We increased Provider Qualified Leads by 113% for Spring Health, a comprehensive solution for employee wellbeing valued at $2B.

Arrow 113% Increase in Provider Qualified Leads
Arrow 149% Increased Conversion Rate
Arrow 58% Increase in Employee Headcount

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Who is Spring Health?

Spring Health is a New York-based B2B behavioral health organization with a mission centered around eliminating barriers to mental health. Their focus is on making mental healthcare accessible and achievable by leveraging clinically validated AI technology. This technology enables them to provide optimal care to their members, ranging from meditation and coaching to therapy and medication, or a combination of these approaches.

Spring Health collaborates with employers and health insurers globally, empowering them to enhance mental health support for their employees or members. The platform addresses the challenges of finding, scheduling, and accessing diverse and quality mental healthcare.

By using AI technology, Spring Health tailors its services to individual needs, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to mental health.

The Challenge

Provider Recruitment: Attracting highly qualified mental health providers who align with Spring Health’s mission in a competitive field posed a significant challenge. The goal was to ensure a steady influx of skilled professionals to meet the growing demand for mental health services.

Provider Retention: High turnover in the competitive mental health landscape presented a challenge in retaining providers. Achieving provider loyalty required a supportive work environment and competitive compensation, all while maintaining alignment with Spring Health’s mission of providing quality and accessible care.

Geographic Diversification: Expanding into diverse regions, encompassing both urban and rural areas, created the need for tailored provider recruitment and retention strategies. Each region posed unique challenges and opportunities, necessitating a nuanced approach to ensure a strong network of mental health professionals across various locations.

Multi-Channel Effectiveness: Maximizing the impact of various marketing channels to reach potential providers proved to be a complex task. Stringent license requirements added a layer of complexity, requiring careful navigation to ensure compliance while effectively communicating with and attracting mental health providers.


NoGood achieved a 30% increase in patient registrations month-over-month by strategically placing ads on platforms where the target audience is most active per industry of partner companies. This approach leveraged data analytics to identify prime advertising spaces based on user behavior, demographics, and online habits.

We didn’t stop there. NoGood also leveraged additional digital marketing channels, contributing to a 58% increase in hires. We succeeded in attracting a higher number of mental health professionals and ultimately increased the number of successful hires.

NoGood applied tailored recruitment tactics, resulting in a 149% increase in conversion rate.

113% Increase in Provider Qualified Leads
149% Improvement in conversion
58% Increase in hires

Performance Marketing Services Provided

  • Growth Acquisition – Paid media, SEO, CRO
  • Growth Retention – Email, SMS, push notifications
  • Product-led growth
  • Product-market fit validation
  • Channel and value prop experimentation
  • Proprietary performance marketing analytics

My experience working with NoGood has been incredibly positive.

The team is proactive and informed in their recommendations for how to optimize our campaigns based on performance, and are flexible when pivots are needed in our plans. They have taken the time to ensure that they have understood our business goals clearly, and prioritize project work accordingly.”

Cassandra Lenz

Senior Marketing Manager


  1. Strategic Targeting: Achieved a staggering 132% increase in leads by refining digital marketing efforts to attract providers meeting specific criteria. This strategic targeting significantly enhanced the quality of provider leads, aligning closely with Spring Health’s mission and standards.

  2. Performance Metrics: Implemented regular monitoring, contributing to a substantial 113% increase in Provider Qualified Leads. This data-driven approach allowed for informed decision-making, ensuring that the provider leads generated were not only numerous but also of high quality.

  3. Geographic Customization: Applied tailored recruitment tactics, resulting in a remarkable 149% increase in leads Conversion Rate. By recognizing and addressing the unique challenges in diverse regions, this approach led to a higher conversion rate, optimizing the recruitment process.


  4. Multi-Channel Integration: Leveraged multiple digital marketing channels, contributing to a notable 58% increase in hires and integrating various channels allowed for a broader reach, attracting a higher number of mental health professionals and ultimately increasing the number of successful hires.

  5. Certification Compliance: Integrated stringent targeting reviews and analyses, ensuring a robust compliance rate in lead quality across all advertising channels. This approach addressed the complexity of compliance with licensing requirements while maintaining the effectiveness of the marketing efforts in attracting qualified mental health providers.

Growth Marketing Squad

Queenie Leung

Sr. Growth Strategist

Nicole Teh

Nicole Teh

Growth Strategist

Theano Dimitrakis

Growth Strategist

Jared Glassman

Growth Marketing Manager

Abanoub Nabil

Growth Marketing Manager

Helena Yang

Creative Lead

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Creative Lead

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