B2B Professional Services Brand

We’d love to go into a bit more detail about how we succeeded for this partner and who they are… but we can’t this time due to a non-disclosure.

Arrow 409% Direct Traffic
Arrow 465% Organic Traffic
Arrow 368% Inbound Leads


NoGood was tasked with helping a B2B services & consulting brand increase their inbound leads and overall marketing-generated pipeline while lowering their cost to acquire customers.


Extremely competitive professional services niche with savvy competitors who invest heavily in search and content.

Relatively new website with low domain authority.

Clients heavily relied on outbound sales activities, as they weren’t able to generate quality leads front the website.

Cost per qualified inbound leads has historically been higher than outreach and ABM generated leads.


Mark Arpaia

Versatile and experienced media strategist

Claudia Yuan

Creative Designer who helps to create positive outcomes

Queenie Leung

10+ years of experience in growth marketing for start-ups

Dan Mills

VP of Client Partner

Services Provided

Content & SEO:

  • Content marketing strategy and execution
  • SEO strategy and audit
  • SEO (technical and on-page optimization)
  • Inbound lead qualification and routing
  • Content marketing and sales pipeline attribution
  • Content and SEO analytics and executive performance dashboard

Paid Search:

  • SEM strategy and execution
  • End to end audit of Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts
  • Keywords research and campaign restructure
  • Integrating Google Ads data into CRM and MAS
  • Ongoing campaign management and optimization

Landing Page Building:

  • Landing page design
  • Creative and  copy development
  • Rapid copy, design, and funnel experimentation


  1. Aligned with sales and marketing teams on their annual strategy, targets, and definitions of MQLs and SQLs based on historical sales data.

  2. Built a collaborative rapid experimentation dashboard to collect hypotheses and prioritize experiments across channels and conversion funnel steps.

  3. Audited tech and analytics stack to ensure the right tracking, automations, and reports were in place.

  4. Audited the conversion funnel to ensure a frictionless journey from a copy and UX perspective, and implemented feedback.

  5. Developed a comprehensive content marketing and SEO strategy around high intent key phrases with short-term and long-term goals.

  6. Created a quarterly content calendar around the SEO and social strategy developed with the brand team.

  7. Reviewed and restructured both Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts, leveraging historical and competition data.

  8. Developed an executive dashboard to track performance of all inbound activities and tie it back to  SQLs.

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