We drove a 668% increase in traffic to SparkCharge’s website while bringing previous bounce rates down by 8.5x in 4 months. 

Arrow 668% Organic Traffic
8.5x Bounce Rate
Arrow 87% Conversion Rate

Who is SparkCharge?

SparkCharge is the first company to create a mobile EV charging system and network.

Featured on Shark Tank, Sparkcharge makes electric vehicle adoption seamless. Their flagship mobile charging solutions provide EV owners with accessible and scalable charging, anytime and anywhere they may need it. They also work with businesses across industries such as retail, real estate, public agencies, and automotive OEMs that require EV charging, helping to address the challenges of limited charging infrastructure by providing flexible and scalable solutions.


NoGood needed to identify the opportunities for improvement for SparkCharge’s brand awareness and keyword rankings. We unlocked key performance areas that competitors didn’t leverage with strategic content and search marketing.


Within the first 4 months of working with NoGood, we drove a 668% increase in traffic to SparkCharge’s website while bringing previous bounce rates down by 8.5x.

We improved SparkCharge’s user journey, identifying pain points with two specific high-value personas – Fleet VPs and Roadside Assistance Providers. NoGoode created content plans catered to the interests and pain points of each persona, developing keyword research and potential headlines to go after their search queries and maintain top of mind.

NoGood saw a huge opportunity to optimize SparkCharge’s landing pages with social proof and user journey modifications. By leveraging insights together with the AIDA framework and analytics, we saw engagement on site increase by 89%, and site analytics reflected a change in user journey where users were able to understand SparkCharge’s offerings more quickly and concisely, leading to an increase in conversion rates.

668% Increase in Organic Traffic
8.5x Decrease in Bounce Rate
87% Increase in Pop-up Conversion Rate
89% Increase in On-Site Engagements


  • Establish the brand’s authority and presence in a new market landscape of mobile EV Charging systems
  • Raise brand awareness and recall for a new brand 
  • Reach high-intent audiences across both large corporations and roadside assistance companies with a specific interest in the mobile charging market 
  • Increase content-generated and content-assisted inbound leads
  • Implement overall lead tracking, funnel automation, and mid-funnel management


Helena Yang

Sr. Growth Designer

Nicole Teh

Nicole Teh

Growth Strategist

Alex Methvin

Growth Marketing Analyst

Abanoub Nabil

SEM Analyst

Services Provided

  • Lead Growth Acquisition, Paid Media, SEO, CRO 
  • Website Design, UX Analysis, and Copywriting 
  • Content Strategy & SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Product-market Fit Validation
  • Channel and Value Prop Experimentation


  1. Conducted rapid micro-experiments across search through messaging, and acquisition journeys to determine key value propositions and high-value markets.

  2. Refined campaign strategy and ramped up on CRO and SEO efforts to combat spending decreases. Launched campaigns according to target segments of large fleet corporations and roadside assistance companies to A/B test and identify the highest value top-performing segments to improve campaign efficiency despite limited budgets

  3. Executed conversion rate optimization (CRO) changes by implementing an AIDA framework across landing pages to educate the target audience and increase overall conversion rates.

  4. Launched zero-party data strategy with pop-up content offers to nurture high-intent leads and push them through to conversion

  5. Developed a content strategy for SparkCharge to establish authority and thought leadership in the mobile EV charging space

  6. Expert Technical SEO Audits

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