We increased revenue for unspun by 55% YoY (2021 vs 2022).

Arrow 28% YoY increase in Conversion Rate
Arrow 1,109% Increase in revenue from Google Ads (Q4 vs Q2)
18% Decrease in CAC on average per quarter on Meta Ads

From our experience, we really felt like we had one generalist absolute world-class expert quarterbacking things from the NoGood side, and then they had the ability to loop in specialists as needed, which was a very powerful combo.

Kevin Martin

CTO of unspun

Who is unspun?

unspun is a revolutionary fashion company that is leading the way towards a more sustainable, regenerative, and responsible future. With an experienced team of industry veterans, artists, and engineers at the helm, unspun has created a unique solution to the wasteful nature of traditional fashion manufacturing. Instead of offering pre-made denim in standard sizes, unspun creates custom-fitted jeans for each individual customer – no two pairs are alike! They are eliminating excess waste while providing customers with high-quality products that fit perfectly every time. By building a new system instead of trying to fix an old one, unspun is revolutionizing the fashion industry and setting a new standard for sustainability and responsibility.

The Challenge

  • Establish authority and presence in a saturated industry
  • Develop trust within the market
  • Convey the value of the precise fit claim to audiences resulting in price adoption


unspun needed help creating a paid ads system backed up by data and learnings in order to boost sales for the year.

With a unique zero-party-data-based system and an analytical approach, NoGood was able to decrease CAC on Meta Ads by 18% on average every quarter and elevate the Google Ads program to generate 1,109% increase in revenue in Q4 when compared to Q2. Via CRO suggestions and guidance, unspun was able to lift its conversion rate YoY by 28%, resulting in an 81% increase in revenue when comparing Q4 2022 to Q4 2021.

28% YoY increase in Conversion Rate
1,109% Increase in revenue from Google Ads (Q4 vs Q2)

Services Provided

  • E-Commerce strategic support
  • Performance marketing – paid media
  • Performance creative/branding
  • CRO – landing pages & website suggestions
  • Zero Party Data system


  1. Created paid media system backed up by zero-party data, which allowed us to create relevant content for individual audiences.

  2. Advised team on creative direction for paid media assets and designed performance branding assets to be used throughout marketing efforts.

  3. Created CRO-based suggestions for website changes to elevate key elements within the website.

  4. Designed and launched landing pages with messaging backed up by zero party data collected.


Christian Pain

Sr. Growth Strategist

Ashley Taggart

Growth Strategist

Jared Glassman

Growth Marketing Manage

Sara Murphy

Growth Marketing Manage

Helena Yang

Creative Lead

Creative Samples

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