Top Marketing Agencies in the USA

Top Marketing Agencies in the USA

This is a vetted list of the top marketing agencies in the United States, the results they've driven, and what sets them apart from the rest
Best Marketing Agencies in the United States

In today’s hyper-connected and competitive business landscape, marketing agencies have become indispensable partners for companies seeking to navigate the ever-changing tides of consumer behavior, digital advertisements, and evolving market strategies.

These agencies serve as catalysts, harnessing the power of creativity, data-driven insights, and strategic thinking to propel brands to new heights of success. This article reviews award-winning marketing agencies in the United States, detailing their expertise and accomplishments and helping you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect partner for your brand’s growth.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. The Best Marketing Agencies in the United States
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Final Thoughts

The 7 Best Marketing Agencies in the United States

1. NoGood


At NoGood, we pride ourselves on being recognized as one of the top marketing agencies specializing in sustainable growth. Our track record of excellence has solidified our position as a top performer in the industry.

Our unwavering commitment to innovation sets us apart, which remains evident in our unique approach to growth hacking, performance branding, and creative methodology. Our extensive portfolio includes work with renowned brands such as Nike, TikTok, and P&G, as well as startups like Ghostery, Invisibly, and JVN.

By seamlessly blending the art of creativity with the science of performance, we consistently enable our clients to achieve remarkable outcomes while significantly reducing costs.

Here’s what Laura Vestal, Head of Marketing and Invisibly, had to say about her experience working with NoGood:

“The squad feels like a true extension of my own marketing team.”

Office Location: New York, NY

Year Founded: 2016 New York, NY

Team Size: 50+ employees

Key Services: Social Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Performance Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Growth Analytics, CRO, Email & Video Marketing, SMS Marketing

Industries Served: B2B, consumer, fintech, SaaS, retail, healthcare, crypto

Case Studies: View all case studies.

2. Wieden+Kennedy


Wieden+Kennedy is widely acknowledged as a premier advertising agency in the United States and the global landscape. A testament to their unparalleled expertise is their extensive track record of crafting unforgettable and impactful advertising campaigns.

Notably, they have earned acclaim for their approach, constantly pushing boundaries and embracing risk to deliver remarkable creative endeavors that resonate and capture attention. 

With their unique blend of storytelling, cutting-edge visuals, and strategic thinking, Weiden+Kennedy has undoubtedly left an incredible mark on the advertising industry, inspiring and influencing fellow digital advertising agencies to embrace creativity.

Wieden+Kennedy created an ad for OkCupid in which they reclaimed a digital dating acronym. Here’s what AdWeek had to say about it:

“Striking ads that are like little works of art.”

Office Location: New York, Portland, London, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Tokyo, Delhi, Sao Paulo

Year Founded: 1982

Team Size: 1500

Key Services: Advertising Services, Brand Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Data Analytics, Experiential Marketing

Industries Served: Consumer goods, Technology, Financial Services

Case Studies: View all case studies.

3. Ogilvy


Ogilvy has cemented its position as a powerhouse in the industry through its rich history, exceptional reputation, and expansive global presence. Founded by David Ogilvy, the agency has since become a household name, ranking as one of the top advertising agencies in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and more.

With offices in over 80 countries, Ogilvy boasts a global footprint, enabling them to cater to diverse clients across industries. From iconic print ads to groundbreaking digital transformation initiatives, Ogilvy has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver impactful marketing solutions.

With a comprehensive range of services, Ogilvy remains at the forefront of the industry, continuously evolving and adapting to the marketing landscape.

Here’s what Devika Bulchandani, Global CEO of Ogilvy, and Liz Taylor, Global Chief Creative Officer had to say about earning a spot on the World’s Most Innovative Companies list:

“Our inclusion on Fast Company’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies is a testament to Ogilvy’s belief that data, technology, and emerging tools like AI can be the ultimate enablers of modern creativity and drivers of brand impact

Office Location: New York, NY

Year Founded: 1948

Team Size: 10,001+ employees

Key Services: Strategy, Advertising Services, Consumer Engagement, Digital Transformation, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Services, Creative Strategy

Industries Served: Retail, Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Automotive Industries

Case Studies: View all case studies.



