15 Best AI Copywriting Tools in 2022

15 Best AI Copywriting Tools in 2022

Keep up with the increasing need to produce large volumes of content (long-form or short-form) with the best AI copywriting tools.

Copy comes in many shapes or forms, from long-form (think: blogs, website copy) to short-form (think: ad copy, social media captions, headlines). Each serves its own purpose, be it grasping attention early on or establishing thought leadership in a given area. Moreover, each has its own unique value for marketers — and the ability to master crafting compelling copy, as we all know, is crucial to a marketing strategy that drives results.

But in today’s context, there is an increasing need for content creation, and marketers need to produce more copy than ever in order to maintain success. 

Content marketing as a growth strategy exploded in the late 2000s and has only been accelerating since then. Today, with the exponentially increasing amount of copy available that is online — ranging from websites to blogs, emails, social media, and more — the necessity of putting out larger amounts of writing is increasingly important. The ultimate goal is to drive high-intent organic traffic by standing out from all the noise and fluff that crowds the web. 

By sharing quality long-form content, brands position themselves as trusted sources in their respective industries, thus building credibility, trust, and loyalty. Content has become a sure way to share unique and niche perspectives, to be educational, and sometimes even provocative. 

The significance of long-form content — and the process of establishing thought leadership in a given area — rests upon its compounding return on investment. Compared to short-form content, long-form content has a lower turnover rate and performs better in SEO. In fact, the average word count for content ranked in Google’s top 10 search results is more than 2,000 words. 

However, this is not to say that short-form content should be overlooked. Despite its high turnover rate, its true impact lies somewhere else and in a format different from long-form content aimed to highlight a brand’s expertise and trustworthiness. Short-form copy is effective in quickly getting across points to an audience without a large time commitment. It is especially effective on channels such as paid or organic social, where the goal is to capture the short attention span of an audience with powerful, punchy, and outstanding copy. Short-form copy also allows for rapid experimentation to identify what messaging and strategy resonates with the audience the most. A successful content marketing strategy balances both long-form, thought leadership content and short-form marketing copy to reach an impact on their audience.

Of course, copywriting requires an investment and dedication in effort and time — especially when it comes to the need to keep up with the need to continuously put out thought leadership content while also producing short copy that’s more attention-grabbing. Fortunately, emerging technologies such as GPT3 and AI have enabled products and tools that further advance content marketing strategy by streamlining the writing process, providing solutions for writers to cope with writing block or a lack of creativity, and even generating actual writing by itself. While GPT3 is a new version of a deep-learning neural network with the ability to auto-generate text  2(A.K.A. create content for you), here are 15 of the best AI tools in 2022 to help with copywriting — be it short-form or long-form.

1. CopyAI

CopyAI is a solution to writer’s block, with its main feature revolving around the AI’s ability to generate content for you after you provide it with a sample excerpt about what your content needs to discuss. CopyAI just requires a brief explanation of what you need, and although 10-30 words will suffice, longer and more thorough inputs with more relevant information (such as audience and occasion) will produce better results. CopyAI can generate various samples, which you can then save, use, and modify for your content.

2. Jarvis AI

Jarvis AI is similar to CopyAI in how it allows users to define their desired content and helps create that content. Jarvis AI is very user-friendly and provides various templates that range from product descriptions to social media and emails. Jarvis also provides multiple options for you to select your desired tone. You can also utilize its built-in writing features to improve the content further by expanding your sentences, rewriting them, or even generating more persuasive copy.

3. Copysmith

Copysmith, powered by GPT3, is great for creating copy such as blog ideas, introductions, meta descriptions, headlines, primary text, landing page text, and even content rewriting in multiple languages. It also offers templates to choose from. Copysmith can write an actual blog post after you input an audience, blog post title, keywords, and a sample paragraph.

4. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy helps you write long-form content in a short time and create unique sales copy. It has many features, including a growing templates library, a more expansive lookup to avoid word repetition, and a feature called Megatron that allows you to outline and write copy based on trending topics by gathering data from search engines. Megatron does the research for you: when you input your search query, it suggests headings and subheadings for you to select, and then composes writing for each heading.

5. Headlime

Headlime extends beyond copywriting and is an all-purpose tool. A unique strength of Headline is that it can add creativity and you can alter the tone of voice. Headlime can create an entire blog post, build an entire landing page (and not just text), create FAQs, survey questions, privacy and cookie policies, and more. On top of it all, Headlime has a versatile dashboard that offers a smooth user experience that covers all its marketing tools in one location.

