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Arrow 400% Direct Traffic
Arrow 124% Launch Revenue Goal
Arrow 43% Time Spent on Site

NoGood has been a key player in our digital launch.

The squad is truly ahead of the curve when it comes to performance and digital marketing.

SVP of Brand Experience


The goal was to successfully launch Steer in Washington, DC and reach a six-figure MRR by month 6.


Product is in a new category that requires education for consumers to fully capture value, features, and benefits.

The project leads expressed a strong need to reach, engage, and activate new consumers who previously weren’t reached with previous campaigns.

Competition had plans to develop a similar product, so speed was key to a successful launch.

Product has a mid-high price point to typical brand consumers.


Mark Arpaia

Versatile and experienced media strategist

Claudia Yuan

Creative Designer who helps to create positive outcomes

Queenie Leung

10+ years of experience in growth marketing for start-ups

Dan Mills

VP of Client Partner

Services Provided

Services Provided by NoGood:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative copy and messaging
  • Designs support for the various platforms
  • Media analytics and executive performance dashboard

Media Management for:

  • Podcasts (direct sponsorships and ads)
  • Spotify ads
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Google Search and Display
  • Youtube Ads


  1. The brand dedicated growth and performance marketing squad worked closely with the brand team to implement our methodology of integrated digital media roll-out, rapid messaging experimentation, and full-funnel journey optimization.

  2. Identified success in terms of qualitative and quantitative values with clear timelines and milestones.

  3. Reviewed qualitative analysis completed by the product team to fully understand the mission, vision, and pain points the product solves from a consumer perspective.

  4. Built out personas based on behavioral and quantitative attributes as well as psychographics to hone in on high-value prospects.

  5. Identified launch strategy, leveraging prior successes with target personas and various discussions with the product team.

  6. Reviewed, identified, and engaged with in-market podcasts based on psychographics and community to persona alignment.

  7. Aligned with creative, content, and analytics teams to plan media roll-out.

  8. Successfully rolled out agreed-upon media plan for targeted geographies across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Spotify, Hulu, and Podcast.

  9. Ran full-funnel experimentations across brand messaging, acquisition channels, and audience targeting to understand the right message and position.

  10. Developed leadership analytics dashboard to track engagement and conversion across the funnel, media platforms, geographics, and persona.


We sold out of inventory a month ahead of expected time and reached a 124% launch revenue goals within three months of launch. We also brought down CAC (cost per acquisition) 13% below the expected average range while activating new channels.

43% Time spent on site
13% Below Expected CAC Average


We saw a total of 19 million downloads (impressions) across activated podcasts. These resulted in a 400% increase in direct traffic, a 280% increase in purchases, and, more importantly, reached, engaged, and activated a new audience that was harder to connect with via social ads.

400% Direct Traffic
280% Purchases

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