically updated in real-time. Achieve the highest conversion rates by using predictive algorithms that automatically adjust your audiences, ads, budgets, and bids to meet your performance goals.

Thanks to integrations with several popular networks like Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram, businesses can manage all their ad campaigns from a single dashboard.


3.  Howler AI

Pricing: Paid $8,000/mo

Need PR, but don’t have the bandwidth to research journalists and write personalized pitches? AI can help with that, too. Howler AI helps you formulate your pitch and then uses its algorithm to create a customized list of journalists who’re a perfect fit for your niche. Howler AI also automates the contact process, and once you receive a response, a face-to-face introduction takes place to finalize the partnership.

4. MarketMuse

Pricing: Free | Standard $7,200/yr | Premium $12,000/yr*

MarketMuse helps content marketers dramatically reduce the time spent on competitive analysis, SEO, and content research with artificial intelligence. This tool reads your content to check the relevance of a page for your main keyword. It then provides keyword insights and recommendations for improvements that will ultimately lead to better search result rankings and more organic traffic. MarketMuse can also help with content creation. For example, you can give the AI marketing platform a topic that provides a complete outline for a new article, with relevant sections and headings that save content creators a lot of time in the research phase.

Below is a screenshot of the analysis of this blog post during editing. The score shows where it ranks among its topical (keyword) competitors. To increase the score, the insights on the research tab show additional topics that are also relevant. 


5. Pattern89

Pricing: Free

Pattern89 is a marketing AI tool for digital ads that helps clients optimize campaigns and creative elements such as images, colors, or emojis. It can analyze almost 3,000 different creative dimensions to find the right combination of creative elements that will achieve the highest ROI. This tool can be a game changer for any brand heavily invested in Google, Facebook, and Instagram (basically any brand).

As you can see from the sample dashboard, Pattern89 goes beyond simply telling you which ads are performing best. Instead, it provides actionable insights into ad types (placement, format) and specific image attributes (alignment, text, number of faces in the image, etc.).


AI Brand Reputation Tracking Tools

1. Brand24 

Pricing: Individual $39/mo | Team $99/mo | Pro $149/mo | Enterprise $249/mo

The customer is the foundation of any business. So shouldn’t every company know how its customers feel?

Nowadays, sentiment can change instantly, and bad reviews can be detrimental. But unfortunately, the reality is that the exponential growth of the internet makes it impossible to manually track every single piece of communication from your customers.

Brand24 allows you to track feedback (good and bad) in real-time in one centralized location. You get reports ranging from marketing analytics to every mention of your brand on social media, news, blogs, videos, and more.


2. NetBase

Pricing: Paid (Unspecified)

Brands have been using social media listening for years, but NetBase takes it a step further by augmenting it with machine learning and deep learning. NetBase’s AI-powered technology analyzes millions of conversations on social media to provide real-time insights into audience reactions to your latest brand news and updates. These insights can help marketers protect the health of their brand, improve crisis management or boost campaign performance.

Below is an example of a dashboard a social media marketing team might use. Teams can customize dashboards for the brands, platforms, and analytics that matter most.    


AI Email Marketing Tools

1. Phrasee 

Pricing: Paid (Unspecified)

Creating captivating copy has never been easier. In customer and prospect communications. Phrasee integrates artificial intelligence and deep learning to understand historical customer data. It then automates based testing based on its learnings to determine which text performs best across numerous marketing campaigns. As a result, texts become more engaging and compelling.

Another portion of Phrasee’s comprehensive offering is its brand language optimization competence. The system captures the brand language and adapts to each stage of the customer journey. The tool provides you with consistent language that improves automatically. As a result, you can expect an overall increase in opens, clicks, and conversions. As the tool becomes more informed and sophisticated with the help of experiments.


2. Seventh Sense


Hubspot – Business $80/mo | Enterprise (Unspecified)

Marketo – Business $450/mo | Enterprise (Unspecified)

Seventh Sense is AI software that helps you maximize the performance and engagement of your email marketing campaigns and programs. This platform has already helped hundreds of businesses get noticed amidst competing email campaigns and crowded inboxes. This tool optimizes your email deliverability, increases engagement, and boosts conversion rates by determining the perfect time to send your email campaign.

