21 Best SEO Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2023

21 Best SEO Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2023

SEO (search engine optimization) is a fascinating practice and one of the more rewarding specialties to implement in marketing. Since search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo update their search...
Best SEO Podcast You Should Listen to

SEO (search engine optimization) is a fascinating practice and one of the more rewarding specialties to implement in marketing. Since search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo update their search engine algorithms constantly, it’s necessary for businesses, marketers, and anyone just looking to learn SEO, to be up to date on the latest trends. In recent years the best way to gain knowledge on this subject is through SEO podcasts. The popularity of podcasting continues to grow every year. There are podcasts for every subject you can imagine, and if you’re looking for more of our favorite picks we have lists of the best Growth Marketing Podcasts and Startup/Technology Podcasts as well with some great selections.  Industry leaders and experts are all using this medium to share the latest practices and tips. So if you want to keep up, I suggest you start listening!

Here is a list of the 21 best SEO podcasts you should listen to in 2023:

  1. Authority Hacker
  2. Voices of Search
  3. The Search Engine Journal Show
  4. SEO 101
  5. The Recipe for SEO Success Show
  6. SEObits.fm
  7. EDGE of the Web
  8. Building Online Empires
  9. Local SEO tactics
  10. SEO Mechanic Podcast
  11. Search Talk Live
  12. SEO is Dead and Other Lies
  13. Search on Tap
  14. Lion Zeal Show
  15. Frugal SEO
  16. SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of SEO marketing
  17. SEO and Digital Marketing Trends
  18. Business of Digital
  19. Journey To SaaS
  20. The SEO Life
  21. Webcology

1.Authority Hacker


Host: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Number of Episodes: 222

Review: “A wealth of information is here to get your feet wet in the world of SEO and website creation.”

Best Episodes:

7 Actionable Tips to Keep Your Content Fresh and Your Rankings High

Nerdy SEO Debates With Matthew Woodward

As the founders of authorityhacker.com, Gael Breton and Mark Webster use this highly engaging podcast to share a wealth of knowledge for audiences. Their first-hand experiences and examples of building authority websites, running online businesses, and writing blogs make the advice they give extremely valuable.

2.Voices of Search


Host: Benjamin Shapiro

Number of Episodes: 240

Reviews: “Super knowledgeable resource for SEO.”

Best Episodes:

Should You Still Be Optimizing for Mobile First SEO? — Cindy Krum

The Everything Is Data Philosophy — Michelle Robbins

The depth of knowledge in this podcast is undeniable. The host interviews many guests and is able to cover topics that are relevant and accessible to all SEO’s. They dive deep into content, search engine optimization, and help you discover actionable strategies. 

3.Search Engine Journal Show


Host: Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker

Number of Episodes: 216

Reviews: “Brent and his incredibly knowledgable guests are making SEO simple.”

Best Episodes:

Kevin Gibbons on Building, Growing, and Rebranding an SEO & Content Marketing Agency 

Predicting the ROI of SEO 

If you’ve been in SEO long enough, I’m sure you’ve read an article or two on search engine optimization from The Search Engine Journal. This website is completely dedicated to providing all the latest information in the SEO and marketing community. 

4.SEO 101


Host: Ross Dunn and John Carcutt

Number of Episodes: 300

Reviews: “I listened to these podcasts as I started SEO and I loved them. I’m now working full time at an agency in NYC.”

Best Episodes:

Fresh Content Indexing Issues, Local SEO News, and SEO Questions Answered

CTR in Google’s Algorithm, Indexing JavaScript, SEO for Pagination and More

SEO 101 podcast is exactly what you think it is! The hosts provide strong and valuable information for those who are just beginning or starting their career in search engine optimization. It’s also a great listen for those who are just curious about SEO. 

5.The Recipe for SEO Success


Host: Kate Toon

Number of Episodes: 71

Reviews: “Whenever I need a boost of seriously wise SEO information, this is where I turn.” 

Best Episodes:

Reality SEO: Belinda Austin: Know yourself. Know your audience. Build your brand. 

International SEO: A beginner’s guide

With this podcast, you’ll learn from the experts. Each episode features a new guest who provides valuable SEO information. This includes the latest tips, techniques, case studies, news, and updates in search engine optimization.



