Scooto Case Study

Scooto is an on-demand delivery and ride-hailing app that leverages existing scooters and toktoks in emerging markets. Scooto was part of a cohort of market experiments for a New York City investment fund.

Arrow 783 Rides Completed
Arrow 371 Survey Completed
Arrow 405 Users


Provide quantitative and qualitative analysis to understand the market opportunity and challenges as well as validate the new category/product at both ends of the marketplace in order to dominate market share against Uber, Careem, Halan, Pathao and others

Squad Deliverables


  • Riders surveys (pre and post rides)
  • Captains (drivers) interviews
  • Prospective riders interviews


  • Ads and landing page experiment
  • Offer and pricing by cohorts
  • Persona analysis
  • Messaging and positioning experiments

Market research

  • Demand Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Interviews with competition’s user base

Results (Experiment metrics)

783 rides completed in 1 week

45 captains

405 users

381 survey completions

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