33 Top AI Marketing Tools for Business Growth (Free & Paid)

33 Top AI Marketing Tools for Business Growth (Free & Paid)

This list covers the best AI marketing tools and software for your social, content, creative and overall business growth in 2022.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it again for the folks in the back – AI marketing tools are changing the game in digital marketing.

In an age of too many choices, the increasing competition for customers’ attention demands every advantage to optimize for reach, engagement, and conversion. Marketers around the world are working to optimize marketing operations and effectiveness by leveraging the wealth of data at their disposal, and many are turning to tools and platforms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI-powered tools offer companies the speed to save a lot of time and on manual work, the accuracy to draw actionable insights while avoiding human error, and the learning ability to improve over time with increased usage. Quite simply, if you’re not using AI marketing, you’re likely going to fall behind your competitors. Artificial intelligence is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in any marketing strategy.

If you’re looking to leverage artificial intelligence in your business or find a new AI marketing tool for your tech stack, here is a list of highly curated 26 tools, both free and paid, that can help improve your marketing efforts immediately. These AI marketing tools can assist in a wide variety of functions, including content marketing, PPC, email marketing, creative design, B2B, and more.

1. Instatext

InstaText is an easy-to-use writing and editing tool that helps you rewrite your text so that you are understood and perceived as a professional. InstaText improves styling and word choice, corrects grammatical errors, and enriches your content to make it more readable and understandable in ways we haven’t seen from any other product.

InstaText makes it easy to take rough drafts of articles and marketing copy to the next level without nearly as much time and effort. In fact, Instatext was used to update this article itself, and we’ve used it for most of the content we’ve published since we discovered this amazing tool. Below is an example of using the editor on the introduction to this very article. 

Instatext2. MarketMuse

MarketMuse helps content marketers drastically reduce the time spent on competitive analysis, SEO, and content research. Using artificial intelligence, this tool reads your content to check the relevance of a page for your primary keyword. It then provides keyword insights along with recommendations for improvement, ultimately improving search rankings and driving increased organic traffic. MarketMuse can also help with content creation. You can provide the AI marketing platform with a topic, and it will provide a full outline for a new article, with relevant sections and headings that save content creators a lot of time in the research phase.

Below is a screenshot of the analysis for this very blog post during the editing process. The score shows where it ranks among its topic (keyword) competitors. To boost the score, the insights on the research tab show what additional topics should be included to make the content more relevant.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is an intelligent proofreading tool. Unlike the spell-checker on your word processor, Grammarly can be plugged into your browser, flagging typos on emails and blog posts. Their app experience can go beyond simple editing, giving tips on engagement, delivery, and clarity. Plain and simple, this tool will make you a better writer.

Beyond checking for grammar, this AI tool can also customize recommendations based on the goal of the piece. This will help inform recommendations, maybe being more lenient on an informal/friendly article, but stricter on a formal/academic piece.

4. Chatfuel

Have you ever procrastinated responding to your businesses Facebook messages, or felt you needed to hire someone full time to keep up? Chatfuel helps you automate this with an intelligent bot. With no coding experience required, you can engage with prospects 24/7, automating FAQs or connecting warm leads to live sales reps. This popular tool runs nearly 50% of all Facebook chatbots helping companies of all types increase sales and answer customer questions.

5. Yotpo

Managing customer reviews is another time-consuming task that can now be automated, thanks to smart tools like Yotpo. Its moderation tool analyzes customer feedback and sentiments, providing insights that can you can use to improve your products and services. It can also be leveraged to drive sales, extracting relevant information from past reviews, and presenting them to prospective shoppers. Yotpo also has tools to help build and manage reward programs, as well as drive SMS marketing. It integrates seamlessly with most major platforms for eCommerce, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and more.

6. Kafkai

Content marketing is becoming more and more of a necessity, yet content creation remains such a bottleneck, especially for small organizations with limited bandwidth. Kafkai helps automate that, training a general writing model on popular SEO niches, their AI can create custom content from scratch on a variety of topics.  (Also, Kafkai might be the most clever name of all the companies on this list).

The model has been trained on certain popular content niches and allows you to “seed” an article with a paragraph or idea to work off of. Because this seed paragraph is never used in the article itself you can even use something from a competitor’s blog or any website.


