14 Best Food Marketing Agencies in 2024

14 Best Food Marketing Agencies in 2024

As the consumer and digital world evolve, so do marketing strategies for the food industry. Here are 14 top food marketing agencies in 2024.

The food and beverage industry is expected to reach a market volume of $105.7 billion by the end of 2024. However, the market’s growth rate and consumption volume will increase competition.

The food and beverage industry faces pressure to meet the evolving digital world and consumer demands, such as the rise of food delivery apps, the increased need for a digital presence and advertising for restaurants, and the growing popularity of online food-related content.

The food and beverage sector is fast-paced, growing, and competitive, so here are 14 of the best marketing agencies for food brands in 2024.

The Best Food Marketing Agencies in 2024

1. NoGood


NoGood is not your traditional marketing agency; we are a dynamic team of highly skilled data analysts, performance marketers, and creative strategists. Recognized by the TechCrunch community as one of the US’s top performance and growth agencies, we are proud to be trusted growth partners for some of the world’s most prominent brands.

At NoGood, we bring expertise across various marketing channels, campaigns, and measurable metrics. Our track record speaks for itself, as we have achieved remarkable success for businesses, including significant cost savings and impressive revenue growth. In fact, within the first six months of collaboration, we have doubled the revenue of 65% of our clients.

With a prestigious clientele that includes renowned brands like Ghostery, P&G, and Nike, we have also extended our expertise to the food industry. Working closely with food brands such as Fratelli Carli, we have delivered exceptional results, driving an astounding 350% growth for their business.

We thrive on innovation, data-driven strategies, and creative problem-solving as a team. We are passionate about leveraging our expertise to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape and achieve their growth objectives.

Office Location: New York, NY (Headquarters)

Year founded: 2017

Team Size: 50 – 100 employees

Key Services: SEO, CRO, SEM, Social Ads, Content Marketing, Email and Video Marketing

Industries Served: SaaS, Healthcare, Fintech, B2B, Consumer, Crypto

Case Studies: View all case studies.

2. The Food Group

The Food Group

The Food Group is a marketing agency that combines food, culture, and marketing expertise to deliver results. They work with some of the biggest names in the industry as their passion is fueled by food.

They have had over 40 years of experience building some of the world’s most iconic food brands and offer their beverage clients services from strategy, branding, innovation, and advertising.

Office Location: New York

Year founded: 1968

Team Size: 51 – 200 employees

Key Services: Media Services, Advertising Services, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Branding Approach, Restaurant Marketing

Industries Served: Food and Beverage, Restaurant

Case Studies: View all case studies.

3. Forge Digital Marketing

Forge Digital Marketing

Forge is a digital marketing service and creative company with expertise across a handful of various industries, including a proven track record in marketing food and beverage products. They combine social media and influencer marketing with branding, SEO, and email marketing to promote the growth of food and beverage products.

Office Location: Naperville, Illinois

Year founded: 2016

Team Size: 2 – 10 employees

Key Services: Social Media Management, Website & Mobile Development, Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Digital Advertising, Community Management

Industries Served: eCommerce, Beauty, Food and Beverage

Case Studies: View all case studies.

4. Elevation Marketing

Elevation Marketing

Elevation Marketing is one of the US’s first national B2B marketing agencies. They provide services for industries ranging from technology to food to professional services. They work with a wide range of medium and large businesses, with 60% of their notable clients being $1 billion enterprises.

In the food and beverages industry, they have already established success with leaders like Coca-Cola, Kraft, Conagra Brands, and Kerrygold. With a focus on adaptation in the current year, Elevation Marketing acknowledges the strong pressure to meet evolving consumer demands.

Office Location: Gilbert, Arizona

Year founded: 1999

Team Size: 11 – 50 employees

Key Services: App Development, Public Relations, Branding Strategies, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Management, Online Reputation Management

Industries Served: Food and Beverage, Education, Financial Services

Case Studies: View all case studies.

5. KlientBoost

Klient Boost Marketing

KlientBoost is a digital performance marketing agency with all agencies’ most published wins (case studies, reviews, and testimonials). They boast a 63% ROI increase in a client’s first three months, as that is the average result from their 200+ case studies. 

They cover nearly every industry. They have worked with Mikkeller, Mountain Wild, and 2ndKitchen in the food and beverage industry.

