Southern Marsh

Southern Marsh is one of the most iconic southern lifestyle clothing brands in the US. It was founded in Louisiana in 2008 by two LSU grads, Matthew Valiollahi and Stephen Smith.

Arrow 68% Traffic
Arrow 45% Sign ups
Arrow 30% Sales

The level of efficiency and speed they introduced to our growth mix was unprecedented.

Within 6 months of working with the Nogood squad, we grew by 30% without much increase in ad spend.

Matthew Valiollahi



The goal was to increase the bottom line revenue, increase website conversion rate, and decrease CAC (cost to acquire a customer) by ensuring efficiency of ad spend and creating a frictionless user journey.

Challenges receives a high volume of organic and social referral traffic. Most of this comes via mobile devices, but the mobile conversion rate is lower than the industry average as well as the overall site conversion rate average.


Making sure we are collecting the right data by installing various funnel analytics, heatmaps, and tracking tools on the site to collect more in-depth UX and funnel data as well.

Ensuring proper custom events were set up for Google Analytics and Facebook ads.

Analyzing historical data as well as newly collected data to further identify and confirm areas of opportunity as well as the levers that move key metrics.

Interviewing numerous customers and prospects who visited the website but hadn’t made a purchase in the previous 3 months and recording hundreds of non-converting sessions.


The squad designed and implemented a series of 9 macro experiments and 4 rounds of checkout flow and navigation design changes. The cumulative impact of these experiments was a total increase of 29% on top-line growth. The key drivers of this growth were the increase in average order value and conversion rate particularly on mobile.

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