7. Arimo

Arimo is a behavioral AI software that tracks online shoppers click activity in order to predict their next action and the likelihood of making a purchase. This allows marketers to create personalized incentives and product recommendations to improve the chances of conversion. These predictive insights can open the doors for nearly endless uses, helping businesses detect and prevent fraud, save money by projecting future costs, and so much more.

8. Howler AI

Need PR, but don’t have the bandwidth to research journalists and write them personalized pitches? AI can help with that too. Howler AI helps craft your pitch, then uses its algorithm to come up with a customized list of journalists perfect for your niche. Howler also automates outreach, and once you get a response, then a personal introduction is made to finalize the partnership.


9. AI-Writer

AI isn’t just a data-crunching tool that leaves the creative work to humans; it can be used for content creation as well. AI-Writer can create full blog articles using just a headline. Admittedly, the content isn’t perfect, and the text output typically requires a bit of editing, but this tool can still save content creators a great deal of time with the legwork of writing a new blog.

As a test, below is a sample of a test article for the keyword “AI Marketing Tools,” which you can see is written in a conversational tone and includes sources as well. The text needs some editing, which AI-Writer readily admits, but they claim the AI content creation tool “will help you save around 33% of the time needed for text generation.”

10. Exceed.ai

Exceed.ai is an AI-powered sales assistant which helps automate email communication and personalize chat. This marketing automation tool attempts to mimic human conversations by providing a natural experience to a potential customer, talking to prospects, and understands their product needs before a human sales representative can continue the conversation.

Below is an example of the Exceed interface. With that many inbound prospects, it can take a great deal of time to qualify them, set meetings, and get them in touch with the right people at your company. Exceed simplifies this, moving prospects through the customer journey and ensures that sales teams are spending the most time with the ones most likely to convert.

11. Conversion.ai

Conversion.ai aims to deliver content that does exactly what its name advertises: higher conversion rates. Through AI-generated content, this service delivers high-quality content inspired by your specific keywords, desired platform, and examples. The rest is taken care of by “just another really intelligent system”.

ai tools conversions.ai

12. NetBase

Brands have been utilizing social media listening for years, but NetBase takes it a step further by amplifying it with machine learning and deep learning. Its AI-powered technology analyzes millions of social media conversations to provide real-time insights to audience reactions to your latest brand news and updates. These learnings can help marketers protect brand health, improve crisis management, or boost campaign performance.

Below is an example dashboard that could be used by a social media marketing team. Teams can customize dashboards for the brands, platforms, and analytics that matter most.

13. Node

Node is an AI platform that leverages data from individuals and businesses to predict how a brand can make smarter decisions about how to engage their clients, employees, investors, and partners. The tool first identifies connections between web entities such as people, products, and businesses, then leverages its algorithm to identify the people most likely to convert or buy. These predictive insights can be used for marketing automation, event management, job applicant tracking, and much more. 

One of the most powerful tools within Node is AIR (AI-powered Retention for Customers). While the focus of many marketers is on acquisition, retention is just as (if not more) important for long term success. Using machine learning, AIR can identify the prospects and customers you’re most at risk of losing, allowing the business to streamline their retention of them.

14. Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach’s AI tool is like adding a content marketing assistant to your team. Its content conversion platform aims to help businesses turn their content into sales via conversion optimization and business intelligence. While it can help with SEO, it’s insights are far more ROI driven, identifying what actually drives conversions and providing seamless optimizations for blog titles and even tone.

Below is an example dashboard for a brand utilizing Atomic Reach. After ingesting your content, it provides optimization recommendations to improve your content. The dashboard allows you to track improvements, as well as project traffic and sales increases as a result of the content optimizations.

15. Pattern89

Pattern89 is a marketing AI tool for digital ads, which helps clients optimize campaigns and creative elements such as imagery, color, or emojis. It can analyze nearly 3,000 different creative dimensions to find the right combination of creative assets to drive the highest ROI. This tool can be a game-changer for any brand heavily invested in Google, Facebook, and Instagram (so basically, any brand).

As you can see from the example dashboard, Pattern89 goes beyond simply telling you which ads are performing best. It gives actionable insight on the types of ads (placement, format), as well as specific image attributes (orientation, text, number of faces in the image, etc).