BBDO has long established itself as a prominent player in the industry. With a rich history dating back to 1891, BBDO has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver compelling campaigns. At the heart of BBDO’s approach lies their mastery of storytelling and engagement.

They possess a unique talent for crafting narratives that captivate audiences and establish deep connections with consumers. This commitment to creating immersive experiences has led to their successful collaborations with major brands, including PepsiCo, The Home Depot, and Ikea.

Dedicated to delivering effective advertising campaigns, BBDO continues to push boundaries, elevate brands, and shape the advertising landscape.

Here’s what Liz Fled, President of Autism Speaks, had to say about her experience working with BBDO:

“Our ongoing partnership with the Ad Council and BBDO New York has been highly instrumental in raising awareness.”

Office Location: New York, NY; over 200 locations around the world

Year Founded: 1891

Team Size:  5,001-10,000 employees

Key Services: Advertising, Brand Strategy, Customer Engagement, Digital Marketing Partner

Industries Served: Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Financial Services, Automotive

Case Studies: View all case studies.

5. Digitas

Digitas logo

Digitas, a full-service digital marketing agency, has firmly established itself as a leader in the industry. With a deep understanding of the digital landscape, Digitas harnesses the power of data to drive their marketing strategy and elevate customer experiences.

Digitas crafts personalized and successful campaigns that resonate with target audiences. From viral social media activations to immersive digital experiences, their portfolio boasts a multitude of campaigns that have left a lasting impact.

With a keen eye on emerging trends and technologies, Digitas offers effective technological solutions to optimize digital marketing efforts and empower brands with the tools and digital platforms needed to drive effective campaigns.

Here’s what one of their clients, a Senior Manager, Digital and CRM, had to say about their experience working with Digitas:

“Digitas is one of our most strategically important vendors, covering a wide-ranging scope including website development and maintenance, audience orchestration, customer journey design and implementation, social media community management and search...

Office Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Year Founded: 1980

Team Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

Key Services: Creative Content Writing, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, SEO Strategy, Performance Marketing, Paid Media

Industries Served: Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Technology

Case Studies: View all case studies.

6. Grey Advertising

Grey Advertising logo

Grey Advertising, a full-service digital agency based in New York City, has a global digital presence in over 96 countries. With 100 years of experience, Grey Advertising has solidified its position as a go-to agency for notable clients from diverse sectors.

Their exceptional ability to seamlessly integrate creative ideas with data-driven insights has propelled them to become the preferred partner for leading brands worldwide.

This prowess has been acknowledged through numerous accolades, including prestigious honors like the Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils, and Clios. Embracing an advertising approach of being “famously effective,” Grey Advertising places utmost importance on nurturing creativity, fostering innovation, and implementing strategies that yield measurable and tangible results.

Here’s what critically acclaimed music producer, Porter Robinson, had to say about Grey’s ad for SoundCloud, “Sound Bar of Bullets”

This is one of the most beautiful and eerie uses of the internet that I’ve ever seen.

Office Location: New York, NY

Year Founded: 1917

Team Size: 5,001-10,000 employees

Key Services: Digital Strategy, Brand Positioning, Creative Agency, Digital Marketing Projects, Web Design, Product Marketing, Shopper Marketing

Industries Served: Automotive, Beauty, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications

Case Studies: N/A

7. Dentsu Creative

Dentsu Creative logo

Dentsu Creative, previously 360i, is one of the top digital marketing companies specializing in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and influencer marketing. With a strong focus on driving results in the digital realm, Dentsu Creative has established itself as a trusted partner for brands looking to maximize their online presence.