Seventh Sense determines the best send time and frequency for the emails you create. This allows you to reach your customers at a time when they are most likely to engage, increasing the likelihood that they will open the email and move deeper into your brand’s marketing funnel.  

The only setback is this software can only be utilized by users of HubSpot and Marketo

Seventh Sense

3. Automizy 

Pricing: Subscriber Based Pricing ($9 – $119+)

Automizy is an AI tool for email marketing that makes testing and optimizing email subject lines much easier. The tool provides detailed analytics and simple A/B testing, helping marketers improve email open rates and get the most out of their campaigns.


AI Personalized Experience Tools

1. Crystalknows

Pricing: Free Trial | Other plans (Unspecified)

Your company is in the process of solving a problem. You probably have some idea of why this problem fits the target audience. But that barely scratches the surface of really understanding the buyer. How effective is your solution if you are not able to communicate effectively with the potential customer?

The Crystal artificial intelligence platform uncovers the psychographic characteristics and conversational preferences of individuals. It uses a proven psychological test called DISC as its foundation. Then Crystal makes real-time recommendations on the words, phrases, styles, and tones you should use or avoid. As a salesperson, you are able to develop a tailored approach to your buyer’s psychographic needs.


2. Personalize

Pricing: Light $69/mo | Plus $119/mo | Premium $219/mo. (All plans are billed annually)

Personalize is your tool to find out what your target audience is interested in. It’s an AI-powered personalization tool that pinpoints the products and services people are most interested in, for every contact in the top 3 of your database, based on their persona psychographics. Identifying each customer’s interests at a given point in time allows businesses to promote the right product or service at the right time.

Personalize provides the exact data your business needs to tailor your automated email campaigns to your target audiences, helping your email marketing and content strategy reach new heights. With this tool, you’ll be able to send the right messages, tailored specifically to your customers, at the perfect time, while gaining insights that will help you optimize your marketing efforts.


3. Fullstory (UX)

Pricing: Enterprise & Business (Unspecified)

Marketing teams around the world know the headaches of maintaining a website. There’s always a “reason” a website is underperforming. But making drastic changes to websites based on a hunch has the potential to lead to long-term problems.

Fullstory’s digital experience intelligence software identifies the behaviors and patterns that lead to conversions. Get a holistic view of why your customers convert and identify friction points in the customer journey. As a result, you can debug your website sooner and optimize your website for the user experience your customers deserve.

Fullstory is an open API that you are welcome to integrate with other marketing platforms.


4. Algolia (UX)

Pricing: Free | Algolia Search $1.00 per 1,000 requests/mo | Algolia Recommended $0.60 per 1,000 requests/mo

Algolia is popular with entertainment and e-commerce companies. With Algolia, individual consumers get customized search engines and a unique discovery experience. Plus, the platform constantly updates in less than 10 seconds. For you as a marketer, this means that once you’ve done the heavy lifting and led your target audience to your web page, you can sit back and let the AI provide your potential customers with what they want.

Algolia’s technology is similar to Netflix’s program suggestions based on previously consumed content. Algolia duplicates this within the Buyer’s Journey, shortening the time it takes customers to get to what they want, or better yet, what they don’t know they want.


AI Data Tools


Pricing: Axiom Starter $15/mo | Axiom Pro $50/mo | Axiom Buisness $150/mo | Axiom Platinu $250/mo

Manual data retrieval is no longer a necessary evil. With, you can now use bots to retrieve data from Google Docs, Linkedin, Amazon, Google, and many other sources. 

In’s intuitive platform you can automatically set up a workhorse (bot) to pull your data from multiple platforms in minutes.’s artificial intelligence uses a Chrome extension and works in 3 simple steps.


2. Oribi 

Pricing: Paid (Unspecified)

Oribi uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to find actionable insights in your analytics data and quickly improve your results. Oribi eliminates the need for developers by automatically tracking every button click and event on your website without the hassle of setup. Events are also updated when you make changes to your website. In addition, Oribi’s optimization features let you figure out what’s working, what’s not, and how to get more conversions.


Supplementary AI Software & Tools

1. Synthesia 

Pricing: Personal $30/mo | Corporate (Unspecified)

Synthesia enables marketers to create professional-looking AI videos from text in minutes. With Synthesia, you can easily create stunning business videos for corporate training and communications, personalized sales and customer success videos, e-commerce product videos, e-learning, and more.

