The Best Email Marketing Agencies in the UK (2024)

The Best Email Marketing Agencies in the UK (2024)

Looking for the best email marketing agency to boost your business in the UK? Look no further. In this guide, we’ll explore the top-reviewed email marketing companies in the UK...
Email marketing agency UK

Looking for the best email marketing agency to boost your business in the UK? Look no further. In this guide, we’ll explore the top-reviewed email marketing companies in the UK for 2024, providing detailed insights into their services, expertise, and client satisfaction.

Selecting the right agency can significantly impact your marketing success, whether you’re just starting or a well-established business. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect partner to take your email marketing to the next level.

We’ll be covering:

  1. 10 Top-Reviewed Email Marketing Companies
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

10 Top-Reviewed Email Marketing Companies in the UK

1. NoGood

NoGood email marketing agency UK

Description: NoGood is a full-service email marketing agency that leverages customer engagement data to create targeted email campaigns. By segmenting audiences based on historical user behaviour, they ensure that messaging resonates with different points in the customer journey. NoGood’s team of storytellers and copywriting experts crafts hyper-relevant emails that cater to specific audience personas and preferences, driving leads and increasing conversion rates.

Using data-backed automated email flows, NoGood ensures that every story is told to the right person at the right time. They employ rapid experimentation, A/B testing frameworks, and conditional flows to optimise engagement and conversions, achieving high delivery, open, and clickthrough rates. With expertise across all major email marketing platforms, including Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and HubSpot, NoGood offers a comprehensive range of services from design to strategy building, implementation, and reporting. Their focus on unlocking growth through experimentation helps clients meet and exceed email revenue and client retention goals.

Office Location: London

Year Founded: 2017

Team Size: 50 – 100 employees

Key Services: Email Automation, Email Flow Optimization, Email Marketing Campaigns, Audience Segmentation, Social Media Marketing, SEM, SEO, Fractional CMO, Video Marketing

Industries Served: SaaS, Healthcare, Fintech, B2B, Consumer, AI

Case Studies: View all case studies.

2. Enchant Agency

Enchant email marketing agency UK

Description: Enchant Agency is a leading email marketing agency in the United Kingdom, offering comprehensive email marketing services to help businesses achieve their potential. With a team of specialists covering all sectors and geographies, Enchant ensures that your email campaigns skyrocket and your templates are stunning.

They design lifecycle campaigns tailored to your subscribers’ needs, helping you deliver the quality and engagement your audience demands. 

Office Location: London

Year Founded: 2015

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Key Services: Email Marketing Strategy, Email Design Agency, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Campaigns, Email Copywriting, Email Marketing Training, Email List Growth

Industries Served: N/A

Case Studies: N/A

3. Pixated

Pixated email marketing agency UK

Description: Pixated is your go-to agency for B2B and B2C email marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results. They handle everything from audience segmentation to automations, allowing you to focus on growing your business services. Pixated goes beyond traditional metrics like open rates and click-through rates, emphasising metrics such as Revenue Per Email, Revenue Per Subscriber, and List Growth Rate to drive real growth for your business.

Their tailored campaigns turn first-time buyers into loyal customers, aligning with your brand story and driving business growth. Pixated ensures that while their proven email strategies drive your email campaigns, they also reflect the values, ideas, and concepts that define your brand, maintaining your unique brand voice. 

Office Location: London, United Kingdom, England

Year Founded: 2018

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Key Services: Email Marketing Efforts, Facebook Ads, PPC Marketing, Web Design, Video Production, Social Media Management

Industries Served: Sports, Food, News

Case Studies: View all case studies.


kamg email marketing agency UK

Description: KAMG is a marketing agency that delivers exceptional client results through unmatched service and innovative techniques. Rather than just talking about their track record and techniques, KAMG promises to their clients that they value their time, ensuring prompt responses; they offer flexible contracts, running month-to-month, and prioritize transparency, providing clients with 24/7 access to their dashboards.

With KAMG, clients can expect efficient communication, contract flexibility, and complete transparency in their marketing efforts. If you’re looking for a marketing agency that values your time, offers flexibility, and maintains transparency, book a call with KAMG to see how they can help your business thrive.