What sets Dentsu Creative apart is its data-driven approach, leveraging insights to craft highly effective digital marketing strategies. Their team of experts understands the digital marketing landscape and harnesses the power of data to optimize campaign performance, target audiences, and achieve measurable success.

Dentsu Creative’s success stories include compelling case studies that showcase its ability to deliver impressive results and return on investment (ROI) for its clients. From increasing website traffic and engagement to driving conversions and revenue growth, Dentsu Creative consistently demonstrates its prowess in delivering impactful digital marketing campaigns.

They have been recognized in the Agency A-List issue for nine years and won Breakthrough Media Agency of the Year in 2018.

Here’s what Fred Levron, Dentsu’s global chief creative officer, had to say about Dentsu’s investment fund to finance gaming, film, and TV projects: 

We want Dentsu Creative to be the first choice for clients looking to operate in the entertainment space. With this new offering we will help brands act as entertainment companies that also happen to sell snacks, drinks or fashion.

Office Location: New York, NY

Year Founded: 1998

Team Size: 501 – 1,000 employees

Key Services: Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Voice Search

Industries Served: Consumer Goods, Automotive, Fashion, Financial Services, Technology

Case Studies: View all case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?

In a time when consumers are bombarded with constant information, capturing their attention and forging meaningful connections has become a business challenge. Marketing agencies rise to this challenge with industry knowledge, cutting-edge tools, and a deep understanding of consumer psychology.

They are instrumental in devising and executing comprehensive marketing strategies that engage target audiences, drive brand awareness, and generate tangible results. By leveraging their expertise, businesses can focus on their core competencies while leaving the complexities of marketing projects in the hands of professionals dedicated to delivering measurable success

What Were the Criteria Used for Developing This List?

The evaluation process employed in this article rests upon rigorous criteria designed to identify the best full-service agencies. Factors such as a proven track record of success, client reviews, industry reputation, innovative digital strategies, diverse services, and the ability to adapt to the marketing landscape were meticulously considered.

How to Choose a Marketing Agency to Partner With

When selecting a marketing agency to partner with, aligning your choice with your business goals and marketing objectives is crucial.

Here are some key considerations to help guide your decision:

  • Assess Your Digital Marketing Goals: Identify your specific marketing goals and business objectives to ensure they align with the agency’s capabilities.
  • Understand Your Target Audience: Determine the potential customers you aim to reach and ensure the agency has experience targeting similar demographics.
  • Services Offered: Look for agencies that offer a wide range of services, including:
    • Social media Management
    • Content generation
    • Traditional marketing tactics tailored to your customer personas
  • Community Engagement: Evaluate the agency’s expertise in community management and their ability to generate engaging content that resonates with your audience.
  • Lead Generation: Assess the agency’s track record in generating qualified leads through various marketing channels.
  • Expertise in Social Media Marketing: Ensure the agency has a dedicated team focused on social media marketing, especially if it’s a significant part of your strategy.
  • Industry Experience: Consider the agency’s experience in your industry and their ability to adapt to your needs.
  • Track Record: Review the agency’s portfolio, client testimonials, and case studies to gauge their effectiveness.
  • Scalability: Ensure the agency can scale alongside your business’s growth and evolving marketing needs.
  • Budget Considerations: Evaluate the agency’s pricing structure and ensure it aligns with your budget and expected return on investment.

By prioritizing these factors and conducting thorough research, you can confidently select a marketing agency that meets and exceeds client expectations, propelling your business toward success.

Best Marketing Companies in the United States: Final Thoughts

When choosing a marketing agency, it is crucial to consider your specific needs and goals. Each agency highlighted in this article brings unique strengths and expertise. Whether you require strategic communications, digital marketing, Google Ads, or conversion rate optimization, selecting the right agency can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts.

If you’re seeking a marketing agency that offers the art of creativity and the science of performance, NoGood is a compelling choice. Our commitment to sustainable growth and proven track record of successful outcomes make us an excellent partner for businesses looking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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