We increased demos by 46% for a B2B enterprise valued at $250M. 

Arrow 21% Sales Qualified Leads
Arrow 46% Improved Conversion Rate
Arrow 30% Improved CTR

Who is Payzer?

Payzer specializes in tailored business management software for contractors.

Their platform, Payzerware, streamlines operations with tools like scheduling, invoicing, sales proposals, and maintenance agreements. It also offers diverse payment and financing options, empowering contractors to improve financial processes, reduce outstanding payments, and save time.

For contractors, Payzer is an indispensable ally, equipping them with efficient tools to manage and expand their businesses. Integrating business management features with payment solutions underscores Payzer’s dedication to addressing the distinctive needs of contracting businesses.

The Challenge

  • Monetizing Free Users: Payzer encountered a common challenge of converting users from their free product to paid subscriptions. While they were successful in attracting users to the free version, transitioning them to the premium Business and Enterprise plans posed a hurdle.
  • Expanding to Mid Markets and Enterprises: The objective was to attract larger businesses in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and related sectors to subscribe to Payzer’s paid plans. This required a strategic approach to highlight the value proposition and tailored features that would cater to the specific needs of these enterprises.
  • Limited Awareness of Premium Features: Many existing users were unaware of the additional features offered in the paid plans. The challenge was to effectively communicate and increase awareness about these features to encourage users to upgrade
  • Creative Optimization: Creating impactful visuals was essential for conveying Payzer’s value proposition. Given limitations in the client’s image library, we explored AI-powered creative solutions. Our goal was to craft compelling content that resonated with the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and related sectors, effectively showcasing how Payzer tackles their specific challenges.
  • Audience Targeting: Precise audience targeting was crucial for reaching potential customers interested in Payzer’s premium plans. Identifying and reaching decision-makers in larger businesses in the contracting sectors required a tailored approach.

  • Balancing Acquisition and Retention: Striking a balance between acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones was a challenge. The marketing efforts needed to cater to both aspects, ensuring a steady influx of new customers while fostering loyalty among the existing user base.

Key Results

We consistently grew SQLs MoM for Payzer.

SEO Optimization for Industry-Specific Keywords: Conducting comprehensive keyword research to optimize content around industry-specific terms pertinent to HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. This SEO strategy contributed to a 4% increase in organic sessions month-over-month, indicating the effectiveness of attracting organic traffic interested in our solutions.

Content Marketing Tailored to Contractor Pain Points: Creating and promoting insightful content such as blog posts and articles that directly address the challenges contractors face. This content marketing strategy played a role in a 69% increase in Sales Qualified Leads to demos attended month-over-month, showcasing sustained interest fostered through organic channels.

21% Increased Sales Qualified Leads MoM
24% Increase in Demo Scheduled to SQL
30% Improved CTR

Services Provided

  • SaaS Acquisition and Revenue Model Strategy 
  • Paid Media (Meta, Linkedin, Google, Reddit)
  • Video Marketing and Content Creation 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • SEO
  • Growth Analytics & Proprietary Attribution Dashboards


  1. Sector-Specific Messaging: We crafted ad copies and creatives tailored to the challenges of contractors in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. This personalized messaging resulted in a 30% increased CTR month-over-month, indicating heightened engagement with our targeted content.

  2. Precise Audience Targeting: Implementing rigorous targeting led to a 46% month-over-month increase in demos scheduled to Sales Qualified Leads month-over-month, signifying a positive trend in potential customers actively exploring Payzer’s solutions.

  3. Creative Optimization: Developing visually appealing ad creatives showcasing Payzer’s solutions contributed to a 21% increase in Sales Qualified Leads month-over-month, highlighting the improved quality of leads generated through our paid campaigns.

  4. Paid Platforms Selection: Our multichannel approach yielded a 46% increase in the conversion rate from demos attended to closed-won deals month-over-month and ensured successful engagement and conversion across diverse platforms.

  5. A/B Testing and Conversion Tracking Optimizations: Incorporating A/B testing optimizations allowed us to fine-tune ad creatives, messaging, and targeting strategies based on real-time performance data. 

Growth Marketing Squad

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Gayana Sarkisova

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Nesto Rivas

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Creative Strategist

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