B2B Client Case Study

NoGood increased paid social conversions by 1,341% for a fast-growing B2B valued at $50M.

Arrow 1,341% Paid social conversions
Arrow 48% Increased organic traffic
Arrow 50% Increased demo requests

About the Client

Our client’s skilled trades training platform creates job-ready workers through virtual simulations, hands-on online training, and exam training for widely recognized certifications across industries. They incorporate SkillMill, the world’s leading on-demand skilled trades platform, to help SMB and enterprise businesses reduce training costs, scale talent efficiently, and increase in-field performance. 


Increase the amount of leads that convert to qualified demo requests. This B2B client was in the process of expanding their product offerings a to different verticals and needing to scale quickly with improved brand positioning, a user acquisition strategy, and creative experimentation to identify the correct audiences most likely to convert.


NoGood overall conversions through paid search by +228% since launch

Our client continued to exceed monthly conversion goals by +26% on average for the entire duration of our relationship. NoGood identified key verticals to expand to that are most likely to succeed and increase demo request volume. Along with overall conversions, the team also improved the quality of leads, focusing on high-intent leads that are more likely to close.

We increased revenue 4x in a calendar year, showing impressive growth for the brand. The team expanded to an enterprise-specific strategy to increase the size and volume of qualified leads.

+34% Demo Requests
+50% Conversion Rate
1,341% Increased Meta Conversions

Services Provided

  • Paid Social
  • Performance Growth Analytics
  • Organic Social
  • Paid Search
  • SEO
  • Video Marketing

The Challenge

  • Establish the brand’s authority and presence in a new market landscape of mobile EV Charging systems
  • Raise brand awareness and recall for a new brand 
  • Reach high-intent audiences across both large corporations and roadside assistance companies with a specific interest in the mobile charging market 
  • Increase content-generated and content-assisted inbound leads
  • Implement overall lead tracking, funnel automation, and mid-funnel management
  • Create a comprehensive growth analytics dashboard with seamless attribution modeling


Gayana Sarkisova

Gayana Sarkisova

Sr. Growth Strategist

Ayushi Gupta

Ayushi Gupta

Growth Strategist

Nesto Rivas

Nesto Rivas

Growth Marketing Manager

Ryan Sylvestre

Growth Marketing Manager

Alex Methvin

Growth Marketing Analyst

Calvin Wu

Calvin Wu

Creative Lead


  1. Our team launched a growth-based acquisition strategy across paid search and paid social channels to gauge market interest for newly introduced verticals. Following each vertical with rapid copy and content iteration allowed the team to scale MQLs by gaining high-intent leads.

  2. We used a performance marketing strategy through paid social media to boost customer understanding of the product and build brand awareness.Consistently running CRO analysis to provide optimizations and recommendations that led to an increase in conversion rate.

  3. NoGood ran consistent CRO analysis to provide optimizations that led to an increase in conversion rate.

  4. Our SEO team created content briefs, SEO-centric blog articles, and pillar pages to boost organic demo requests.

  5. We customized landing pages to match immediate search interest with industry-specific value props.

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