Host: Rebecca Gill

Number of Episodes: 43 

Reviews: “Rebecca demystifies SEO. She makes it easy to understand and gives tips I can take straight to my website.”

Best Episodes:

Best Practices for Writing SEO Friendly Content

What’s in Your Marketing Plan?

The host Rebecca Gill is an expert in the space of SEO and gives her honest opinion about this industry. Her advice on SEO is practical and easy to understand. She provides actionable steps and long-term advice to help listeners drive more traffic to their websites. 

7.EDGE of the Web


Host: Erin Sparks

Number of Episodes: 300

Reviews: “Every single episode of this podcast is filled with hard-earned wisdom.”

Best Episodes:

7 Steps to Optimize Google My Business with Sherry Bonelli

SEO Agency Life During Quarantine with Bill Sebald

This weekly hour-long podcast covers a whole lot of online marketing topics, but of course, the main focus is on SEO. Erin connects with some of the best minds in the digital marketing and SEO industry. They uncover the best practices and share online marketing tactics for audiences. A great listen for anyone looking to learn the latest trends and improve website traffic


8.Building Online Empires


Host: Kelvin Mah

Number of Episodes: 87

Reviews: “They really know how to build websites and businesses.”

Best Episodes: 

An OnPage SEO Experiment with 50 Niche Sites w/ Dan Cuttridge of OnPage.Academy 

Takeaways From 5.1 Billion Keywords w/ Tim Soulo of Ahrefs

Get real-world tactics with this podcast! Brought to you by Human Proof Designs, this podcast focuses on a number of different subjects such as affiliate SEO, building content sites, and much more. The podcast includes a number of episodes that feature highly knowledgeable guests.

9.Local SEO Tactics


Host: Jesse Dolan and Bob Brennan

Number of Episodes: 57

Reviews: “ I really appreciate the straightforward nature of the content in this show.”

Best Episodes:

Learn How To Optimize Images For Web Speed and SEO Benefits

What Is User Intent and How To Use SEO To Optimize Your Website For Searcher Intent

Jesse and Bob are great hosts who share digital strategies and tactics to help businesses stay ahead of the competition. They particularly focus on helping local businesses get found in search engines, and attract more new local customers for their business.

10.SEO Mechanic Podcast


Host: Charlie rose

Number of Episodes: 16

Reviews: “ Love the podcast with concise and valuable information. “

Best Episodes: 

Basic SEO Tips to Get Your Business Started

6 Local SEO Tips Any Business Can Use

This podcast is an awesome resource for anybody trying to learn SEO. The host, Charlie Rose, provides concise and actionable tips to help you rank on Google and other search engines. They want to help provide strong marketing services for those who are looking to improve in SEO, and this podcast is one way they’ve decided to do this. 

11.Search Talk Live


Host: Robert O’Haver

Number of Episodes: 103

Reviews: “Super knowledgeable resource for SEO without seeming like they are know it alls.“

Best Episodes:

Knowledge Graph Creation with SEO Expert Bill Slawski

SEO in Google’s Perfect World

Robert O’Haver has over 13 years of experience and he showcases this through his podcast. Each episode is super informative and entertaining. His guests provide compelling content and every episode informs you about the latest trends and tactics to help you grow your business through SEO.

12.SEO is Dead and Other Lies


Host: Paul Warren and Ryan Klein

Number of Episodes: 63

Reviews: “These guys know their stuff and go deep on very important topics.” 

Best Episodes:

The SEO Guide for Beginners Intro

Our SEO Predictions for 2020

The content in this podcast is really strong because the hosts provide real-life scenarios and tactics. They cover all things SEO including local SEO, link building, and highly useful strategies and tactics. 

13.Search on Tap


Host: Pat Reinhart, Ralph Durso, Stephan Bajaio

Number of Episodes: 25

Reviews: “Thorough content and unique perspectives, unlike so many marketing podcasts.”

Best Episodes:

Voice Search, Machine Learning, & The Death Of Black Hat SEO w/ Abishek Rajendra

Is AMP The Future Of SEO? w/ Christi Olson of Microsoft

This group of marketing experts tackle many topics in the SEO industry. Their knowledge and expertise in SEO make each episode unique. The thorough content and experienced guests is a great listen for anyone interested.

