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Arrow 879% Organic Traffic
Arrow 69% Sign Up Rate
Arrow 3x Keyword Rankings

We’ve gone through multiple agencies and NoGood is by far one of the best.

The NoGood squad worked tirelessly and with great patience to transform our inbound strategies, creating a scalable framework for lead and demand generation. They introduced us to a new and more efficient method of engaging, monitoring performance, and nurturing our prospects. Their commitment to quality and a data-driven mindset made them an ideal partner for our needs

Jasmine W.

Director of Growth Marketing


While already popular internationally, this AI SaaS company was looking to break into the US market.
NoGood was tasked with:

• Introducing them to the market, localizing the website, and growing their US user base
• Increasing content-generated and content-assisted inbound leads
• Improving overall lead tracking, funnel automation, and mid-funnel management
• Improving ranking on high-intent industry key terms that have been historically dominated by the brand


The client was operating with an obsolete marketing/analytics stack.

The client’s brand positioning was becoming increasingly challenged.

The client was facing increased competition in the market.

Due to all of the above, Bytedance saw a steady decline in inbound traffic, qualified leads, and a significant increase in CAC.


Mostafa Elbermawy

Growth Lead

Mark Arpaia

Growth Marketing Manager

Claudia Yuan

Creative Designer

Queenie Leung

Growth Strategist

Dan Mills

VP of Client Partnerships

Services Provided

Services Provided by NoGood:

  • Landing page building
  • Market and competition research
  • Persona and UX analysis
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Full-funnel analytics and journey tracking

Strategy and Management for:

  • SEO & Content Marketing
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Google and Bing Ads
  • Content Partnerships
  • Influencer Marketing

Approach (Full B2B Funnel Optimization & Automation)

  1. Audited current tech and analytics stack to identify tracking and reporting gaps and historical data across the funnel

  2. Reviewed existing funnel journeys and touchpoints to ensure proper implementation of tracking scripts, custom events, and triggers

  3. Defined lead journey patterns by channel, source, first touchpoint, and deal size

  4. Designed and implemented an end-to-end automation and personalization map with funnel stage definitions, trigger points, and automation/personalization variables

  5. Built a lead cohort analysis by touchpoint/s, source, medium, and deal size

  6. Reviewed and optimized tracking schema around digital strategy and content campaigns

  7. Built an executive dashboard showing leads and opportunities by exact marketing sources and campaigns illustrating marketing ROI to leadership

Approach (Inbound Lead Generation)

  1. Reviewed historical quantitative and qualitative data to define the core audience and run content consumption analysis to identify high-intent themes, topics and keywords for those audiences.

  2. Conducted a full audit of the content funnel to identify and fix conversion gaps.

  3. Aligned internal content production and development with amplification and promotion strategy from the beginning of the content development cycle.

  4. Defined ideal content types, mediums, and distribution channels based on the topic and target audience.

  5. Built a distribution calendar, publishing guidelines, and content amplification process by the platform.

  6. Identified lead trigger points for high-intent content pieces and built necessary automation and personalization around them.

  7. Built a content and SEO calendar alignment with target keywords, positioning, and publishing details and assigned content teams a series of pillar content pieces to execute and publish.

  8. Designed and executed a fully automated content leads nurture campaign utilizing new and existing content to continue to engage the audience throughout the sales journey.

  9. Built a content marketing dashboard representing a lead lifecycle with content consumption (by content piece, source, medium) from lead attribution to won/closed.


Content Marketing:


NoGood helped the company develop strategic content designed to drive qualified traffic.

Through conversion rate optimization, UX/UI updates, a brand new information architecture, as well as a content and SEO strategy, NoGood was able to support our client in their effort to break into the US market.

Conversion Rate Optimization and UX/UI: NoGood took on the redesign of the complete US site. From the homepage all the way through product pages, the About Us page, pricing, and more. Pages were created to optimize conversion rate and deliver a next-level user experience.

Information Architecture and Content Mapping: The first thing we noticed about the current website was the structure needed an update. In order to develop an effective customer journey, we built out a navigation structure developed to deliver the optimal experience from a content and SEO standpoint.

Conversion Rate Optimization: We significantly decreased time spent per SQL through automated lead filtration, personalized email workflows, and meeting scheduling automation.

879% Organic Traffic
69% Sign Up Rate
38% Funnel Efficiency (from visit to SQL)
3x Keyword Rankings

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