27 Best Shopify Marketing Agencies in 2021

27 Best Shopify Marketing Agencies in 2021

For more than a decade, Shopify has helped businesses of all sizes transition to the digital space. What started as a simple online store itself, Shopify quickly pivoted and transitioned...

For more than a decade, Shopify has helped businesses of all sizes transition to the digital space. What started as a simple online store itself, Shopify quickly pivoted and transitioned to becoming the go-to e-commerce platform. Today Shopify has over 800,000 customers and has yearly revenues of well over $1.5 billion. It’s quite amazing to see how far the e-commerce platform has come since its inception. Currently, the total sales for businesses that run through Shopify stores exceed $50 billion and the e-commerce platform has created strong integrations and efficient technology that pretty much lets any entrepreneur start their own business online. However, as simple as it is, there are still best practices and strategies necessary to execute a fast-growing Shopify store. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established brand, creating a beautiful, simple, but powerful Shopify website can be the difference between having a failing business and a real scalable brand. As Shopify’s presence has grown, so have the experts that can execute on this platform. These established agencies and teams can help your business and brand build a strong Shopify website and get you the best ROI. These Shopify marketing agencies can assist in everything including design, development, strategy, and growth marketing. There are thousands of agencies that work on the Shopify platform, but we’ve put together this list of some of the best.

Here are the top 25 Shopify marketing agencies in 2021:

  1. NoGood
  2. Lamb Agency
  3. Digital Cake
  4. Seoplus+
  5. Kota
  6. 45 RPM
  7. Creatur
  8. Web Bureau
  9. Zibtek
  10. Art & Science Digital Experience Design
  11. Mobiteam
  12. FarSiight
  13. Third and Grove
  14. Emote Digital
  15. Rebel Rabbit 
  16. Rainfactory
  17. Meta Creative
  18. Blueswitch
  19. Bold Commerce
  20. iamota
  21. Ethercycle
  22. Pixel Union
  23. Abel Sense 
  24. Avex
  25. Plus 972
  26. AbsoluteWeb
  27. eCom Allies


NoGood Agency

Description: NoGood is an expert in the DTC and e-commerce industry and has developed numerous Shopify digital plans for brands. The agency has a data-driven e-commerce growth marketing approach and executes for clients based on proven tactics to drive results. In 2020, NoGood worked with a Shopify e-commerce store and helped achieve some impressive results including a 187% increase in revenue, a 50% decrease in CAC, and 3x on repeat customers.

Year Founded: 2017

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Performance Marketing, Growth Hacking, Marketing Analytics

Clients: Nike, TikTok, Microsoft, Steer

Case Studies: https://nogood.io/results/

2.Lamb Agency


Description: Lamb Agency is an expert in a number of different specialties including website development, digital marketing strategy, and e-commerce platforms. They create exceptional Shopify websites that deliver the best ROI for clients. Their Shopify improvements have helped brands achieve an average of 36% increase in conversion rates.

Founded: 2015

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Digital Strategy, Website Design, eCommerce

Clients: GIC Singapore, Lite n’ Easy

Case Studies:  https://www.lambagency.com.au/case-studies

3.Digital Cake

digitalcake shopify agencies

Description: Digital Cake is a Shopify expert. Their years of experience building online stores gives them a strong edge and helps them provide with companies a strong foundation. Their team supports and executes for clients at every stage of the Shopify journey. Through expert insights and knowledge, they guarantee Shopify e-commerce stores deliver in quality and are optimized to reach unique business objectives. 

Year Founded: 2015

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: PPC Management, SEO, Website Design

Clients: GymPro, PXP, Her Waves

Case Studies: https://digitalcake.agency/portfolio/



Description: This agency is unique because it primarily focuses on SEO. They combine their expertise in SEO and Shopify to help your e-commerce website rank on search engines. Seoplus has worked for a variety of brands and has built a wide variety of online stores, from fashion retailers to manufacturing.

Year Founded: 2012

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: SEO, Paid Seach/Social, Content Marketing

Clients: Ottawa Skin, Mobile Klinik, Sleepwell

Case Studies: https://www.seoplus.ca/how-it-works.php



Description: Kota is an award-winning e-commerce agency that builds Shopify e-commerce websites that truly convert customers. They are experts in transforming brands into having a strong digital presence through their innovative and creative designs and development. 

Year Founded: 2013

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Website Design, Email Marketing, SEO

Clients: Uhuru, Cynozure, Jazz Cafe

Case Studies: https://kota.co.uk/work

6.45 RPM


Description: In order to get the desired customers and revenue, this agency understands your e-commerce website needs to deliver the expected digital experience. 45 RPM builds flexible Shopify sites that are fast and designed to convert. They want your e-commerce website to be a strategic advantage for your brand.

Year Founded: 2015

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Media Campaigns

Clients: Appian, Nebia, Transpar

Case Studies: https://www.45rpm.co/portfolio/



Description: This digital agency is located in Australia and helps businesses in multiple areas. Createur is committed to building strong solutions on Shopify e-commerce websites. Their solutions help brands gather more views, CTR, sales, leads, and revenue. Their combined expertise in creative, marketing, and tech, helps them execute customized Shopify solutions with speed and efficiency.