So say goodbye to actors, film crews, and expensive equipment; use AI the next time you need a “human” to shoot a simple video.


2. Beautiful.Ai 

Pricing: Pro $12/mo | Team $50/user/mo | Enterprise (Unspecified) is aimed at people who simply want to convey information for presentations but don’t like playing designer. With’s elegant and eye-pleasing templates, presenters can choose a template that suits their needs, insert the information, enter the brand standard, and let the artificial intelligence adjust accordingly.

This includes adjusting the size of texts and images automatically. So, all you’ve to do is take care of the information.

3. Headline Studio

Pricing: Free

With Headline Studio, you get what you might expect. An artificially intelligent tool whose sole purpose is to make sure that your headlines are SEO-optimized and attention-grabbing. Moreover, this system offers recommendations for your headlines to outdo your competitors, optimize for SEO, and increase traffic. Make sure your articles get read by starting with the most important part.

4. ManyChat

Pricing: Free | Pro $15/mo | Custom (Unspecified)

As chatbot marketing becomes more popular, ManyChat’s platform helps simplify the process. Instead of designing a full journey map for your chatbot, ManyChat offers easy integration with Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more. It can be optimized for almost any business goal (collecting lead information, sending coupon codes, remarketing, etc.) and also provides a robust analytics platform to track success.


5. ChatGPT


Pricing: Free | Pro $20/mo

ChatGPT is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI. It uses deep learning algorithms to generate human-like responses to text inputs. This allows ChatGPT to converse with users in a natural and intuitive way, providing a more engaging and personalized experience. ChatGPT is designed to handle a wide range of topics and can be integrated into various platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, and messaging apps.

This disruptive technology will change the way we work. It’s important to investigate the utility of these tools. There are likely thousands of applications that have not been developed or thought of yet. Those who can wheel this tool will put themselves in a position to advance. Those who ignore it will be left behind.

6. DALL E 2

Dall E

Pricing: Free

DALL·E is an artificial intelligence program developed by OpenAI that uses deep learning algorithms to generate unique and diverse images from textual descriptions. DALL-E’s architecture is based on transformer networks, which allows it to handle complex relationships between textual and visual elements. The program has been trained on a massive dataset of images and captions, allowing it to generate high-quality images of anything described in the textual input.

This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way images are generated and used in various industries think about all the amazing Ads you could generate in seconds. With its ability to generate diverse and creative images, DALL-E can help businesses to visualize and bring their ideas to life in new and innovative ways.

A Simple Strategy for Building Your AI Tool Stack

There are plenty of tools to get lost in. It can be difficult to narrow down which will be most effective in supporting your business. From personalized UX experience to copywriting to automated paid social campaigns. It’s easy to get lost. Here’s how to break this down.


Determine how much budget you have before overcommitting to a product 

  • How many words will you need per month?
  • How many users will need access?
  • Does your team have the time to train and learn this software? (This is where you need to consider the time involved) 

What are your needs versus your wants?

Take a step back and get a picture of your monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Once you have figured that out, consider which of these tools will get you there the fastest.

Take another step back, and to the right. Which of these great tools are you looking at because it’s just fun to work with? Does it fit the company’s goals and get you where you want to go the fastest?

Write a list of pros and cons to narrow down your choices.


There are 7 groups of AI tools. Select 1-2 that align with your monthly, quarterly, or annual goals. Now select 1-2 tools from this group to test.

Test this method for 2-3 weeks with each tool. If it works, keep it, if not, discard it and move on to the next. The promise of digital marketing and AI is exciting. As these highly intelligent artificial platforms continue to digest and integrate data, they will enable us to do our jobs better.

If you are looking for a growth partner that can help you achieve the business outcomes you’re working towards, we’d love to help your brand achieve your goals. If not, we hope these AI growth marketing tools have already helped you develop and test new ideas.

Ryan Sylvestre
Ryan is a Growth Marketing Manager who focuses primarily on SEO with experience in content strategy, link building, HubSpot, and conversion rate optimization.


I’ll definitely test some of these out, especially the content ones.

It’s interesting to think of how much content you could create just by being an editor. Use AI Writer to create the first draft, then edit to find the right angle and tone. Then use MarketMuse to edit for SEO.

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