Office Location: Costa Mesa, California

Year founded: 2015

Team Size: 51 – 200 employees

Key Services: Google AdWords, PPC Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, CRO

Industries Served: SaaS, eCommerce

Case Studies: N/A

6. Meyocks

Meyocks Marketing

Meyrocks emphasizes the meaning and implications of food beyond a basic need and uses its expertise in food marketing, branding, and advertising to communicate that across. As a food marketing agency, Meyrocks has a track record of success in food branding and marketing that helps brands stand out.

Office Location: West Des Moines, IA

Year founded: 1984

Team Size: 51 – 200 employees

Key Services: Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Web Development, Package Design, Food Marketing

Industries Served: Food, Health, Agriculture

Case Studies: N/A

7. New Point Marketing

New Point Marketing

New Point Marketing is a marketing agency for growth-minded CPG food and beverage brands. In addition to marketing strategies, New Point Marketing connects CPG food and beverage brands with retailers, such as Walmart, Kroger, and coupons.com, to execute high-impact strategies.

Office Location: Lafayette, Indiana

Year founded: 2016

Team Size: 11 – 50 employees

Key Services: Brand Positioning, Digital Marketing, SEM, Branded Packaging, Design Development

Industries Served: Food and Beverage

Case Studies: View all case studies.

8. Flightpath

FlightPath Marketing

Flightpath is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses of all sizes navigate the digital world to achieve results. Their work targets B2C and B2B audiences, aiming to build awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, and purchase continuity.

Office Location: New York, New York

Year founded: 1994

Team Size: 11 – 50 employees

Key Services: Digital Strategy, Interactive Marketing, Social Media Channels, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Presence

Industries Served: Food, Healthcare, Pet Care

Case Studies: View all case studies.

9. Redonk Marketing

Redonk Marketing

Redonk dubs itself as a NO-BULL digital marketing agency and has had a list of prestigious clients such as MetroPCS, Hewlett-Packard, and Pizza Hut to back it up. They help brands map and understand the broader context of their potential customers’ journeys and use that insight to design experiences that build brands, deepen customer relationships, and grow business.

Office Location: Plano, TX

Year founded: 2002

Team Size: 11 – 50 employees

Key Services: UX Design, Web App Development, Motion Design, Email Marketing Design, Responsive Web Design

Industries Served: Tech, Food

Case Studies: View all case studies.

10. Crafted

Crafted Digital Marketing Agency

Crafted is a digital creative studio passionate about creating and transforming ideas into well-designed, innovative experiences. They are a multifaceted digital studio with offerings that range from creating websites, digital ads, and campaigns to content management.

Office Location: New York, New York

Year founded: 2011

Team Size: 11 – 50 employees

Key Services: User Experience, Design, Advertising, Development, Interactive

Industries Served: Fitness, Music, Food

Case Studies: View all case studies.

11. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard Digital Marketing

Lounge Lizard is an award-winning digital marketing and web design agency with a portfolio that includes projects for many Fortune 500 companies. Its strengths are rooted in conceptualizing inspired and inventive online business models, brand-friendly websites, and powerful marketing strategies.

The agency’s full-service staff includes marketing strategists, project managers, creative designers, copywriters, and technical developers.

Office Location: New York, New York

Year founded: 1998

Team Size: 11 – 50 employees

Key Services: Marketing Audits, Social Media Management, eCommerce Marketing, Content Creation, Website Audits, Creative Design

Industries Served: Beauty, Fashion, Food, and Agriculture

Case Studies: View all case studies.

12. Balzac

Balzac marketing

Balzac is a marketing communications firm that serves multiple market segments, including luxury beverages, travel, food, agriculture, health, and government. They build experiences that enhance brands, drive sales, and improve reputation. 

Backed by nearly 30 years of marketing and public relations experience, they have built digital solutions and strategies that help clients save time, decrease costs, and develop long-term relationships with key influencers.

Office Location: Sonoma, California

Year founded: 1991

Team Size: 2 – 10 employees

Key Services: Public Relations, Social Media, Communication Solutions, Crisis Communication 

Industries Served: Alcoholic Beverages, Agriculture

Case Studies: View all case studies.

13. Brightly Creative

Brightly Creative

Brightly Creative is a craft marketing agency that serves content, creative, and marketing strategies specifically for the food and beverage industries.

They create and work with influential brands, offering branding, creative, content, marketing, and outreach capabilities.