6. Writesonic

Writesonic has added new features that have now made it one of the best AI writing software and tools for copywriting, with the basis of its main features being similar to CopyAI and Copysmith. Writesonic is able to create short-form content, such as ad copy, product descriptions, SEO meta tags, and emails, and produce various samples for you to choose from. Writesonic is also able to create an entire landing page able for immediate use in marketing campaigns, as well as generate multiple variations of them for you to choose from. Writesonic’s other features include its AI article writer for writing blog posts very quickly and a brainstorming feature to aid writer’s block.

7. Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI has features for short-form content generation, but it also has unique features that set it apart from other AI writing software. Some examples include providing an email template for startup pitches to venture capitals or angel investors, or providing website creation ideas when you’re stuck on the stage of populating your website. They have a Content Extender and Remix option, where Content Extender transforms sentences and bullet points into more complex creative copywriting, and you have the freedom to customize the tone and length. Remix allows you to generate variations of your content.

8. Rytr

Rytr can create many types of content, and is able to write copy with more than a dozen types of tones and generate multiple variations. However, note that Rytr’s AI is meant for short-form content and is not suitable for long-form. There is a seamless editing experience with Rytr, since rather than copying and pasting their content to edit elsewhere, Rytr allows you to edit it right on the platform, as well as use its features of expanding, shortening, rephrasing, and joining sentences.

9. Anyword

Anyword aims to help marketers and enterprises gain traffic and conversions and uses A/B testing to allow users to forecast the impact of keywords on product sales with its Predictive Performance Score. Other features include original text suggestions to create text variations, text personalization where you’re able to optimize phrases for better responses, and ad account integration where you are suggested predictions and optimizations customized for your advertisement.

10. Wordtune

Wordtune is the best AI tool to use if the goal is content rephrasing. It uses multiple language models to rephrase sentences and ultimately work to create content that is more engaging, compelling, and digestible. Additionally, apart from its paraphrasing feature and ability to rewrite content in a more fluid and readable way, Wordtune also offers a smart paste feature, thesaurus-based real-time suggestions, customizations in sentence length and style, and integration with social media platforms and other business tools.

11. InstaText

InstaText is a simple AI-based tool that edits and improves your text in an effort to make it more enjoyable and readable. It automates the process the rewriting, correcting spelling, and grammatical errors, which finalizes content to sound more professional and ready for publishing. InstaText is very simple and its features stick to the range of autocorrect, grammar check, tone check, sentence formatting, rephrasing, and engagement metrics.

12. INK Editor

INK Editor combines the features of AI co-writing – which writes, rewrites, expands, and simplifies sentences – and an SEO assistant. It has a patented AI system that offers suggestions to improve your SEO score, or help you create content that will lead you to rank higher on search engines and gain more traffic. INK Editor’s other features enhance content visibility, such as meta optimization, sentiment analysis, accessibility modes, content readability scores, and offers WordPress integration.

13. Sapling

Sapling is the perfect AI writing assistant for sales, support messages, and other customer-facing teams. It works with messaging platforms and CRMs to help sales and support teams respond to customers with personalized messages. Its features include an autocomplete tool for faster drafting, performance-based reporting, the option to loop in a real human for customer responses, and a message repository for inserting preformatted text.

14. Article Forge

Article Forge creates high-quality, human-like, content very efficiently and quickly. It researches your keywords, gathers information through reading articles about it, and generates a new article that is both plagiarism-free and SEO-friendly. Article Forge has the capability to generate bulk content, create higher visibility by adding visuals, links, and titles, and help structure your posting schedule. In addition to being able to write in seven languages, Article Forge has a great user experience as it is equipped with integration with several other tools to streamline your content marketing processes.

15. AI Writer

AI Writer is a strong tool for short-form content and can help you rewrite copy or create it from scratch. It can save up to 33% of writing time, by simply entering a topic headline or keyword and allowing the software to scrape information from the web to generate an article for you. It is suitable for SEO writers and has an auto-blogging feature and a built-in inspiration feature.

More and more, AI tools and solutions become integral parts of marketers, enabling them to increase output both in terms of quality and quantity. There is still a vast area of unknowns regarding what the future may hold for AI and machine-learning algorithms. However, with ever-growing content and information on the internet, AI has already proven to be efficient at simplifying the processes of generating information and streamlining the processes of content creation. 

It’s important to keep in mind that there is still a significant difference between human writing and AI writing; in fact, there is also a significant difference between AI-assisted writing versus AI-generated copywriting. The key is achieving a balance between the speed and efficiency that AI offers and the strategy and judgment that comes from humans. Copywriting and content creation are moving towards embracing the benefits of AI technology, which increases the value and quality of content produced as part of any growth strategy.


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