Office Location: London

Year Founded: 2018

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Key Services: Email Marketing Consultants, Ecommerce Agency, Email Newsletter Services, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads

Industries Served: Food & Beverage

Case Studies: View all case studies.

5. Rozee Digital

Rozee Digital email marketing agency UK

Description: Rozee Digital specialises in eCommerce email and SMS campaigns, leveraging Klaviyo’s extensive features to transform customer data into powerful marketing strategies. They offer full-service campaign management, from setup to optimisation, including creative design, copywriting, and segmentation strategies that drive sales.

Rozee Digital stands out for their independence, focusing solely on earning clients’ business without being part of a media conglomerate. As marketers, not just technicians, they organise strategies around clients’ customers and goals rather than siloing by channel or tactic. They prioritise innovation, annually investing in marketing to develop new strategies and tactics for success. 

Office Location: Woking, England, United Kingdom

Year Founded: 2019

Team Size: 2-10 employees

Key Services: Social Media Marketing, Advertising & Marketing, PPC Ads, Search Engine Ranking Optimisation, Fashion Marketing, TikTok UGC, Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Industries Served: Retail, Fashion, Beauty, Tech

Case Studies: View all case studies.

6. Soap Media

Soap Media email marketing agency UK

Description: Soap Media is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Manchester and Preston, renowned for their high-performance track record with leading UK brands. They provide clients with an integrated approach to digital strategy, offering a full spectrum of services beyond just website design and development. Soap Media’s services cover everything from digital strategy and website development to multi-channel digital marketing, including email, search, social media, mobile, video, paid media, and digital PR campaigns.

One of Soap Media’s key strengths lies in their exceptional customer service; they are an extension of their clients’ in-house teams, ensuring transparency throughout the project management process. Their approach combines creativity, marketing, and technology seamlessly, allowing them to understand clients’ businesses, audiences, and objectives thoroughly. With Soap Media, clients can expect a holistic digital strategy tailored to their needs and delivered with enthusiasm and expertise.

Office Location: Preston

Year Founded: 2005

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Key Services: United Kingdom Email Marketing, SEO Agency, Content Marketing Strategy, High-Quality Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Programmatic Display Ads

Industries Served: B2B, Medical, Recruitment, Financial Services, Education

Case Studies: View all case studies.

7. Favoured

Favoured email marketing agency UK

Description: Favoured is a data-driven full-funnel marketing agency that excels at combining advanced performance techniques with top-notch creative production to achieve tangible results. They understand that business growth is driven by analysing the customer journey, not just the initial interaction. Favoured takes responsibility for the entire funnel, from making a great first impression to creating brand advocates.

Their promises include delivering fantastic and reliable performance, maintaining excellent communication, following through on commitments, proactive planning, and providing best-in-class reporting. Favoured’s holistic approach to marketing ensures accountability, transparency, and effectiveness, allowing businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Office Location: London, London

Year Founded: 2018

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Key Services: Email Content, Advertising & Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Strategy, Design Agency, Writing Valuable Content

Industries Served: Fitness, Health, Recruitment

Case Studies: View all case studies.

8. Open House Media

Open House Media email marketing agency UK

Description: Open House Media (OHM) is a team of email and SMS marketing experts dedicated to building 7-figure brands through strategic digital campaigns. Their primary focus is on driving performance by scaling businesses, adding revenue, generating leads, and retaining customers. OHM’s approach extends beyond revenue generation; they also prioritise building brand equity through beautifully designed campaigns optimised for conversion.

Based in London, OHM has a proven track record, having worked with over 100 businesses to drive over $20 million in attributable revenue and generate more than 3,000 leads. With expertise spanning 15+ sectors and 20+ geographies, including eCommerce, Technology, and Real Estate, OHM offers a fully managed email and SMS solution. They craft campaigns that drive engagement, conversations, and, most importantly, revenue, making them the perfect partner for businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts.

Office Location: London

Year Founded: 2020

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Key Services: Email Marketing Agency Services, Email Marketing Experts, Transactional Emails, SMS Marketing

Industries Served: Beauty, Fashion

Case Studies: View all case studies.

9. Superco

Superco email marketing agency UK

Description: Superco is a team of commerce specialists dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences. They support merchants in launching and growing their businesses by defining, designing, and building on Shopify Plus. With expertise in CRO and testing, CRM marketing, data and analysis, roadmap strategy, and email marketing, Superco ensures brands feel confident in investing in their growth.