16. IBM Watson Personality Insights

The IBM Watson Personality Insights extracts and analyzes a broad spectrum of data from social media, enterprise data, or other digital communications, and uses it to build out in-depth personas. From there, marketers can discover actionable insights across multiple channels, including social media marketing, content strategy, influencer campaigns, and more.

For example, below is an analysis of LeBron James’ Twitter account. If you were on LeBron’s PR team, you could use this to ensure he’s presenting himself online is how he wants to come across. If you’re a brand looking for someone to partner with, you could use this type of analysis across multiple celebrities to make sure you’re partnering with someone who aligns with your brand values. A marketer can also derive these insights from corporate accounts, or even bodies of text or copy.

17. Seamless.ai

Seamless.ai is a marketing technology that helps users quickly access and sort through large contact lists. This sales intelligence tool helps stack up contact info (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and then create a list of prospects without the manual process of list building, contact research, data entry, and other forms of busywork.

Perhaps it’s most powerful ability is its Predictive Contact A.I Recommendation Engine, which uses past success, ideal persona, and other machine learning data to identify the most profitable revenue-generating contacts that you should be targeting.

18. Synthesia

Synthesia enables marketers to generate professional-looking AI videos from text in minutes.

With Synthesia, you can easily create stunning business videos for corporate learning & communications, personalized sales and customer success videos, e-commerce product videos, e-learning, and more. Say goodbye to actors, film crews and expensive equipment, and just AI next time you need a “human” to record a simple video.

Synthesia AI Video ai tools

19. Crayon

Crayon utilizes AI to take the legwork out of competition analysis. Its platform visualizes competition data in a single dashboard to keep marketers aware of the latest industry updates and moves, helping marketers identify trends and make quick and informed decisions.

The ultimate goal of Crayon is to help a marketing team spend less time on research and more time on analysis and action. Their dashboards are fully customizable, tracking everything from product and pricing changes to reviews to content and campaigns launched.

crayon ai tools

20. Unscreen

Unscreen uses AI to remove backgrounds in videos 100% automatically. Producing background-free video used to require complex techniques but with Unscreen you can record your footage anywhere, then simply get rid of the background. Once you’ve removed the background Unscreen enables you to add a new static or video background in its place.

Unscreen Video Background Removal ai tools

21. OneSpot

OneSpot is another personalization tool, utilizing AI to understand user behavior and context to deliver relevant content. The tool can be used to automate email content, as well as website individualization, understanding user journey to deliver to the most relevant experience for each user.

onespot ai tools

22. Automizy

Automizy is an AI tool for email marketing, making it much easier to test and optimize email subject lines. The tool provides in-depth analytics and easy A/B testing, helping marketers consistently improve email open rates and get the most out of their campaigns.

auto ai tools

23. WordLift

WordLift is a powerful SEO tool for WordPress sites, utilizing natural language processing to automate structured data. This tool helps automate internal linking and makes content more accessible to users and search engines, boosting rankings, and driving organic traffic. It also offers suggestions to make your content relevant and useful.

wordlift ai tools

24. Import.io

Import.io lets you import data from any web page even when it’s hidden behind login forms or other elements. Access to this level of data is invaluable to anyone doing competitive research or any other project that involves data scraping.

import.ai ai tools

25. ManyChat

With chatbots being more and more popular, ManyChat’s platform helps simplify the process. Rather than designing a full journey map for your chatbot, ManyChat has a simple integration into Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more. It can optimize to almost any business goal (collect lead info, send coupon codes, remarketing, etc.), it also offers a robust analytics platform to track success.

ai tools manychat

26. Oribi

Oribi uses machine learning and AI to find actionable insights in your analytics data to easily drive improvements in your results. Oribi removes the need for developers by automatically tracking every button click and event on your site without the arduous setup. Events are also updated dynamically when you make changes to your site. Oribi’s optimization features empower you to understand what works, what doesn’t work, and how to drive more conversions.