Year Founded: 2011

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Design, Development, Strategy

Clients: Tigerlily Swimwear, Cracka Wines, Harris Farm

Case Studies:

8.The Web Bureau


Description: The Web Bureau is committed to delivering excellent e-commerce projects. The agency works closely with clients of all sizes to deliver Shopify e-commerce strategies that are proven to deliver great digital experiences and convert customers. They simply know what it takes to help you succeed with your e-commerce platform. 

Year Founded: 2005

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Web Design, User Experience Design, Social Media Marketing

Clients: Love Nature, Belfast International Airport, Grand Opera House

Case Studies: https://www.thewebbureau.com/our-work



Description: This agency has worked in multiple industries including retail, manufacturing, wholesale, and many more. Zibtek helps you take your e-commerce website and digital to the next level through a unique digital transformation. They are committed to helping brands dominate their specific markets and helping them create the ultimate digital presence for customers.

Year Founded: 2009

Team Size: 201-500 employees

Services: SEO/SEM, eCommerce, ERP & CRM

Clients: Fortify, Adobe, Wantoo

Case Studies: https://www.zibtek.com/projects

10.Art & Science Digital Experience Design

artscience shopify agencies

Description: Art & Science is a highly respected agency that partners with companies and helps them with their ongoing digital strategy. As a Shopify partner, the agency’s expertise within the platform helps them identify key areas for customization and high-level solutions the will deliver the best ROI.

Year Founded: 2012

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Experience Design, Digital Strategy, SEO/PPC

Clients: Samsonite, Ellie Mae, Grail

Case Studies: https://artscience.ca/work/



Description: This agency understands that e-commerce is the future and for this reason, they want to help brands create the best online stores. They are committed to every company they work with and go above and beyond to deliver high-quality development and experiences on the e-commerce platform. 

Year Founded: 2014

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Online Marketing, SEO, Web Design

Clients: Herzog, reNature, Martely

Case Studies: https://mobiteam.de/en/portfolio/


farsiight shopify agencies

Description: This agency works to solve growth problems and is hyper-focused on driving scale to North American, European, and Australian brands. Farsiight is a partner that truly understands your customers and builds an optimized Shopify e-commerce store that focuses on the customer experience at every stage of the shopping journey. 

Year Founded: 2017

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: SEM, Digital Marketing, CRO

Clients: Foodcycler, IcoDocs, ThinkNoo

Case Studies: https://farsiight.com/case-studies/

13.Third and Grove

third_grove shopify agencies

Description: Third and Grove is a digital expert and transforms the e-commerce experience to focus more on inspiring customers and less on selling. The agency works on end-to-end experiences and is growth-focused. Expertise in Shopify plus includes customized Shopify stores, CRO, App integration, and ongoing support and optimization. 

Year Founded: 2013

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Digital Strategy, eCommerce, Web Design

Clients: Harvard University, Google, StubHub

Case Studies: https://www.thirdandgrove.com/work/

14.Emote Digital


Description: This agency prides itself on providing beautiful results for its clients every day. Emote digital wants to develop your Shopify e-commerce website to attract quality traffic, increase sales, and enhance your credibility. Their team of strategists, designers, UX experts, and developers have a proven track record.

Year Founded: 2006

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: eCommerce, SEO, Google Adwords

Clients: Energy Australia, NC Fitness, Suttontools

Case Studies: https://www.emotedigital.com.au/work/

15.Rebel Rabbit 

rebel_rabbit shopify agencies

Description: Rebel Rabbit helps build Shopify stores for long-term benefits. Its mission is to help brands of all kinds, in the e-commerce space, create value for customers. They have helped launch multiple Shopify stores that are in the seven figures. Rebel Rabbit also offers workshops to help entrepreneurs create their own Shopify stores.

Year Founded: 2016

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: eCommerce, Data Science, Social Media Marketing

Clients: Swyft Scooters, Facemask & Bath Co, Metrocruises.com

Case Studies: –


rainfactory shopify agencies

Description: Rainfactory understands online businesses, consumer behavior, and all elements necessary to help brands and companies scale in the e-commerce space. The agency has deep experience and knowledge in building customized Shopify e-commerce websites that convert customers.

Year Founded: 2014

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Online Marketing Strategy, Customer Acquisition, CRO

Clients: Target, xFyro, Pakt

Case Studies: https://www.rainfactory.com/case-studies/

17.Meta Creative

metacreative shopify agencies

Description: Meta Creative builds virtual e-commerce stores and uses e-commerce platforms like Shopify to help brands sell online efficiently.  The agency’s process is simple but effective. They execute and communicate with the clients to make the e-commerce journey as easy as possible. 

Year Founded: 2010

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy, Website Design

Clients: Brentwood Primary School, Wealthwise

Case Studies: https://metacreative.com.au/our-work/


blueswitch shopify agencies

Description: Blueswitch specializes in building strong Shopify websites and has been doing so for years. Their expert team takes businesses to another level of success. The team includes designers, developers, and marketing strategists that use their experience to drive traffic and increase conversions through Shopify.