Superco partners with industry leaders to ensure clients stay ahead of the latest Shopify Plus developments. Their approach involves a meticulous process that identifies and prioritises growth opportunities, ensuring they deliver only impactful work. Operating in two-week sprints, Superco provides monthly progress reports, keeping clients updated on the advancement of their roadmap. With Superco, merchants can expect tailored solutions and tangible results that drive their brand forward.

Office Location: London

Year Founded: 2019

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Key Services: Effective Email Marketing Strategies, Conversion Optimization, Graphic Design, Expertise in Content Development, Customer Base Management, Digital Marketing Strategy

Industries Served: Skincare, Pet, Alcoholic Beverages

Case Studies: View all case studies.

10. The Brains

The Brains email marketing agency UK

Description: The Brains provides transformative access to training through dedicated growth partnerships, helping businesses achieve their growth goals and future-proof their operations with flexible marketing solutions. Whether clients need hands-on support, consultancy, or on-the-job training, The Brains’ model is tailored to accommodate evolving needs and boost ROI and ROT (Return on Talent). They offer a free initial consultation, data-led projections, and flexible solutions without tie-ins, empowering businesses to start their growth journey confidently.

Clients can expect actionable marketing plans aligned with their goals, data-led insights, and flexible support options to suit their evolving needs. Whether it’s a full marketing audit, support with specific channels, or team training, The Brains assists in developing future-proof strategies focused on ROI and ROT. With The Brains, businesses learn to utilise their teams and resources effectively while receiving expert guidance tailored to their goals and budgets.

Office Location: London, England

Year Founded: 2015

Team Size: 11-50 employees

Key Services: Search Engine Optimisation, Amazon Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing Consultants, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation

Industries Served: B2B, Tech, SaaS, Luxury B2C

Case Studies: View all case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing is important because it allows businesses to directly connect with their target audience. It’s a cost-effective way to reach many potential customers, drive website traffic, and increase sales conversions. Email marketing also fosters customer relationships, providing a personalised experience and allowing businesses to tailor their messages to specific audience segments. Finally, it’s a measurable marketing strategy, enabling businesses to track open rates, average click-through rates, and conversion rates to refine their email campaigns for better results.

Is Email Marketing Legal in the UK?

Yes, email marketing is legal in the UK, but specific regulations must be followed. The main regulation is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which requires consent from recipients before sending marketing emails. Additionally, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) outline further rules regarding email marketing, including requirements for opt-out options and clear identification of the sender. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost Per Month in the UK?

The cost of email marketing per month in the UK varies based on the package you choose. A basic plan costs around £250 per month, while a standard package costs about £550 per month. More professional or enterprise-level packages can range from £1000 per month upwards. Industry and company size also play a role; on average, mid-sized companies spend around £1000 per month on email marketing. With the assistance of professional agencies, costs typically range from £250 to £1200 per month.

Which Site Is Best for Email Marketing?

The best site for email marketing depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot. Mailchimp is user-friendly and offers a free plan for beginners, while Constant Contact provides excellent customer support and customisable templates. HubSpot is known for its comprehensive marketing tools, which are suitable for businesses seeking advanced features. Each platform has its strengths, so it’s essential to consider your requirements before deciding.

Choosing the Right Agency: Key Considerations

  • Determine your needs: Clearly outline what you expect from the digital agency and what range of services you require.
  • Research extensively: Look for dedicated email marketing agencies with experience in your industry and a track record of successful projects.
  • Check credentials: Ensure the agency has relevant certifications, awards, or affiliations.
  • Review portfolios: Examine their previous work to see if their style aligns with your brand and goals.
  • Consider communication: Choose a digital marketing agency that communicates effectively and provides regular updates.
  • Budget wisely: Balance the quality of email marketing service and your budget constraints.
  • Seek references: Ask for client references or testimonials to gauge client satisfaction.
  • Evaluate expertise: Assess their digital marketing, graphic design, or content creation expertise.
  • Assess scalability: Ensure the digital agency can scale its services as your business grows.
  • Discuss timelines: Clarify project timelines and deadlines to ensure they match your expectations.

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