14.The Lion Zeal Show


Host: Daryl Rosser

Number of Episodes: 79

Reviews: “ One of my most favorite SEO podcasts that I listen too.”

Best Episodes:

How James Travels The World On SEO Profits & Investments

How To Build and Manage an SEO Team with Mads Singers

This podcast teaches you how to scale your business through SEO, directly from SEO experts themselves. With each episode, you’ll get to hear from real people from all parts of the world and different industries running successful SEO businesses.

15.Frugal SEO


Host: Nicolás Forero

Number of Episodes: 7


Best Episodes:

100k Impressions in ONE month with Pinterest

What is Link Building & How It Works [Do’s, Don’ts Included]

Frugal SEO podcast focuses on small business owners and bloggers. The primary focus of the podcast is on how to drive traffic to your website, get more leads, and create a successful online business. The host, Nicolás Forero, is committed to interviewing valuable guests who’ll teach you everything about Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube SEO.

16.SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing


Host: Chris Burres and Matt Bertram

Number of Episodes: 300 

Reviews: “ I have learned more about SEO, internet marketing, and content development from these guys than anywhere else.”

Best Episodes:

13 Ways Businesses Can Use SEO & Marketing to Combat Coronavirus Impact by Miranda Miller

Optimizing for position zero: The future of voice search

The hosts provide tactical SEO strategies and answer user-generated questions. It’s highly entertaining and offers great value for agencies, freelancers, and businesses who are looking to evaluate SEO results.

17.SEO and Digital Marketing Trends

seodigital marketing

Host: Marc Zwygart

Number of Episodes: 7

Reviews: “Waiting for the next episode!”

Best Episodes:

Bing Pages Update and Podcasting SEO Benefits

SEO Course 2020 and Preview to Amazon Marketing Tip!

This podcast only started in 2020 but has some good episodes on SEO and marketing tips. They take each episode to explain different marketing and SEO tools that can help you and your business rank in search engines. Unlike other SEO podcasts, they do take an interest in the Bing search engine. 

18.The Business of Digital


Host: Matt Siltala and Dave Rohrer

Number of Episodes: 150

Reviews: “Very informative with specific instructions (including links and examples) and interesting stories.”

Best Episodes:

Photo Optimization for Local SEO w/ Mike Blumenthal

Maybe Digital Marketing Isn’t the Answer

These two small business owners talk about everything digital marketing, and SEO happens to be one of their topics. The goal of every episode is to help educate business owners of all industry sizes in the ever-changing digital marketing industry. Other topics covered include hiring, social media, content marketing, PPC, and much more.

19.Journey To SaaS


Host: Ajay Paghdal

Number of Episodes: 39  

Reviews: “Podcasts are great, really informative and the host is great.”

Best Episodes:

How To Become a Better Storyteller in Marketing

Plan for Preselling the SaaS to Early Adopters

This podcast provides straight-forward information that’s easy for anyone to consume. Conversations include a number of different topics beyond SEO. This includes content marketing, email market product-market fit, and much more. 

20.The SEO Life


Host: Nathan Gotch

Number of Episodes: 13


Best Episodes:

How To Rank For Competitive Keywords (SEO Case Study)

How Ryan Stewart Gets Huge SEO Results (Without Doing SEO)

The SEO Life podcast only contains 13 episodes, however, each episode provides actionable information. Some interesting episodes include guests Ryan Stewart and Gael Breton, who go into topics like authority hacking and how to get results in SEO without doing SEO.



Host: Jim Hedger and Dave Davie

Number of Episodes: 579

Reviews: “What I truly love about Webcology is the passion behind it.”

Best Episodes:

SERP analysis And Googles Big News

Negative SEO Attack, Links & Title Tags Matter To Ranking In Google

Webcology explores a variety of topics for webmasters and web marketers. Host Jim Hedger has extensive expertise, especially in the SEO industry, and dives into many insightful topics. Overall the podcast is of great quality and introduces a variety of highly intelligent guest speakers.

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