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These days, there is no shortage of digital marketing agencies in New York City. There are as many digital marketing agencies in NYC today as there are Starbucks or Chase Banks!

Okay, this is not true, but you get my point.

Simply put, businesses today will never run into the issue of finding a digital marketing agency because there are so many to choose from, but in such a crowded space, finding the right agency that will truly execute is not easy. Over the last decade, digital marketing has changed. Currently, this form of marketing encompasses many strategies and channels, including SEO, SEM, content, social media, to name a few, and digital marketing isn’t slowing down any time soon. As reported by eMarketer, “digital ad spend is predicted to reach over $375 billion by 2021.”

For your business to truly take the next step in growth, you’ll need a digital marketing agency that understands all the components and can deliver the best ROI and results for your business.

In this crowded space of agencies in New York, only a few can do this and distinguish themselves as the best. Here is the list of the 23 Best Digital Marketing & media Agencies in NYC (Manhattan & Brooklyn):

  1. NoGood
  2. Fishbat Media
  3. Socium Media
  4. Berma & Co
  5. Major Tom
  6. Metric Theory
  7. P3 Media
  8. Acronym
  9. Break the Web
  10. Where is my brand
  11. Aumcore
  12. Barrel
  13. Blue fountain Media
  14. iFuel Interactive
  15. Lasting Trend
  16. Main Street ROI 
  17. Hunter
  18. Boucher & Co
  19. Lounge Lizard
  20. Markacy
  21. Converge
  23. Target Digital Marketing




Founded: 2017

Specializes in: SaaS, E-commerce, DTC

Top Clients: Nike, Bytedance, Olio Carli

Office Location: Soho, New York

Founder: Mostafa Elbermawy

Nogood is a team of passionate marketers, technologists, & creatives who love to help brands achieve rapid growth and success. Whether it’s for an early-stage startup or an established enterprise, NoGood is focused on producing precise results and ROI and eliminating marketing fluff. This approach has helped save hundreds of thousands of dollars and led to high revenue growth for businesses. 


2.Fishbat Media


Founded: 2011

Specializes in: B2B, B2C

Top Clients: Spartan Race, Monster, Bellucci

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Clay Darrohn & Scott Darrohn

This agency understands the importance of combining business principles and digital strategies for their clients. Before proposing or executing a digital marketing strategy, Fishbat media wants to understand the challenges, business lines, and long-term vision for the client. Once this is recognized, then only will the agency execute. The digital marketing plan is customized and tailored to the clients’ business needs. 


3.Socium Media


Founded: 2017

Specializes in: eCommerce, SaaS 

Top Clients: Boxed, Space Brands, Phillips

Office Location: Soho, New York

Founders: Owen Loft & Sam Sherman

This agency specializes in ROI-driven or performance-driven digital marketing. Socium Media has managed millions of dollars in monthly ad spend for clients in a variety of industries ranging from hospitality to education. The agency sets ambitious goals and uses a data-driven approach to hit the targets and metrics for all their clients. 


4.Berma & Co


Founded: 2017

Specializes in: E-commerce,SaaS, B2C

Top Clients: Amazon, P&G, Exelon

Office Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn 


Berma & co is all about efficiency and rapid experimentation. This agency loves validating ideas, and ultimately generating marketing ROI for their clients. The team consists of some of the best startup growth leads, creative designers, and product leads, and they help brands build awesome products and grow revenue.


5.Major Tom

major tom-logo

Founded: 2000

Specializes in: B2B, DTC

Top Clients: L’Oreal, NYU, Criteo

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Chris Breikss & John Blown

Major Tom believes in cutting through the noise to find clarity. With an ever-changing marketing industry, this agency has understood the importance of stepping back and understanding the bigger picture for clients. The team of marketing specialists deploys the right tactics on the right channels to provide your audience with the correct information at the right time. This strategic approach helps clients move their businesses forward. 