Year Founded: 2000

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Marketing Strategy, eCommerce, Mobile Development

Clients: Zenb, Extra Butter, Boardmaker

Case Studies: https://www.blueswitch.com/category/case-studies/

19.Bold Commerce

boldcommerce shopify agencies

Description: Bold Commerce provides e-commerce solutions and capabilities that meet your brand needs. They provide apps and tools including subscriptions, automation, integrations, customization, personalization, and many other solutions so you take advantage of your Shopify e-commerce platform and get the most out of it. 

Year Founded: 2012

Team Size: 201-500 employees

Services: Website Apps, eCommerce, Online Marketing

Clients: Callia Flowers, Glam Seamless, GORP

Case Studies: https://boldcommerce.com/case-studies



Description: This agency is a leading Shopify partner who helps companies develop and design effective Shopify experiences. They collaborate closely with Shopify partners to help enterprise-sized clients succeed in e-commerce by helping them establish strong stories and digital presence.

Year Founded: 2004

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Digital Marketing, Web Development, eCommerce

Clients: Skinsei, Kal Tire, Mustang Survival 

Case Studies: https://www.iamota.com/work/



ethercycle shopify agencies

Description: This agency helps turn your Shopify store into a revenue-generating powerhouse. Ethercycle does a complete revamp of your Shopify store. Their strategic approach has generated some great results for clients including a significant increase in sales and conversions.

Year Founded: 2009

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Shopify Scripts, Marketing Resources, Revenue Optimization

Clients: Recycled Firefighter, John’s Crazy Socks

Case Studies: https://ethercycle.com/work/

22.Pixel Union

pixelunion shopify agencies

Description: Pixel Union helps entrepreneurs and brands with Shopify solutions including premium themes, apps, and custom e-commerce stores. Pixel Union has an expert team that delivers on digital experience and products that are customized. The agency takes a customer-first approach and this is evident with their work. 

Year Founded: 2009

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Big eCommerce,  Design, Digital Solutions

Clients: Viberg, Blenders Eyewear 

Case Studies: https://pixelunion.agency/project/blenders/

23.Able Sense

ablesense shopify agencies

Description: Able Sense has worked with companies in both the B2B and B2C space and is an innovative e-commerce studio. The agency specializes in Shopify Plus strategies and custom implementations that work and prioritize your customers. They execute by putting together a plan that focuses on your Shopify store and helps you deliver results.

Year Founded: 2010

Team Size: 2-10 employees

Services: eCommerce, Web Development, Brand Strategy

Clients: Big Erics, Dormie Workshop, Daveed

Case Studies: https://ablesense.com/pages/case-studies



Description: As a Shopify plus agency, Avex prides itself on creating strong online experiences. The agency has worked with many lifestyle brands and has delivered profitable e-commerce solutions for them. They combine their key insights into e-commerce, creativity, and technology to deliver strong work.  

Year Founded: 2015

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, Content

Clients: Hugo Boss, Kith, Marchesa

Case Studies: https://www.avexdesigns.com/work

25.Plus 972


Description: Plus 972 is a Shopify agency partner that works with both mid-sized and enterprise companies. The agency has helped more than 250 companies grow, transform, and evolve their digital presence. They create practical and simple solutions that deliver results.

Year Founded: 2008

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Services: Advertising, Branding, Digital Marketing

Clients: Birthstone, The Getty, Interfor

Case Studies: https://www.plus972.com/case-studies/

26. AbsoluteWeb

abso shopify

Description: Absolute Web offers UI/UX design, custom development, complex integrations, performance optimization and security services that help businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.This incredible team of digital strategists and developers specialize in building brands, businesses, and use cutting edge solutions that meet the goals of clients and ensure success.

Year Founded: 1999

Team Size: 51-200 employees

Services: eCommerce Solutions, Web Development, SMM & SEM

Clients:  BHFO, Glo Skin Beauty, Grand Western Steaks

Case Studies: https://www.absoluteweb.com/portfolio/category/ecommerce-websites/

27. eCom Allies

Description: eCom Allies is a full funnel digital marketing agency that focuses on optimizing your customer acquisition efforts. With their in-house 3-step scale system, this eCommerce powerhouse improves your foundation, then they attract more customers through specific digital advertising campaigns, and finally analyze the results with AI to maximize gains. eCom is simply different, as their Artificial Intelligence insights and in-house influencers are unmatched by others. 

Year Founded: 2018

Team Size: 1-10 employees

Services: eCommerce, Customer Acquisition, Customer Research

Clients:  El Guapo Bitters, Ciele Athletics, BEX Sunglasses

Case Studies: https://ecomallies.com/cases/

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Seems like most of these marketing agencies do paid ads for any ecommerce stores not just Shopify stores. It still nice to get different options from what Shopify already recommends on their site. I have had some bad experience with Shopify partners before.

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