Our partnership with NoGood has been crucial in driving our digital and performance transformation. They have a great team that is both super creative and strategically data-driven.

Erin Fitzpatrick

VP of Marketing
Arrow Upnogood 57%
Website Traffic
Arrow Upnogood 46%
Organic Sessions
Arrow Upnogood 106%
More Providers Connected Directly With EXPAREL

We helped EXPAREL achieve 307% increase in HCP sign ups for the 3rd consecutive year.

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EXPAREL, a subsidiary of Pacira Biosciences, is a cutting-edge, long-acting non-opioid anesthetic that effectively manages postsurgical pain.

Since its introduction in 2012, over 9 million patients have received EXPAREL as a safe and effective alternative to opioids. The product is administered by local injection directly at the surgical site, where it gradually releases bupivacaine over time, providing sustained pain relief without the risks associated with opioids and other narcotics.

The Challenge

  • The need to stand out amidst rising competition and enhance online presence
  • Difficulty in attracting high-intent traffic that converts to leads
  • Low awareness of non-opioid treatment options and alternatives
  • Barriers to developing executing effective marketing campaigns to attract high-quality leads


Performance Marketing Strategy & Execution
Paid Search & Display Paid Social
Website UX Analysis & Conversion Rate Optimization
Campaign Creative Strategy
SEO Strategy & Execution
Growth Analytics & Executive Dashboards


Coordinated with relevant teams to define growth generation and brand awareness strategies for both healthcare providers and patients and identify areas of overlap

Defined audience targeting and user engagement journeys for both groups and developed an analytics and performance marketing framework to separate them based on commercial objectives

Conducted website analysis and stakeholder interviews to gain an understanding of the brand’s processes, culture, needs and opportunities, leading to redesigned resources and landing pages

Guided UX, content, and SEO efforts to support each audience’s journey of discovery

Deployed rapid experiments in paid search and display to build an awareness pipeline and quickly scale tactics and targeting

Made strategic, performance-based recommendations based on analytics and data visualization to drive more engagement and leads. This led to an overall increase in inquiries from patients and healthcare providers, as well as year-over-year improvements in engagement KPIs


We increased HCP sign ups by 307% for EXPAREL for the 3rd consecutive year.

Since we began our partnership with EXPAREL, we have seen remarkable growth in both healthcare providers and patients. We have seen a 120% increase in sessions, driven by a 20% decrease in bounce rate, a 28% increase in time spent on the EXPAREL website, and an increase in the number of pages viewed per session.

Our team at NoGood achieved record-breaking results by using a variety of tactics including audience refinement, rapid experimentation, conversion rate optimization, user behavior analysis, and consistent coordination with the EXPAREL team. As a result, the number of sessions at HCP increased by 57%, while the number of patients increased by 48% year-over-year. By creating and delivering content based on deal flow and franchise type, we were able to refine our audience, resulting in a 307% increase in key HCP conversion scores and a 340% increase in key patient conversion scores.

Arrow Upnogood 57%
Website Traffic
Arrow Upnogood 46%
Organic Sessions
Arrow Upnogood 106%
More Providers Connected Directly With EXPAREL

Performance Visualized

57% Increase in Website Traffic
106% increase in direct traffic
307% more HCPs Connected with Exparel


Queenie Leung

Sr. Growth Strategist

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Sarah Murphy

Growth Marketing Manager

Theano Dimitrakis

Growth Marketing Manager

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Growth Marketing Manager

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Creative Strategist

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Growth Marketing Manager