6.Metric Theory


Founded: 2012

Specializes in: Retail, Ecommerce

Top Clients: GoFundMe, Optimizely, Carvana

Office Location: Manhattan, New York 

Founders: Adam Edwards, Jeff Buenrostro, Jeremy Brown & Ken Baker

Metric theory is a data-driven and numbers obsessed agency. The agency has worked with over 400 brands and helped drive billions of dollars in revenue. When working with clients, Metric Theory creates a digital marketing plan that drives results and closely aligns the goals that match with business success.


7.P3 Media


Founded: 2018

Specializes in: Ecommerce, B2B

Top Clients: Tail, Bedhead Pajamas, Unbridled

Office Location: Manhattan, New York 


This agency is results-driven and wants to help generate successful business growth for all clients. P3 media agency is unique because of their expertise and deep partnership with Shopify Plus. This partnership has helped P3 media build creative solutions for many e-commerce brands.  




Founded: 1995

Specializes in: B2B, B2C

Top Clients: BMW, SAP, Wharton School

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Anton Konikoff

This agency takes a search first approach in its digital marketing strategies for clients. Acronym believes search is the most effective way to personalize and understand what the customer wants. Combining search with data analysis and AI-based technologies has allowed the agency to build customized messaging and informed content strategies for their client’s digital marketing campaigns.


9.Break the Web


Founded: 2009

Specializes in: Ecommerce, B2B

Top Clients: Peach & Lily, BBNR Law, Panera bread

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Jason Berkowitz

This inbound digital marketing agency is primarily focused on getting clients more traffic and attention. A combination of skills in PPC and SEO and its approach to digital marketing solutions means clients get the highest ROI and volume of growth. 


10.Where is my brand


Founded: 2016

Specializes in: B2C

Top Clients: Dragon Brand Bird Nest, Omni-Comm, ADATHA

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: William Smith

This agency has decades of online marketing experience. With innovative digital strategies at its core, Where is my brand has helped over 300 clients meet their business objectives across various sectors. The creative and out-of-the-box marketing strategies and campaigns that this agency offers clients include services ranging from SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics.




Founded: 2010

Specializes in: E-commerce, B2B

Top Clients: QSpex, Stanley Black & Deckers, Unilever

Office Location: Manhattan, New York


Aumcore is a digital agency that is committed to fully immersing itself in their client’s business and industry. The agency offers services that range from strategy to execution and has a team focused on delivering amazing results. It executes by working fast, delivering quality work, and building efficiency. The agency also wants to keep clients ahead of the game through the latest digital marketing technologies. 




Founded: 2006

Specializes in: E-commerce, B2C

Top Clients: MOSCOT, KIND Snacks, Tiege Hanley

Office Location: Soho, New York

Founders: Peter King & Sei-Wook Kim

Barrel is an agency that accelerates growth for clients through a range of different skills. The agency has a team of experts in various areas, including marketing, branding, UX/UI, and more. This agency works relentlessly to create meaningful digital experiences and drive results for clients.


13.Blue fountain Media


Founded: 2001

Specializes in: B2B

Top Clients: Sony, Allstate, NYU

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Gabriel Shaoolian

Blue fountain media is a highly- skilled digital marketing agency that incorporates website design and development to provide a full-scale digital service for their clients. The agency integrates marketing solutions for both B2B and B2C brands. The agency is committed to creating effective strategies and actively monitoring all digital campaigns to create the best outcome for clients. 


14.iFuel Interactive


Founded: 2005

Specializes in: B2B, E-commerce

Top Clients: Amazon, Loews, Royce

Office Location: Manhattan, New York


iFuel’s full-service approach allows them to launch, grow, and reinvent brands. iFuel has years of experience in digital marketing, creative design, e-commerce, etc., but where the agency excels in is identifying and communicating the client’s brand story. It takes pride in translating this brand story across all channels. This approach has allowed iFuel to work with clients in a variety of industries ranging from hospitality to beauty & fashion. 


