Top 14 Seattle Marketing Agencies in 2021

Top 14 Seattle Marketing Agencies in 2021

Seattle’s rise as a tech hub started in 1979 when Microsoft relocated its main headquarters to Seattle, Washington. It is the ideal location for some of the newest startups and...

Seattle’s rise as a tech hub started in 1979 when Microsoft relocated its main headquarters to Seattle, Washington. It is the ideal location for some of the newest startups and most influential brands, including the #1 company in the world, Amazon. The city is also the center of the burgeoning space industry. There are several reasons for Seattle’s ascension as one of the premier locations for companies, but perhaps the most important reason is its large pool of talent and resources. Today Seattle looks much like the early days of Silicon Valley. As one of the top cities in the world for new businesses and established brands, it only makes sense that the city is also home to many innovative marketing agencies. The marketing agencies in Seattle are forward-thinking and resourceful and are determined to make a meaningful impact on brands.

Here are the top Seattle marketing agencies that you should consider today:

  1. NoGood
  2. VOLK Boutique Agency
  3. Kayzoe Marketing
  4. POP
  5. Brainlabs
  6. Digitawise
  7. Portent
  8. Chair Marketing 10
  9. Local View
  10. Mockingbird
  11. Rupert
  12. Socialistics
  13. Sonic x Media
  14. The Fearey Group


Location: Seattle, WA

Founded: 2017

Services: Growth Marketing, SEO, Paid Social

Clients: P&G, Ghostery, Amazon

NoGood is not your traditional marketing agency. As a trusted growth partner for some of the biggest brands in the world, NoGood is all about helping brands build and scale their business to unprecedented heights. The team of experts at NoGood are lifelong learners that take pride in incorporating the latest technology and tactics into their overall growth marketing strategy. 

2.VOLK Boutique Agency

Founded: 2020

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: FB ads, Google Search Ads, Branding

Clients: Quest Factor, Cityzen, Samsung

This agency is committed to helping small businesses create a robust digital presence and pathway to reach customers. VOLK Boutique agency develops unique strategies from multiple angles and wants to understand every business detail to deliver the best results. 

3.Kayzoe Marketing

Founded: 2007

Location: Bellevue, WA

Services: SEO, Local SEO, PPC

Clients: Vitality Chiropractic, Kraus Car, America Truckers

Kayzoe is most known for its exceptional work in SEO. This includes website development, local and national SEO strategies, and much more. The agency also offers a unique value proposition which is an SEO strategy with a 90-day front-page guarantee. 


Founded: 1996

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: Design, Creative, Branding

Clients: Intel, Starbucks, Roundel

POP is a team of coders, designers, and marketers that form meaningful partnerships. The agency has worked with some big brands and helped these companies create delightful digital experiences. The agency gets results through various technology platforms and by creating robust marketing campaigns.


Founded: 2012

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: CRO, Analytics, Strategy

Clients: Mars, Papa Johns, Pret

Brainlabs is an agency that gets scientific in its marketing approach. The agency helps businesses grow through constant testing and learning. Its approach typically starts by understanding the in’s and out’s of a business. Following this, multiple experiments are executed across channels to determine what will work best for a brand. 


Founded: 2016

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: SEO, PPC, Corporate Branding

Clients: Clubman Online, Revir, Qure Water

This agency works to create memorable experiences for companies. Digitawise has trusted partnerships with various eCommerce platforms, including Bigcommerce, Woocomerce, Magento, and Shopify. The agency also works with companies in unique verticals such as tourism, perfumes, appliance repair, automotive, and more. 


Founded: 1995

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: Content Strategy, Paid Social, Analytics

Clients: Adidas, MagellanTV, Choice Mutual

Portent is an all-in-one digital agency that creates effective marketing campaigns that leads to business success. Portent helps clients by building sustainable, long-term strategies. The agency has a futuristic approach and mindset, which has allowed them to stay relevant for 20+ years. 

8.Chair 10 Marketing

Founded: 2006 

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: PPC, Social Media Management, Website Development

Clients: Skin Spirit, University of Washington, Good Samaritan Society

Chair 10 marketing intelligently drives business success for companies through a highly focused methodology that includes core services in PPC, SEO, and social media marketing. The agency dives into partnerships with a lot of questions and curiosity. This is to ensure the digital marketing efforts provided align with the companies objectives. 

9.Local View

Founded: 2015

Location: Lynnwood, WA

Services: Social media marketing, Website Design, Content

Clients: ARS Automotive Repair, Big City Super Graphics, Dancing Pen Books

Local View prides itself because it believes it delivers 5-star marketing services for affordable pricing. It is committed to the client goals and wants to align itself with the client’s mission and values. This is to create long-term relationships. The agency also keeps up with current skillsets and technology, so they are never behind the curve.


Founded: 2013

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: CRM, Design, Digital Strategy

Clients: n/a

This unique marketing agency is focused on delivering highly efficient services to only the legal industry. Mockingbird offers marketing plans for law firms across all sizes, locations, and practices, including criminal defense, personal injury, etc. The agency is data-driven and committed to maintaining high-level performance through tried and true tactics. 


Founded: 2010 

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: Strategy, Consulting, Creative

Clients: Dell, Bulletproof, Swiss Water

The agency has a team of experienced marketing professionals that are also creative thinkers. Rupert understands mutual success is important for a good partnership and strives to help businesses position themselves for success. 


Founded: 2018

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: Social media, Reporting, Paid

Clients: Trupanion, Crunch Pak, US Air Force

Socialistics is a highly-focused social media agency. The agency understands that social media marketing has a negative connotation and is often overlooked by businesses. However, Socialistics understands the importance of creating a solid social media presence and wants to help companies achieve this. The team of creatives and marketers craft a unique story for each client across all social media channels. Each story is planned out across months and serves to deliver customer engagement. 

13.Sonic x Media

Founded: 2020

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: Digital Media, Dynamic Creative, Traditional Media

Clients: Sweet Sunshine, Travel Air, 

This agency works across many verticals, including eCommerce, home service, entertainment, and much more. Sonic x Media helps clients improve their digital advertising with innovative ad tech and robust campaign strategies.

14.The Fearey Group

Founded: 1981

Location: Seattle, WA

Services: Public Relations, Digital Media, Communications

Clients: Virginia Mason, Rainiers, Humana

As the oldest agency on this list, Fearey Group has perfected the true meaning of business innovation and adapting to the times. Founded over 40 years ago, this agency initially started as a legacy public relations business but has evolved to include many more services. Its core competency is still creating strong relationships. Today the Fearey Group works across many marketing platforms, including digital media, social media, and much more. 

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Ben is an SEO and Facebook Ads wizard that comes to NoGood with 5 years of experience in client management, corporate innovation, and early-stage startup growth. He is our go-to hacker when it comes to technical SEO, content marketing and Facebook ads. A native New Yorker, you'll find Ben on the basketball court anytime he's not in the office.


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