Oribi analytics ai tools

27. Anyword

Anyword offers the solution for copywriting that actually converts. Whether it is for landing pages, ads, social posts or emails, this AI creates communications that fit your needs and scale effectively. Furthermore, this tool is designed to optimize each version of the same text, meaning the same message is written or modified specifically for each platform to ensure it ranks at the top. Finally, this AI tool has an intuitive user interface that is designed to be up and running within minutes of signing up.

ai tools anyword

28. Sudowrite

Writer’s block has been extinguished, or at least that’s what Sudowrite aims to achieve. This incredibly helpful, AI-driven text generator is programmed to take your input, usually just a few sentences long, and creatively expand it using Natural Language Processing to build out your story with the same themes and characters. Sudowrite was recently lauded in a New Yorker feature titled “The Computers Are Getting Better at Writing”, and it’s no surprise that it was so praised because the potential is incredible and could help thousands of bloggers and writers overcome a lack of creativity. You provide some text, but let the machines do the writing. Unfortunately, Sudowrite is still in private beta at the time of this update (on May 13), but hopefully, it will be available to everyone in the near future.

ai tools sudowrite

29. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is an AI software designed to maximize performance and engagement for your email marketing campaigns and programs. Having helped hundreds of companies win attention among competing email campaigns and overcrowded inboxes, this tool optimizes your email delivery deliverability, boosts engagement, and increases conversions by identifying the perfect moment to send your email campaign.

Geared mainly towards HubSpot and Marketo users, Seventh Sense determines the best send-time and frequency for the emails you create. It helps reach people when they are more likely to engage, further increasing their chances of opening the email and going deeper into your brand’s marketing funnel.    

30. Personalize

Personalize is your go-to tool when it comes to discovering what your audiences are interested in; it is an AI-powered personalization tool that reveals the products and services people are most curious about, specifically each contact in your database’s top three, based on their digital footprint. By identifying the interests of each customer at any given moment, it allows companies to promote the right product or service at the most appropriate time.

Providing the exact data your company needs to tailor your automated email campaigns to your audiences, Personalize helps your email marketing strategy reach new heights. With this tool, you’ll be able to send the right messages, customized specifically to your customers, at the perfect time, all by gaining insights that help you optimize your marketing efforts. 

31. Evolv AI

Trusted by top companies across the globe, Evolv AI enables companies to find better ways to connect with their customers through AI-driven experimentation. When it comes to selecting what content ideas will work best for your site, this tool uses its advanced algorithms to identify which will perform the best and tests multiple ideas in a single experiment to determine so; it goes way beyond the typical A/B testing and MVT tools. 

With a tool like Evolv AI, which stresses the importance of delivering excellent customer experiences, your company will drive more revenue and increase conversion rates. Evolv AI will validate several ideas at once by analyzing traffic and performance, removing the lowest-performing ideas, and selecting the best ones in real-time. This tool finds the best solution for a company’s audience by adapting to their digital interactions and using active learning to predict which experiences will intrigue them to engage with the most. 

32. Acrolinx

Want to take your content marketing strategy to the next level? Acrolinx is here to help. Believing that amazing content leads to happy customers, this tool uses AI to improve any company’s content for better results. With Acrolinx, you can set content goals that match your strategy in terms of consistency, tone, language, and more and use the metrics it generates to improve your workflow and produce content that actually performs. 

While making content creation more efficient, Acrolinx helps brands scale by aiding in the improvement of the quality of their content. It analyzes all of the content that has been created to make sure it satisfies your brand’s guidelines and standards and provides a score to determine what content is performing better in comparison to others. Integrating with many platforms including Microsoft Word and Google Docs, Acrolinx provides an easy experience for authors when it comes to refining their content.

33. Albert AI

Albert AI is your self-learning digital marketing ally, solving top digital advertising challenges through optimization and personalization. By analyzing large amounts of data to run campaigns autonomously and using its self-learning software, the tool improves the precision, intelligence, and efficiency of your marketing strategy; it analyzes audiences and tactic data at scale, allocating budget and evolving campaigns across different channels.

Through an insights and learning agenda, strategic planning and innovation, and 360-degree campaign guidance, Albert AI helps marketers build powerful brand and audience connections. With an intelligent collection of over 200 different skills, the tool analyzes the unanalyzable and takes action to find potential customers, run trial campaigns on them, and refine those campaigns to be launched for a bigger audience across diverse media outlets. 

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