15.Lasting Trend


Founded: 2017

Specializes in: B2C

Top Clients: Laptop MD, Audio Video rentals, Water filter company

Office Location: Brooklyn, NY

Founders: Tim Absalikov

Lasting Trend is focused on providing a more with less approach for its clients. From organic search to paid search, this agency wants to help reach more audiences with less money. They do this through the methodical use of marketing budgets and understanding how to spend every dollar efficiently.


16.Main Street ROI 


Founded: 2010

Specializes in: B2C

Top Clients: Real Estate title agency, Roach law firm

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Phil Frost & Peter Kennedy

Unlike other agencies on this list, Main Street takes a different approach with their clientele. The agency works with many industries, including automotive, health & wellness, home repair, etc. However, it’s primarily focused on working with small businesses in these sectors. Their expertise in channels like Google ads and SEO has helped thousands of small businesses thrive and create profitable digital marketing campaigns.




Founded: 2010

Specializes in: B2C, e-Commerce

Top Clients: Adidas, Skadden, Auto rentals

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Eric Lituchy

Hunter understands that driving traffic is only half the battle when creating a digital marketing strategy for organizations. The agency ensures that marketing dollars are not wasted and leads to conversion metrics that generate revenue for their clients. The team’s strengths include decades of expertise in the e-commerce space, fast communication, and timely delivery. 


18.Boucher & Co


Founded: 2007

Specializes in: B2C, B2B

Top Clients: Opening Round, Salinas, Headliner

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Gerard Boucher

Boucher & Co is an agency driven by analytics, market research, and exceptional creative work. They take great pride in ensuring the digital marketing strategies, innovative services, and consulting are original for their clients. Team members are trained in several areas. The agency creates an individualized approach for clients and focuses on producing the best long-term value.


19.Lounge Lizard


Founded: 1998

Specializes in: CPG, B2C

Top Clients: Ford, Canon, Novus media

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Ken Braun

Lounge Lizard is an agency that has been around for over two decades and worked with over 1,000 companies. The agency has worked with clients ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 and has won multiple awards for its exceptional services in various digital channels. This includes UX/UI, mobile apps, websites, and marketing. Its digital marketing strategies have successfully helped clients attract a high volume of new customers and high revenue.  




Founded: 2017

Specializes in: B2B, B2C

Top Clients: CVS, Hobo, Sundaily

Office Location: Manhattan, New York


Markacy is an experienced team that is made up of strategists, entrepreneurs, creatives, and technologists. Their key pillars, strategy, marketing, digital, and strategic partnerships, are aligned with accelerating revenue growth for their clients. Markacy works in many different channels to ensure successful strategies for acquisition, retention, and referral.




Founded: 2006

Specializes in: B2C

Top Clients: DirectTV, Keurig, Petco

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Tom Marianacci

This agency fuses a multi-disciplinary approach to improve the customer journey at every step. They build and provide clients extensive roadmaps in marketing, business intelligence, and technology. What makes Converge unique is their media strategy approach, which includes using technology solutions they have built in-house. Their technology provides real-time data and insights and gives clients the most relevant information that they need to meet and exceed ROI.




Founded: 1999

Specializes in: B2C, Entertainment

Top Clients: Vivaldi, Smart and Strong, Qello

Office Location: Soho, New York

Founders: Katherine Marsh and Marc Clapham

KOUNTERATTACK works in close collaboration with clients to provide lasting solutions. The agency is known for attention to detail, outstanding skills, and commitment to delivering a unique brand experience. To produce the best outcomes for their clients, KOUNTERATTACK focuses on achieving success in three areas; user goals, brand goals, and business goals. This goal-oriented methodology helps clients get the most out of their digital marketing plans.  


23.Target Marketing


Founded: 2005

Specializes in: B2C

Top Clients: Harvard Business School, KCG, Cisco

Office Location: Manhattan, New York

Founders: Kenneth Gillett

Target Marketing loves what they do and wants to support the mission for all their clients. This is why the agency provides services from digital PR to dynamic website designs to digital marketing campaigns and strategies. To build, engage, and influence exceptional digital experiences for their clients, Targeting Marketing has created this integrated approach. Their clientele ranges from individual authors to established companies.

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