iovera° Case Study

iovera° Case Study

They have proven to be a reliable growth marketing partner for our company. Their responsiveness and dedication to delivering quality work is impressive. They have a deep understanding of both the healthcare provider and patient sides of our business, and have provided valuable expertise to help us achieve our goals. We appreciate the effort and dedication they bring to our accounts every single day.

Director of Marketing, iovera°

Arrow Upnogood 102%
HCP & Patient Leads
Arrow Upnogood 107%
Conversion Rate
Arrow Downnogood 43%
Cost per Lead

Through strategic marketing efforts, we propelled iovera° to achieve consecutive year-over-year record-breaking growth.

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iovera° is a revolutionary cryoanalgesia device that provides patients with fast and effective pain relief. Developed by Pacira BioSciences, the hand-held device delivers precise, cold temperature doses to targeted nerves. This temporary interruption of nerve function prevents pain signals from reaching the brain, resulting in immediate and sustained pain relief.

The Challenge

  • Develop a brand for iovera° that effectively communicates their commitment to serving patients in pain through a non-opioid approach.
  • Establish iovera° as a leading authority in the non-opioid pain treatment market.
  • Increase brand awareness among healthcare providers and patients.
  • Drive high-quality traffic to iovera°’s website, specifically targeting healthcare providers and patients, with the goal of converting that traffic into leads.
  • Create content and messaging that effectively communicates iovera°’s unique value proposition and differentiates the brand in the crowded pain treatment market.


Performance Marketing Strategy & Execution
Paid Search & Paid Social
Website UX Analysis & Conversion Rate Optimization
Campaign Creative
SEO Strategy & Execution
Growth Analytics & Data Visualization


Identified two distinct audiences, healthcare providers and patients, and targeted them with specific onboarding content to drive engagement.

Analyzed website performance and surveyed key stakeholders to redesign resources, landing pages and contact forms to align with brand goals and opportunities.


Created resources to quickly inform users about iovera°’s product offerings and build credibility.

Created landing page testimonials from healthcare providers to highlight the value of the iovera° device and its impact on their practice.

Used growth marketing analytics tactics to create a new digital marketing funnel tailored to modern healthcare providers and patients.

Implemented lead generation campaigns to quickly engage contacts and continue to generate qualified leads.


Rapidly scaling efforts leads to record-breaking growth

With the recent acquisition of iovera° by the Pacira BioSciences, Inc. brand and the introduction of a new product to the market, it was critical to establish a strong presence and authority in the non-opioid pain management market. Our goal was to rapidly scale up our efforts to generate more interest from healthcare providers and patients. To achieve this, we took a multi-faceted approach across paid search, ads, organic search and direct search channels. Through these channels, we were able to reach our target audience based on demographic characteristics and interests.

Within the first year of our partnership, we saw a 50% increase in website sessions and a 13% increase in engagement. This was the result of our targeted approach to reach the right audience at the right time. We also identified customer engagement weaknesses and optimized the site’s landing pages, using insights from rapid experimentation and analytics. The result: 55% more leads for healthcare providers and 148% more leads for patients. We also increased conversion rates by 150% for healthcare providers and 64% for patients.

Overall, the partnership with iovera° was successful in rapidly scaling efforts to increase leads and reach both healthcare professionals and patients. Our targeted approach and optimization efforts resulted in a significant increase in leads and conversion rates, as well as a decrease in cost per lead.

Arrow Upnogood 102%
HCP & Patient Leads
Arrow Upnogood 107%
Conversion Rate
Arrow Downnogood 43%
Cost per Lead

Performance Visualized

Increase in HCP & Patient Leads
Increase in Conversion Rate
Decrease in Cost per Lead


Queenie Leung

Sr. Growth Strategist

Theano Dimitrakis

Growth Strategist

Sarah Murphy

Growth Marketing Manager

Ben Kuriakose

Growth Marketing Manager

Helena Yang

Creative Lead