Office Location: Denver, CO

Year founded: 2017

Team Size: 2 – 10 employees

Key Services: Logo & Identity Branding, Graphic Design, Website Development, Ad Campaign Development, Experiential Concepts, Communication Campaigns

Industries Served: Food and Beverage

Case Studies: N/A

14. Straight North

Straight North Marketing

Straight North is a food and beverage marketing agency with bars, beer, restaurants, and wine. They specialize in SEO, PPC, and responsive websites and help firms increase sales leads and e-commerce revenue.

Straight North finds success for food and beverage companies by providing expertise and experience in targeting specific segments of consumers with data-driven, professional marketing strategies.

Office Location: Downers Grove, IL

Year founded: 1997

Team Size: 51 – 200 employees

Key Services: Email Marketing, Responsive Websites, Conversion Rate Optimization, PPC, SEO

Industries Served: Food and Beverage

Case Studies: N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Food Marketing?
  2. Benefits of a Hiring Food Marketing Agency
  3. How to Choose the Best Food Marketing Agency

What is Food Marketing?

Food marketing refers to promoting and selling food products or services to consumers. It involves various strategies and techniques to create awareness, generate interest, and influence consumer behavior toward food-related offerings.

Food marketing encompasses various activities, including branding, advertising, packaging, pricing, distribution, and product positioning. Its primary goal is to effectively communicate the value and benefits of food products to target consumers, ultimately driving sales and building brand loyalty.

One example of food marketing is using persuasive advertising campaigns to promote a new food product. Through authentic storytelling, enticing visuals, and compelling messaging, marketers aim to create a desire for the product in the minds of potential customers. They may highlight its unique features, nutritional benefits, or convenience factors to capture consumer interest.

By understanding consumer preferences and utilizing effective marketing strategies, food businesses can successfully position their products in the market and connect with their target audience.

Benefits of a Hiring Food Marketing Agency

The right marketing strategy can make or break a brand’s success in today’s competitive food industry.

Here’s why food marketing agencies might be a worthwhile investment:

  • Expertise and Strategy Development:
    • Deep understanding of market trends
    • Effective marketing strategies for specific marketing goals and target audience
  • Strategic Branding and Integrated Campaigns:
    • Crafting a strong brand identity
    • Creating impactful marketing campaigns
  • Digital Dominance in the Food Industry:
    • Specialization in digital marketing solutions
    • Services including Search Engine Optimization, social media advertising, and compelling content creation
  • Social Media Mastery:
    • Expertise in managing a brand’s social media presence
    • Targeting the right audience across various platforms for food marketing
  • Customer Engagement:
    • Data-driven insights for effective campaigns
    • Connecting with the right digital audience
  • Maximizing ROI:
    • Investment in impactful digital marketing campaigns
    • Driving business growth and maximizing ROI

How to Choose the Best Food Marketing Agency

Selecting the ideal food marketing agency can be daunting, but with a structured approach, you can find one that aligns with your brand’s objectives.

Here are key steps to guide your decision-making process:

  • Passion and Creativity:
    • Look for enthusiasm and creativity when showcasing their work.
    • Ensure they align with your brand’s mission and vision.
  • Recommendations and Research:
    • Seek peer referrals and recommendations from industry insiders.
    • Research successful digital campaigns and inquire about the food and beverage marketing agencies behind them.
  • Adaptability and Bespoke Services:
    • Confirm their ability to tailor comprehensive services to your unique needs.
    • Ensure their strategic approach and values align with your brand’s vision.
  • Clarify Goals and Objectives:
    • Define your objectives clearly before beginning your search.
    • Clear goals provide direction, whether website traffic, social media presence, or restaurant branding.
  • Industry Expertise and Digital Literacy:
    • Prioritize agencies with industry-specific experience.
    • Assess their digital proficiency across various platforms.
  • Social Media Savviness:
    • Evaluate their social media strategies and content adaptation skills.
    • Observe their approach through their own social media presence.
  • Consider Agency Size:
    • Don’t overlook smaller agencies for a more personalized experience.
    • Smaller agencies often offer direct access to the marketing team.
  • Specialization in Food Marketing:
    • Consider agencies with specialized expertise in food marketing.
    • Specialized agencies like our team at NoGood may offer tailored strategies and extensive industry knowledge.

Choosing the best food marketing agency involves considering factors like passion, adaptability, expertise, and social media presence. By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can find an agency that meets your brand’s needs and helps you succeed in the competitive food industry.

Alternatively, you have nothing to lose in contacting a few different agencies to help determine your next marketing partner. 

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